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Brother (4)

If Wen Yus guess was correct, Jiang Yuhe had already arranged a place for her to go.

After driving for about half an hour from the hospital, Lao He stopped in front of a sanatorium.

It had nice decor and a nice environment.

With one look, you can tell it was a place suitable for recovery.

“Miss,” Lao He carefully carried Wen Yu out of the car and put her in the wheelchair.

“You can live here in peace.

Therell be someone here to take care of you.”

As expected, this was a reasonable thing to do.

Jiang Yuhe was a businessman, not a philanthropist and not a fool.

Itll take more than a little bit of acting from her for him to let her stay.

Wen Yu sighed softly, disappointed but she still didnt give up.

She needed to continue on with her harsh life drama act, “Thank you, Uncle He.

Tell my brother that Ill continue waiting for him.”

Wen Yu knew that only an idiot would come.

No, not even an idiot.

Lao He wanted to help but couldnt, so he could only harden his heart and handed Wen Yu over to the nurse, before he drove away.

On the way back, Lao He got another call from Jiang Yuhe.

“Everything has been settled”

Lao He replied in a harsh voice, “Everything is settled.”

Jiang Yuhe felt his subdued feelings from that reply and asked, “Arent you satisfied with the arrangement”

Lao He didnt want to say anything, but in the end he still couldnt resist.

“Boss, that girl is really pitiful.

Shes all alone, doesnt remember her name and doesnt even know where her family is.

The only thing she remembers is that you are her brother and shes so stubborn.

When I was leaving, she didnt want to go in and said shell wait for you to pick her up.

I really had to harden my heart so I could walk away.

Its my fault I didnt watch the road.

I committed a great sin…”


Lao He had been driving for decades for the Jiang Family.

Though the relationship was master and servant, in reality he watched Jiang Yuhe grow up.

Otherwise, Jiang Yuhe would not have helped him solve this issue of hitting someone.

Now Lao He was ashamed of himself and Jiang Yuhe seemed to have been branded as coldblooded and heartless.

After all, it was his car that hit the girl.

If Lao He bore the chief responsibility, the boss that sat in the car also bore a minor responsibility.

When he hung up the phone, Jiang Yuhe was unaccountably upset.

The image of a girl waking up with tears on her face kept flashing in his mind.

She had been calling him “Brother”.

Perhaps her brother was really the person she trusted the most.

Not knowing what was going through his own mind, instead of turning at the intersection, Jiang Yuhe headed straight down the road.

That was the way to the sanatorium.

Fifteen minutes later, Jiang Yuhes private car stopped in front of the sanatorium, which was located in the suburbs.

Even once he hit the brakes, he still did not understand why he changed his course and stopped here.

Did he really think he was going to be a good man Will he really take in a woman that he doesnt know anything about

Jiang Yuhe rolled down the window halfway and looked out of the car at the sanatorium.

The environment was quiet.

At 9PM in the evening, there were very few people walking about.

Why did Lao He say that

“That girl wont go in.

She insists on waiting for you to pick her up!”

But there was no one at the door now.

Didnt she compromise and go in

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So Lao Hes worries were simply unnecessary.

Humans are intelligent creatures that can adapt to local conditions.

How can they be so stupid and continue to wait at the door at this hour

Jiang Yuhe was so relieved.

He unconsciously let out a sigh and turned his gaze away.

He pulled out a cigarette from his pocket.

As he was lighting it, he suddenly heard someone knocking on his car window.

He turned his head and almost dropped the cigarette in his mouth.

Wen Yu smiled and waved from her wheelchair.

“You came, Brother”


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