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38.2 Night Elf’s Stronghold

The flustered Vigne-whose cool expression was gone due to surprise- made a shooing gesture to the kids.

Thus, the kids moved their line of sight to me.


「Blue ma~n」



Several pairs of red eyes were looking at me.


「This personage is Demon Prince-sama!!」


Vigne reminded the kids, already half flustered.


「Now you’ve to escape before he executes you guys! Bad kids will be eaten by the devil you kno~w! They’ll eat you slowly from your feet!」


Hearing that threat, the childrens scattered into all directions at once.




Vigne shook her head with an extremely awkward look on her face.


「Uhm… My apologies for their discourtesy… Everyone actually already knew that Your Highness would come today but the kids are…」

「Don’t worry, it’s not a big deal.」


I was smiling wryly.


Lively children were a good thing.


Even if those childrens were the childrens of an infamously atrocious race… Those children hadn’t committed any sin yet.


「Moreover, that is just how children should act.

No matter how much the adult reprimand them, they would still act as they pleases.」

「… My deepest gratitude for your magnanimity.

I hope they can at least learn from you, Your Highness.

Even though they’re already ten years old…」


Eh, they’re already ten years old Even though their appearance was that of 3~4 years old human children… As expected of children who are a part of the elven race, their growth is really slow.


… Rather, I forgot.


That I was… Only five years old…




Maybe because she also recalled that fact, Vigne, who tried to maintain her cold facade broke into laughter again.


「… Should I play hide and seek with them」


When I asked so, Vigne averted her gaze from mine, looking like she tried her best to hold back from laughing.


「The prison is this way.」


… Woops, I almost forgot my original reason for coming to this place.

I really had to get a grip on myself.


Though the bustling part had continued for a while, after we passed a thick metal gate and descended to the underground, the air slowly became more and more murkier.


「This is our prided prison.」


The one walking in front of me was the night elf who we met along the way.

His name was 『Shidar』.

Vigne’s relative, the person in charge of the prison.


As part of the elven race, he naturally had a handsome visage, but his smile made him more like a shady person instead.


「Ever since the formation of the demon king castle, not even an ant managed to escape from this place.」


Shidar proudly pointed at the gate before us.

RIght before the underground stairways was another heavy metal gate.

It wasn’t just heavy in physical means―― There was numerous magic engraved on it too.


Seeing that, I scraped the plan to rescue the saint from this place.


「It’s Shidar.

Open the gate.」


After Shidar said so to the peeping window, the clanking sound of metal lock being released resounded repeatedly before the gate of the underground prison opened slowly.


The moment the gate opened… I heard someone wailing and screaming from the inside.

It seems the gate could also block the sound…


On the other side of the gate, the illumination lamps were lined up at fixed intervals along with several additional metal doors by the wall.


And then a scream that was akin to a slaughtered pig was coming from those metal doors…


「Oops, my deepest apologies.

Someone is in the middle of working in there.」


Shidar bowed lightly as he flashed his shady smile.


「I don’t mind.

Nevertheless, It did seems like an eerie place.」


Right under the place where those kids were running around was actually… Such a sinister place.


「Not at all.

That’s how a training(torture) place should be after all.」


Thus, Shidar retorted with raised eyebrows, seemingly disagreeing with me.


「This is the place for our youngling to learn various things such as torture and dismantling.

It was really convenient since the demon king castle is equipped with drainage and good ventilation.」


Yeah… I forgot that you guys are those kinds of psychos…


Just like that, we went deeper and deeper into the prison while I did my best to ignore the painful wails around us.


Thus, it wasn’t strange that I grew nervous.


Even without a bad premonition, I knew that I would experience this unpleasant experience when I visited this place…


「And this is the noble room that received the honor to be visited by the High-Elves Saint.」


The deepest room.


Shidar let out a sinister smirk toward the door that was the exact opposite of 『Noble Room』 no matter how I look at it, and reached with his hand toward the heavy metal door.


――And then opened the door.


… This was more like a torture room.

Axe, saw, knife―― And other repulsive looking metal utensils whose names were too disgusting for me were lined up along the wall.


The floor was dark.

It was a damp and cold stone room.


And then, I saw THAT hung down right in the center of the room.


Stark naked high-elf whose limbs were tied up, and hung in the air  forming the letter “X”.


But, the limbs beyond the elbows and below the knees―― Were gone.


Her limbs were amputated.

And the wound was welded with iron, each were tied to the ceiling and floor.


And then, a rope went around below her chin, suspended half way in the air.


Unkempt blonde hair, her body was completely limp, not even flinching upon hearing the sound of us entering the room――


Eh, this… Corpse…


「This is,」


Shidar spoke with an intoxicated look on his face like a guide offering a tour in the museum of craftmanship while wearing a leather glove.


「High-elf’s 『Saint』, Liliana.」


He casually seized her hair, and pulled it up to show me her face.


Aah―― That face, I still remember that face.


Her name was Liliana.

A lively woman who didn’t seems like someone of a superior species, and reckless for her kind――


But, her breathtakingly beautiful face was pale due to the lack of oxygen, her eyes which were always brimming with curiosity were now dimmed a lot, as if she barely saw anything in her current state.

There was mix of froth and drool from her mouth――


Nevertheless, she was definitely alive.



… Or should I say, kept alive.


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