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40. The Most Satisfying Method


Good day, this is Jilbagias who asked for an opinion about a new kind of torture method to be used on one of his few acquaintances in his previous life.


Seriously… Just what kind of sin had I committed for them to have such useless expectations on me


Both Liliana and I were the ones who suffered here.


『I must say that you’ve had way too many fortuitous encounters.』


Stop making it look like a good thing!!


Both Shidar and Vigne were looking expectantly at my face.


The sound of Liliana-whose body hung in the air by the limbs- breath felt like a typhoon in this silent room.


Her fate was completely in my hand.

Maybe, the easiest method to release her from her suffering was―――― By killing her, pretending it was a test for a new kind of torture.


But, did I really have no other choice


Was killing her really the only option left



Maybe it couldn’t be helped if that was the only way left.

Just like how I killed those human warriors.

Or used the transpose curse on the scapegoat during my training.


But, if I ended up killing her while there was still the other option left to save her, it would become the biggest regret in my life.


Liliana’s case was different from the previous cases.

I wasn’t forced to kill her, or let her die without being able to do anything.


I… Wanted to change her face.


That’s why work harder… O brain of mine.


「For example…」


I licked my lips as I started talking.


「What are you going to do if I can’t come up with a new, brilliant method」


I asked for the sake of stalling time.



We will keep her as it is.」


Shidar shook his head as he replied so, there was no trace of disappointment in his eyes.


「Well… We just need to keep using her as study material.」

「Study material」


Even we aren’t torturing her just to see her screaming in pain.

We’re looking for a way to utilize this woman’s power.」


Shidar then pointed toward Liliana’s blood on the floor.


「She has such terrifying regeneration power, and the powerful magical power of light.

Those two things are something akin to poison for us, the darkling.

It can scorch night elf skin with a light touch.」


Shidar waved his leather glove.


「I see, so the glove is to protect your skin.」


Even during torture sessions, we wear a protective suit and mask, and pay our utmost attention to the spray of her blood.」


They really are wary of her power huh…


「But, the utility of her blood is akin to a miracle rather than a curse or magic.

In short, we might be able to utilize it without 『Side Effects 』 if we can erase her personality.」


Shidar looked at Liliana with beaming eyes.


「Thus, we tried to ――【Dominate】 her.」


【Domination】 Or, should I say―― 【Brainwash】.

The night elf tried to use magic, or drug to brainwash her, and turned her into a puppet who always follow their order――


But, unlike the human race or beastfolk who had low magic resistance, high elf magic resistance was comparable to that of the demon race.


「We broke her heart with repeated torture.

But, her spirit hasn’t yielded to us yet, we’re missing the last step to make her willingly use her miracle on us.」


His expression turned into that of regret.


「Even when her consciousness is suppressed with drugs, her magical power of light still hurts us.

Even if she passed out, her blood is still a potent poison for us――」


I looked at Shidar who was grinding his teeth in frustration with a cold, indifferent look.

That was only natural.

She only used her power for her 『Ally』.

You might break her heart but, you wouldn’t be able to bend her will with drugs.

Rather, like hell, she would use her power to help you guys, the very same person who tortured her nonstop.


「Recently, there’s the idea of splitting her head open and replacing its content.

The gist of the plan is to let her grow a new brain after we took the old one――」


He even started talking about such repulsive ideas.


「But of course, there’s a possibility that she might die if we use that method and we can’t afford to lose the precious 『Saint』, so that remains as a plan only.」


… Either way, Liliana’s future was bleak for sure.


「I see, but I get your feeling.」


I desperately suppressed my nausea while pretending unconcerned by such horrifying ideas.


「That’s why you guys do not directly use rape torture on this woman.」


That was the only kind of torture that wasn’t included in the list.

I mean, like throwing her into the goblin’s camp.


「Outrageous! Even without that poisonous light, we refuse to do that.」


Shidar shook his head, the look on his face, it was as if he wanted to puke just by imagining it.


「We’ve faced quite strong opposition from our council just for researching a way to use the healing power in her blood alone.

Ra*ping the saint ―― Outrageous! I would rather mate with a dog rather than that woman… Many of our men almost became incapable of sexual activity as soon as they heard that plan.」


Shidar dropped all his pretence, exposing his disgust as he told me about the idea of using rape torture on Liliana.

Ah, so they had such a sense of value eh…


「I see—」


I pondered for a while.


