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Such a Beautiful Face (5)

Also, Wen Yu’s surprised look when he found the cufflinks.

Wen Junlong mentioned the ex-girlfriend who hurt Shen Mingjia and the message that was withdrawn yesterday.

[Didn’t I endure humiliation and display forbearance just to see you helplessly angry]

Everything rushed into his mind at once.

With Jiang Yuhe's superb intelligence, when all the clues are suddenly connected together, a terrible possibility had already formed in his mind.

The weather outside the window suddenly darkened.

The wind blew.

The dark clouds pressed on top, and the air pressure inside the car reached a critical point in an instant.

Jiang Yuhe didn't speak for a long time.

He only looked down at the pair of cufflinks he was wearing on his wrists, not knowing what he was thinking.

The car quickly stopped at the door of the villa.

No one dared to ask further.

Jiang Yuhe got out of the car, and Lao He asked Li Bai worriedly.

"Did I just say something wrong Why does the boss suddenly look mad"

Li Bai shook his head and looked at the suddenly bad weather outside the window.

"This time, it may really be a storm."

After Jiang Yuhe arrived home, he did not go back immediately to the bedroom to change clothes, but went straight to his study.

When all the clues point to an absurd possibility.

The only thing Jiang Yuhe wanted to do was to immediately confirm the authenticity of this possibility.

Although he hoped that everything was because he was overthinking it and that he was overly suspicious, he could never avoid the truth because of this.

Even if the truth may be unacceptable, he will calmly, even coldly, find out the truth himself.

Jiang Yuhe took out the mobile phone that he had hidden.

Charge, turn on, and enter the password.

The screen jumps to the homepage, with Wen Yu's photo in the background.

When the phone was turned on for the first time, Jiang Yuhe did not look at all her private information out of respect for Wen Yu.

But now it's different.

He needs some evidence to refute his suspicion.

The phone was quietly placed on the table.

After a long time passed, Jiang Yuhe lightly clicked on the photo album.

The photo albums were basically all Wen Yu's selfies.

His finger scrolled up little by little.

After a while, the action stopped.

Frozen there.

Even though it was a thumbnail, Jiang Yuhe recognized the man and woman in the photo at a glance.

In the quiet and dreary study, Jiang Yuhe couldn't tell if what was blasting in his ears was the screaming wind outside the window or the blood rushing in his heart.

In the high-end romantic western restaurant, Wen Yu looked in the mirror to touch up her makeup.

Today, she wore the black strappy dress that You Xin gave her.

She also let down her long hair that had been tied for the last couple of months.

She went to the salon and did some beautiful and gentle curls, completely returning to what she was like before bankruptcy.

Even before Wen Yu went out, she sprayed on the bottle of perfume she treasured very carefully.

At this moment of confession tonight, the perfume should not be too strong, or you would appear to be lacking in sincerity and deliberately seducing.

So, Wen Yu only sprayed a little on the strappy dress.

The smell was just right; lightly, faint, but you could smell a little when you get closer.

Because, after all seemingly unintended attraction, it was the deadliest.

If Jiang Yuhe could forgive her after listening to her, then the sexy strappy dress and perfume didn’t need to be shown.

If he didn't forgive her, then Wen Yu would give it up.

Before he would get angry, she would immediately take off her coat and reveal the sexy little black dress.

She would then sit on him and cry for two hours before talking.

After finishing the lipstick, Wen Yu in the mirror looked bright and beautiful tonight, which was the real style of Miss Wen from the past.

She pursed her lips, and was just about to ask where Jiang Yuhe was, but her eyes fell on the figure of the man at the door.

Although she jumped nervously, Wen Yu immediately waved at him.

"Brother, over here!"

Jiang Yuhe was still wearing the same clothes he had when he returned.

There was no emotion on his face, and he sat down opposite Wen Yu.

Wen Yu simply thought that Jiang Yuhe was tired from a business trip, and handed him the menu carefully, "Brother, what do you want to eat"

Jiang Yuhe didn't speak.

Just looked at Wen Yu.

She was beautiful tonight.

This was a style he had never seen before.

But when did such a beautiful face begin to have so many schemes towards himself

He didn't notice it at all.

Seeing Jiang Yuhe not moving, Wen Yu waved her hand in front of him.

"What's wrong Are you tired"

Jiang Yuhe pushed aside the menu she handed over, and said lightly, "Why did you invite me to dinner today"


Don't start the topic so early.

Wasn’t it good to eat something before getting into the topic

Wen Yu was actually still nervous, but her face was very calm.

"There is no reason, just..." She raised the red wine glass in front of her, pretending to be relaxed.

"Today is worth celebrating."

What Wen Yu was thinking was due to Valentine’s Day.

It was normal for everyone to come out and celebrate.

But Jiang Yuhe smiled.

"Celebrate what" He leaned on the back of the seat and looked at Wen Yu coldly...

"Celebrate your final days of enduring humiliation"


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