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A Villainess Needs to Have the Ability of a Villainess Chapter 107


The two were silent for a while, and Wen Yu suddenly asked: "If I confess to him now, how likely do you think it is that I will be forgiven"

You Xin shook her head: "I don't know."

There really was no way for her to answer.

Jiang Yuhe is such a proud person who holds immense power.

The entire entertainment industry, regardless of men and women, tried their best to please him.

This person was deceived by Wen Yu, who stuck to him due to her ulterior motives for so long.

It's difficult to estimate the consequences.

Wen Yu also lowered her head in silence, thinking about this issue seriously.

"Or," You Xin suggested, "You can speak when he is in a good mood or on a special day, and you may be able to disperse some firepower."

Special Day

Wen Yu thought for a while, "But the upcoming special days are either Women's Day or Ching Ming Festival.

Do you want me to add fuel to the fire"

You Xin sighed, "Isn't there a Valentine's Day that is coming soon"

She blinked unclearly and said, "While you act spoiled, you can say that you were blinded by rage towards the scumbag.

If it doesn’t work, you can learn from him and kiss him back.

Forcefully attack him.

I don't believe he can be angry with you for more than 24 hours."

You Xin was right, but Wen Yu blushed on the bed.

She hadn't celebrated Valentine's Day before, so she imagined that scene, but she was embarrassed.

"But the relationship between the two of us is still unclear.

If I invite him out for Valentine's Day, is it a bit unreserved"

You Xin's indifferent face: "Is it important to be reserved now or to be forgiven"

That's true.

Wen Yu finally found a little direction in a thick cloud of cluelessness and was determined, "Then I will think about it first.

It's the third today, it's only ten days away."

You Xin nodded, suddenly remembered something, and quietly lowered her voice: "By the way, Fang Ying the mistress of Shen Mingjia you mentioned earlier, has been filming in the group next door to me these past two days."

Wen Yu was taken aback: "Really"

Last time she waited in the hotel without catching them.

This time she waited, and she was in the filming studio next to You Xin.

Wen Yu intuitively felt that this should be an opportunity to take advantage of, but after a second thought in her heart, she scratched her hair again, "Forget it, I will solve the most troublesome thing first."

But after a pause, she still told You Xin: "If you have the opportunity to buddy with her for me, buddy with her, and I will have a use for her."

"Got it."

When the conversation was almost over, Aunt Shi’er came and knocked on the door to let Wen Yu go down for dinner.

She didn't know if it was to celebrate Wen Yu's return.

This dinner was extraordinarily rich.

Wen Yu and Jiang Yuhe also took their seats and dined as usual.

Everyone's faces were calm, as if nothing happened in the previous few days.

This was just an ordinary day for the pair of brother and sister.

Until the end of dinner.

Wen Yu returned upstairs, Jiang Yuhe stopped her before she entered her door.


Wen Yu turned around and saw the man slowly walking towards her with some emotions in his eyes; it was different from normal.

It seems that this time he really had something to say.

Inexplicably, Wen Yu felt her face start to burn again.

But she couldn't control the spread of heat.

She stepped back into the room silently, leaning behind the door, trying to hide the blush of her cheek in the darkness.

Of course Jiang Yuhe noticed this detail, thinking that his behavior that night had left her with some bad memories, so he stopped moving forward.

In fact, he is also seeking a new way to get along with Wen Yu.

From Wen Yu's attitude towards her relatives in the United States, it can be roughly deduced that Wen Yu's return may be due to the habit and dependence that she has developed while living in Jiang's family home after losing her memory.

She didn't want to face the unfamiliar past.

This was to Jiang Yuhe's advantage.

Therefore, he didn't ask about the boyfriend at all.

It didn't matter whether Wen Yu was informed by Wen Qingyou of his existence.

Since she was back, this time she must belong to him.

The two kept a distance.

"I want to tell you." Jiang Yuhe said lightly, "If there are some things you can't accept temporarily,"

"You can still treat me as your brother for now."

Wen Yu reacted for two seconds before blinking, "What kind of brother"

She wanted to knock herself out as soon as she spoke.

Ah ah ah, why are you asking mentally retarded questions!

Don't answer me, don't answer me, just pretend you haven't heard anything.

Wen Yu immediately wanted to say something else to cover up her error, but Jiang Yuhe simply replied to her:

"Any kind."


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