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Brother (3)

Jiang Yuhe mentally swore.

The two unexpected people had given him a fright.

” Brother, where are you going” asked Wen Yu softly.


Jiang Yuhe looked at Lao Hes face, which screamed “I cant help it either”, begging for mercy.

Jiang Yuhe had a meeting that began at 10AM.

When he left in the morning, he must have been hypnotized by ghosts to want to come and see how this woman was doing.

Who could have thought this would cause them to be entangled

Since this was a woman, Jiang Yuhe forced out the last of his patience and said, “I need to leave.”

Wen Yu nodded her head.

“Dont worry about me.

You can go ahead, Brother!”

Surprisingly, she did not try to cling to him.

Jiang Yuhe paused, stopped talking and turned away.

A quiet voice rang behind him again, “Brother, if you leave, does that mean you dont want me anymore”

Jiang Yuhe stopped short for two seconds, but he still did not turn back.

After he left, Lao He coaxed Wen Yu, “Well Miss, wheres your phone What about ID Can I help you contact other family members”

When he asked, that reminded Wen Yu that she didnt see her cell phone.

The cell phone was in her hand yesterday when she crossed the street.

After being hit, it must have flown out and no one noticed since it was dark.

As for ID, it was still in her handbag at the hotel.

Wen Yu currently had to play the family card to win sympathy.

Therefore, it was necessary to pretend to lose her memory.

If they knew her name and address, there was no reason to stay, though in her current situation, she did not have confidence that she would be allowed to stay.

The words she called out just then even made her own goosebumps pop out, but Jiang Yuhe appeared to be a capitalist with no feelings.

When he said he was leaving, he really just left without a sliver of sympathy.

“I dont remember anything,” said Wen Yu helplessly.

Shaking her head, she said, “Im sorry for causing you trouble.”

Originally it was Lao He who hit Wen Yu and he was full of remorse, especially since this little girl was suffering from memory loss and even forgot her own name due to being hit.

He committed a big sin.

Lao He had a daughter around the same age and he could not accept this situation.

“Why dont you come home with me I have a daughter who can keep you company.

You can leave once you get better.”

Although he hit her, Wen Yu could tell the driver was a good person.

But her target was Jiang Yuhe.

The driver couldnt help her.

Wen Yu could only say sorry in her heart.

She used all her efforts to act pitifully.

“I only remember my brother now and I only trust him.”


Lao He was helpless and could only accompany Wen Yu by her bedside.

During the IV, Wen Yu borrowed Lao Hes cell phone under the guise of boredom.

When he went to the bathroom, she telephoned the front desk of the hotel, saying she had an emergency and had to leave Beijing.

She asked them to leave her luggage at the hotel and she will come for it as soon as possible.

The telephone records were deleted after the call.

Lao He bought a lot of food for Wen Yu and took care of her like his own daughter.

At 6PM, he got a call.

“Boss.” Though Jiang Yuhe was not here, Lao He still bowed out of full respect.

Not knowing what Jiang Yuhe said, Lao He glanced at Wen Yu.

“Boss, but…”

The other side probably didnt give him a chance to finish speaking.

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Lao He hung up the phone and looked at Wen Yu in embarrassment.

“Miss, Ill go and get you discharged.”

Wen Yu could guess what was going on, but pretended to be ignorant.

“Did Brother come to pick me up”

Lao He was silent.

His head drooped.

Wen Yus chances of winning were slim.

She was betting on that 1% of kindness besides the 99% of indifference many capitalists like Jiang Yuhe had.

Based on Lao Hes expression, it looks like she lost the bet.


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