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A Villainess Needs to Have the Ability of a Villainess Chapter 121

Such a Beautiful Face (1)

Wen Yu felt that she might have to confess ahead of time at the parking lot today.

She had planned to burst into tears on Valentine’s Day, create an atmosphere and win the sympathy ticket in Jiang Yuhe’s hand in one go.

She never expected such an accident to happen so suddenly.

Is she going to be tried in the parking lot

In front of Shen Mingjia

‘No, you can fall apart anywhere except in front of the scumbag!’

‘Wen Yu, you need to get a hold of yourself!’

But at that moment, Wen Yu couldn’t explain the situation even if she was a god.

She couldn’t say that she and Shen Mingjia were strangers that happened to start talking to each other and get along, and it was impossible to say she didn’t know Shen Mingjia in front of him.

That was just handing him a knife to stab her.

Wen Yu’s brain ran rapidly.

She had experienced many battlefields, and her thinking logic had become accustomed to emergency situations.

It took only one second.

She linked arms with Jiang Yuhe calmly.

This was the only way Wen Yu can save herself.

By seeing tricks and dismantling tricks, retreat can create progress.

Although  her move was very casual, she blatantly hinted at Shen Mingjia...

[Do you see who I am with Do you dare say you know me]

Wen Yu's sudden intimacy surprised Jiang Yuhe for two seconds, but he just looked at her slender arm and said nothing.

The four people were in a subtle stalemate state until Wen Junlong suddenly said, "We don't know each other!".

Wen Junlong simply replied, "We happened to bump into each other here, so we asked her if President Jiang were in the office.

We wanted to go up and visit."

But Jiang Yuhe was not so foolish.

"You know her"

"Of course!" Wen Junlong answered naturally.

"Director Liu mentioned it to me."

Earlier on, Wen Junlong heard from Deputy Director Liu that Jiang Yuhe was accompanied by a woman at the actor selection re-examination, and she seemed to have an unusual status.

It's just that he never thought that this woman was Shen Mingjia's ex-girlfriend.

And he only called Jiang Yuhe two hours ago, calling this woman a crazy lunatic.

In other words, he was criticizing Jiang Yuhe's woman wildly.

Wen Junlong reacted so swiftly, since he immediately knew that there must be many twists and turns that he didn't know about.

Of course, he would not admit it.

Not only him, but Shen Mingjia also had to shut up now.

While he patted Shen Mingjia's back hinting behind his back, he changed the subject.

"But, President Jiang, are you going out If so, Mingjia and I will come to visit another day."

Jiang Yuhe glanced lightly at Shen Mingjia.

"It's not necessary."

Then he whispered to Wen Yu, "Let's go."

Wen Yu blinked obediently.


The two walked out a few steps arm in arm.

Only then did Wen Yu quietly turned back, raised her eyebrows at Shen Mingjia, who hadn't recovered, and shushed him with her mouth.

It was as if she was silently proclaiming the end of their battle.

It was extremely harmful and even more insulting.

Wen Junlong looked at Jiang Yuhe’s retreating figure, and then slowly sighed.

"Forget it.

I can't help you, you’re on your own."

After speaking, he drove out of the parking lot alone.

Shen Mingjia stood there blankly.

Wen Yu’s expression when she turned around was so startling that he couldn't calm down for a long time.

The picture of Wen Yu holding Jiang Yuhe constantly flashed before his eyes.

Repeatedly, from stunned surprise, to constant denial, to finally coming to terms with everything he saw.

He couldn't believe the fact that he was now dismissed by Wen Yu's, like mud on the soles of her shoes.

Not only did he lose badly, he only just realized how absurdly and funnily he was played.

There was no room for even struggling or resisting.

As meticulous as Jiang Yuhe was, how could he fail to detect Wen Yu's schemes

After the two returned to the car and settled down, he asked, "What happened just now"

Wen Yu blinked and pretended to be stupid.

"What do you mean"

Jiang Yuhe cast his eyes down, his gaze fell on his arm.

Wen Yu said "Ah" as if she had just reacted, and immediately let go of his hand.

"It's nothing.

Just saw that scummy male star in the parking lot...

I couldn't help but say a few words to him and we had a dispute.

Seeing you arrived, I wanted you to back me up a bit."

In theory, Wen Yu did not lie.

"Dispute" Jiang Yuhe's question in his retort was subtle.

"Didn't you stare at his advertisement and praise him for being handsome"


Once again, she was sure that this man's memory was not normal.

“What part of him is handsome!” Wen Yu completely got into character.

"I was blind.

He can’t even match up to 1% of Brother’s handsomeness.

Haven’t you watched the news about this type of scummy man I couldn’t help but scold him, and then he tried to be aggressive towards me.”

Wen Yu emphasized the last two words very aggrievedly.

Jiang Yuhe also got it.

Turning his head, he asked, "Be aggressive towards you"

"That's right." Wen Yu blinked fragilely and said sincerely, "Fortunately, you came.

I subconsciously linked arms with you and wanted to scare them."

Jiang Yuhe stared at her without speaking.

Wen Yu didn't know what this man meant.

She felt that her logic was quite smooth, and even if she confessed on the 14th, she didn’t say a single lie today.

Except for concealing the fact that she knew Shen Mingjia, all other words and sentences are the truth!

After being so quiet for a few seconds, Jiang Yuhe retracted his gaze and turned slowly.

Wen Yu understood that this action meant that the situation was passing.

She secretly breathed a sigh of relief, but there were some subtle fluctuations in her heart.


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