「――To be honest, Ilike this one.」


Both Shidar and Vigne made dumbfounded faces as soon as I told them so.

But I ignored them and continued.


「I think you already know about this matter but… My body experienced rapid growth just recently.」

「Y-Yes… I heard about that matter…」

「Properly speaking, I’m still five years old but, recently, I feel THAT kind of urge.」


I made the most lecherous face I could muster as I sent a lecherous gaze toward Liliana… Honestly, her miserable appearance was a turn-off but, I braced myself to appear as lustful as possible.


The current me was―― Diagias.

Lustful Diagias!


「And, I’m really troubled since there’s nothing I can do to vent this urge… That’s why Shidar.

I have a proposal.」

「N-No way…」


Naturally, it’s okay for me to torment her right I intended to use that method but…」


Though Shidar looked like he wanted to get away from me, he maintained a shady smile on his face.


「O-Of course, there’s no problem with that but…」



Vigne screamed as she rejected the idea.

Tch, what a nuisance!


「I know that, Vigne.

That’s why we’ve to keep this a secret from my mother.」


「That choice is for me to decide.

Or what Are you trying to say that my mother is going to limit the kind of woman I can sleep with」


「No…」 Said Vigne with a pale face, winced away from me when I spoke to her with a slightly emotional voice.


It would be a problem if my mother intervened in this matter too.

And then, even without this show, I’m sure that she didn’t wish to displease me either.


「Well, that’s the gist of it… But of course, there’s still public evaluation… You know what I mean right」


Shidar showed a complicated look on his face as he looked at my appearance which fulfilled the secondary sexual characteristic, both in terms of appearance and desire.


「Availing myself to your kind words but… Uhm, Your Highness… Take a look, that woman is a dangerous existence…」


I silently touched Liliana’s blood on the floor with my finger.


The skin of my finger scorched due to the magical power of light.


「Don’t underestimate my magic resistance.」

「Y-You’re mistaken, that’s not the only danger… In the worst case, she might hurt you if you loosened the rope that binds her.

When you’re in the middle of doing that sort of activity, during the most defenceless moment―― If no one is waiting by your side――」


I put on a sulking act while looking at Shidar who tried to argue with a flustered look on his face.

Naturally, I did my best to endure laughing my ass off seeing this situation.


… Ante, come out already.

You’ve been laughing non-stop since a while ago, right


『Uhm Do you want this mistress to see the action from a special seat』


The demon god with tanned skin then appeared by my side.

Shidar flinched away since she appeared out of thin air.


「No problem.

I’m not alone.」

「You don’t mind if we’re the one who keep a watch, right」

「You’re still going to see even if I told you not to, right You don’t have to worry about that.」


I looked at the night elf as my hand moved to my belt, seemingly unable to wait anymore.  「By the way, how long are you going to stand right there」 was my gentle way to tell them to get out of there while putting more pressure into my eyes.


「… We’re going to wait outside.

Call us immediately if something happens…」


Shidar heaved a sigh, agreeing reluctantly to my request.

Vigne’s eyes opened wide upon seeing that.

I would lose my chastity to a high elf but, she most likely realized that she or her whole family might lose their head, physically, if something happened to me during the deed.


「Don’t worry about me.

I might enjoy her company for a long time to come if I take a liking to her.」


When I said so to them they left the room with a dejected faces.


「… Let me make one thing clear for you, Your Highness! You mustn’t, by any means, loosen the rope around her head! Please, you absolutely can’t let loose that rope!」


Shidar warned me for the last time before he left, and closed the heavy door with an expression as if he had chewed on thousands of bitter bugs.




Ante silently entered my body again.




And laughed very loudly.


I also wanted to let those night elves have a taste of their own medicine but I held back after I saw Liliana’s current state.


I somehow managed to drive out those nuisances.


『… What are you going to do now』


Ante asked quietly.


『Ah, if you really want to do that, I can stand in the corner of the room, covering both my eyes and my ears.』


I’m not wanting to do that, idiot!


『I’ll tell you as Demon God of Taboo that you will gain a tremendous amount of power by ra*ping her.』



I said I won’t, this idiot.


I came up with a brilliant plan upon hearing Shidar’s story.


But―― Naturally, this plan was akin to a gamble.


I had to make the call.


Shall I finish off Liliana, granting her a painless end


Or else, taking the gamble―― Of exposing my identity.


In short, saving her life… or kill her.


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