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A Villainess Needs to Have the Ability of a Villainess Chapter 118

You Know Each Other (2)

She didn't want to let go of the hammer so early, and she wanted to grind them to death.

Anyway, she was telling the truth, and she didn't worry about being gossiped or accused of spreading rumors.

Sure enough, when she woke up the next day, those bystanders in the hotel also posted the photos that they had taken one after another.

Probably because it caused a large amount of bad public traction, the police had to come out to report at 7 o'clock in the morning, and Shen Mingjia was officially on the hot search for this.

#Shen Mingjia Detention#

#Shen Mingjia Fang Ying#

#Shen Mingjia was cheated by the shampoo girl for a month#

Seeing the third hot search, Wen Yu almost laughed to death.

She went in and read happily.

The introduction is written like this-

"Shen Mingjia was taken away by the police for questioning at a hotel a few days ago.

He was suspected of prostitution, but Shen Mingjia insisted that he was only here to comfort a friend.

After the police learned about it, they learned that the friend Shen Mingjia talked about was actually just a shampoo girl from the red light district.

In WeChat, the young girl pretended to be a daughter of a wealthy boss of a certain group.

Shen Mingjia believed her.

After repeated conversations, the two met in the hotel."

The following comments are even more horrible.

[The scene of the scum man in a  car crash Too confusing hahaha!]

[1818 Huang Jin Yan: Make way, I should report this kind of news!]

[#He thought he got a rich woman, who knew he got on the old bastard’s pirate ship#]

[This is really the **ing funniest news of the year, hahahahaha, thank Shen Mingjia for being my source of happiness.]

Clicking into the other two hot searches, the relationship between Shen Mingjia and Fang Ying has been exposed as well.

The entertainment industry is such a place where everyone pushes them while they’re down, and sometimes you don’t even need to do it yourself; his opponent will also help give him a kick while he’s down.

In short, Shen Mingjia is not only a scum, but he’s also stupid in the eyes of netizens.

Wen Yu was fortunate that she did not leave any evidence for Shen Mingjia, let alone send him a photo, so she could easily retreat.

The blame can only be on his excessive greed that has caused his current grief.

Satisfied and leaving Weibo, Wen Yu found a new WeChat.

She clicked to read——

Shen Mingjia: [In the end who are you]

Of course, Shen Mingjia knew the shampoo girl couldn’t have a video of Yasheng's office, and how could the shampoo girl dress exactly like "Jiang Yuhe’s sister" that he had seen.

It's just that he doesn't know what's going on now.

He is afraid of Jiang Yuhe's identity and dare not ask, so he can only suffer from this dumb loss.

Wen Yu ignored him, threw the phone aside, and took a deep breath.


She went downstairs to eat and greeted Jiang Yuhe happily: "Brother, good morning."

Jiang Yuhe looked at her: "Are you really happy today"

"Yes," Wen Yu sat down beside him and blinked: "Because I saw Brother as soon as I came down."

Jiang Yuhe: "..."

Wen Yu looked down and was about to brag and coax when she suddenly discovered that this man had changed into a light-colored shirt for the first time today, matching the pair of black gem cufflinks.

She was slightly stunned: "Are you wearing it now"

Jiang Yuhe: "If I don’t wear it, should I put it in a museum"

Wen Yu: "..."

She was in a good mood, but when she saw that pair of cufflinks, she was affected.

Since it was carried on Jiang Yuhe's body, it was like a kitten scratching her heart with it's claws, all kinds of uncomfortable.

"You have so many accessories, why are you in a hurry to wear this"

Jiang Yuhe turned to look at her for a moment, then he suddenly said: "You seem to really not want me to wear it"

"..." Wen Yu immediately shook her head, "Of course not."

Forget it.

Wen Yu lowered her head to eat honestly, thinking that if she can't see it, she will be fine.

Since she has already gifted it, she should treat it as if it’s invisible.

At nine o'clock in the morning, the two arrived at the office.

Wen Yu could be sure from the surprised and stunned eyes of those employees that Jiang Yuhe must be wearing a white shirt for the first time today.

After entering the office, he took off his jacket and sat down, and began to browse today's work schedule as usual.

Wen Yu sat next to him and looked at him.

This man rarely wears white, and today is the first time Wen Yu has seen it.

Black is fierce, always giving people a deep sense of oppression and distance.

But white is different.

For the first time, Wen Yu saw a rare gentleness from Jiang Yuhe.

It's only very short-lived.

After being gentle for only three seconds, she was beaten back to reality by his always indifferent tone: "What are you looking at, are there words or money stuck to my face"

"..." The filter was broken.

Wen Yu coughed and sat upright, "It's just the first time I saw my brother wear white, how curious."

Jiang Yuhe seemed to remember something, and he said lightly, "I almost forgot, you like men in white shirts and gold-rimmed glasses."

Wen Yu:

"When did I say I liked that"

"Last time I came back from the archery hall, didn't you say that President Qi's white shirt and gold-rimmed glasses are handsome and stable President Qi is full of abstinence and a mysterious temperament that makes you dream"



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