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A Handsome Man (1)

The bedroom curtains were tightly drawn, and the room was pitch black as if it were late at night.

Suddenly, a melodious ringtone broke the silence.

Wen Yu frowned and rolled over, but the phone kept ringing.

She fumbled twice on the bed to find her phone.

As she accidentally answered the call, she already wanted to hang up.

“Hello Miss Wen speaking.”

“Miss Wen, this is Amy from the HXX counter.

The black gem cufflinks you custom-ordered have arrived.

You may pick them up at any time.”

The service associates voice rang clear in her quiet bedroom.

Wen Yu, who was still suffering from jet lag, was a little unhappy, but after waiting for more than half a year for the cufflinks to arrive, this was indeed good news.

Those two feelings neutralized each other, arousing a slight eagerness to get up.

She brought the phone back to her ear, responding, “I understand.”

After she hung up the phone, the sleepiness completely disappeared.

Wen Yu tossed back the quilt to check the time.

Five PM.

There was still half an hour before the alarm clock would ring.

Since Wen Yu had an appointment in the evening and she was already awake, she took advantage of the extra time to put on some makeup.

At half past six, she pulled back the thick, heavy curtains.

Colorful night lights danced across the floor-to-ceiling windows, and the whole city was filled with the mesmerizing skyline.

After spraying on a bit of her currently-favorite perfume, Wen Yu picked up her car keys and left.

Jiangcheng had never been short of luxury cars, but Miss Wens car was always a unique sight even in this huge city.

Ferrari LaFerrari: the cool and unique “Flange Red”.

There was only one of those in Jiangcheng.

Every time she drove it, all bystanders would be amazed by it.

After driving for half an hour, Wen Yu arrived at the Langjia Center.

Tonight, the famous symphony orchestra will hold a unique rooftop Movie OST Concert on the top floor of Langjia.

The sound of the engine rang through the air. Wen Yu turned the steering wheel with one hand and after a beautiful turn, the car steadily stopped in the lobby area of Langjia.

She got out of the car and threw the key to the parking attendant, “Thank you.”

The parking attendant already knew Wen Yu, and respectfully said, “Welcome, Miss Wen.”

Wen Yu was a tall woman with a well-proportioned body, and clothed in luxury brands. Even if she walked in a crowd she could still easily attract the attention of others.

Seeing Wen Yu calmly leaving with her bag, many observers gathered around, taking pictures and gossiping.

“Was that the oldest daughter of the Huadu Group just now”

“Its her.

The license plate W0214 is the Wen Familys car.”

“Watching her figure also makes me feel rich…”

“Pretty and rich, from birth this lady has stood at the pinnacle of life that we regular people are chasing.”


Wen Yu didnt plan to come to the concert tonight, but her best friend You Xin begged her to help get an invitation.

It happened that there was an organizer Wen Yu knew, so getting her hands on the invitation was an easy fix in a matter of a sentence.

You Xin arrived very early and waited by the elevator.

After seeing Wen Yu, she waved and called out, “Over here!”

With a sharp eyesight and quick hands, the staff pressed the elevator button, so when Wen Yu approached them, he gestured to the open doors and said, “Please enter, Miss Wen.”

Wen Yu nodded in thanks and after entering the elevator, she asked You Xin, “You didnt really tell me on the phone, who did you want to meet”

You Xin replied, “A director with the surname Chen.”

Wen Yu asked, “What are you doing”

You Xin sighed and explained to Wen Yu how the Female Role No.

3 she fought to get was stolen by someone else.

Wen Yu and You Xin were high school classmates and You Xins family background were pretty ordinary.

In high school, the whole family used all their resources to send You Xin to an upper class High School in Jiangcheng.

They wanted their daughter to become a celebrity but You Xin was devoted to studying.

Three years later, although she was admitted to the Beijing Film Academy, without a powerful family or a supporter, she was still an 18th level nobody even after graduation.

“I heard that this Director Chen is a good person and is willing to give opportunities to newcomers, so I want to recommend myself,” You Xin mumbled.

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Wen Yu opened her mouth and wanted to tell her best friend a bit about reality. For example, self-recommendation or even getting close to a big director at an event like this kind of concert where celebrities gathered together would be a bit of a problem.

But when she turned her head to see her friendly, hopeful face, she swallowed her words.

The elevator quickly reached the top floor, and someone directed them to the rooftop refuge.

The romantic lights intertwined with fragrant flowers.

Everyone stood around toasting, chatting and laughing, whilst overlooking the gorgeous night view of the city as a gentle breeze stirred.

Tonights concert was to promote the relationship between the film industry and the music industry, but most of the people who came were from the entertainment industry.


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