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A Villainess Needs to Have the Ability of a Villainess Chapter 120

You Know Each Other (4)

When Wen Yu was picking up the goods at the counter, the sales associate asked her, "Who do you want to give such beautiful cufflinks to" Wen Yu said: "Of course it's for someone I like."

But Wen Yu had long removed Shen Mingjia from her world.

She didn't like him, and she never had.

Since it has never been sent out, and the other party has never touched it, then Wen Yu is qualified to redefine and choose.

Jiang Yuhe’s name also starts with J, and to the person who really likes it, it is considered to be in line with the original meaning of buying it, and it is worthy of being a true match.

God’s arrangement is the most important.

After Wen Yu looked at it from a different angle, she found that not only was this pair of cufflinks less unpleasant, it also added a magical and solemn sense of destiny.

She held her chin in thought, "Hmm, my brother is right."

Jiang Yuhe felt that this woman was a little bit abnormally excited today.

He packed up a few documents and told her: "Tomorrow I will be on a business trip to Sioux City.

If you don't want to come to the company, you can stay at home, but you must read all of these."

"Huh" Wen Yu was stunned.

"You’re going on a business trip When will you be back"

Jiang Yuhe, seeing the eagerness in her eyes, seemed to be expecting something, and said lightly: "Don't worry, I will be back on Valentine's Day."

Wen Yu jumped inexplicably, embarrassed for two seconds, and subconsciously corrected him: "I asked you to have dinner on the 14th."

"What's the difference, you’re still asking me for dinner on Valentine's Day."


It makes no difference, Wen Yu knows.

However, saying it so bluntly, she also has her pride!

A woman asked you out for Valentine's Day.

You're very proud, right

Ah ah ah ah ah!

At ten o'clock, Jiang Yuhe went to the conference room for a meeting, and Wen Yu calmly comforted herself in the office alone——

It's just her ladylike character was insulted a bit, a trivial matter.

This embarrassment is not worth mentioning for a person who is going to confess her schemes after experiencing bankruptcy, cheating, and a car accident.

Isn't she already immune to all evil It’s okay.

You can do it.

When Jiang Yuhe returned from the meeting, Wen Yu once again successfully completed her self soothing.

"Get off work early today." Jiang Yuhe turned off the computer after processing a few documents: "I'm going back to sort out some information about the business trip to Sioux City."


Wen Yu didn't think much, and she packed up her things and went downstairs with him.

Unexpectedly, Jiang Yuhe answered a phone call in the elevator and said that he had missed a few documents to sign before he left.

Jiang Yuhe had to turn back, "You wait for me in the car for twenty minutes."


Wen Yu went to the parking lot alone.

She lowered her head and walked towards Jiang Yuhe’s exclusive presidential parking space.

Only a few steps out, she suddenly heard the sound of a car stopping on the left.

Then someone came out of the car and called her name:

"Wen Yu."

Wen Yu was stunned, then turned to look.


It turned out to be Shen Mingjia.

There was also a man next to him.

She didn't know who it was.

He looked very important.

"What, come to see You Xin" Shen Mingjia sneered and approached.

Wen Yu didn't expect to run into him here, but this is definitely not a suitable occasion for two people to meet.

She ignored him and continued to move forward.

But when is Shen Mingjia willing to let her go He took two steps forward, and he roughly grabbed her arm, "Why are you running Huh Those disgusting things that you did, do you think no one knew about it"

Wen Junlong next to him seemed to understand something and immediately grabbed him: "Forget it, don't make trouble.

It is important to go up and apologize to President Jiang in person."

"I can't find her anywhere," Shen Mingjia pointed at Wen Yu angrily: "You are the one who colluded with You Xin, right Have you been following me all this time I didn't see that you are so capable.

You want to kill me, do you Let me tell you—No.


Shen Mingjia was let go from several roles overnight because of yesterday's incident, and the variety show he was scheduled for was canceled; his career was almost destroyed.

Now he is waiting for Wen Junlong to bring him to Jiang Yuhe to beg for mercy.

He knows that he usually offends a lot of people.

It's not that there are no people in the circle who are framed by sex scandals.

What happened yesterday was his carelessness.

But at that time, the WeChat was clearly requested from the people around Jiang Yuhe.

So Shen Mingjia thought for a whole night and guessed that this sex scandal should be her torturing him because she thinks he’s a scumbag.

After all, Wen Yu is bankrupt.

She doesn't have the ability to get close to Jiang Yuhe's side, and it is even more unlikely that she would go in and out of Jiang Yuhe's office to take that kind of video.


But since You Xin called Fang Ying, it must have been Wen Yu's idea.

It can only be said that Wen Yu has been monitoring him, and she and her best friend happened to have favorable circumstances come to fruition the other day.

"Don't think that you can do anything to me just because you have You Xin to help you." Shen Mingjia poked Wen Yu with his finger: "You wait, once this matter is over, I will get my revenge on you.

You think I will die Ha! It’s not so easy."

Wen Yu couldn't help but laugh when she heard this, "So confident"

Shen Mingjia's lips moved slightly, as he was about to continue to say something.

Wen Junlong by his side poked him: "Don't say anymore."

His eyes indicated not far away, Shen Mingjia looked over, and immediately cleared all expressions, nodding respectfully: "President Jiang."

Wen Yu's back stiffened suddenly and her scalp became numb.

...Your twenty minutes is so fast

Sensing the familiar aura behind her, Wen Yu's feet seemed to be frozen, trying to run but couldn't move.

As if a fire had burned her ass, she was so anxious, but she did not dare to look back.

Jiang Yuhe quickly walked to them.

He looked at Wen Yu, then at Shen Mingjia and Wen Junlong, frowning:

"You know each other"


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