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A Villainess Needs to Have the Ability of a Villainess Chapter 133

How Will You Take Responsibility (4)

Yesterday, Wen Yu's scheme was busted, and all the truth came to light.

Now Shen Mingjia was also being punished.

How could she not be held accountable as an accomplice who once played a cameo as a handsome guy

You Xin knew that her short acting career in Yasheng might be over.

It didn’t matter.

Her best friend was already tortured so brutally by this ruthless man in front of them, and everyone would be embarrassed if she continued to work with such a boss!

Rather than just being fired, it was better for her to help Wen Yu air her grievances.

"Doesn't President Jiang just want to ask me about Yuyu"

"Yes, I am her accomplice!"

"You're so cruel, like heavy rain.

As soon as you say to drive people away, you really drove her away.

What did Yuyu do wrong that is worthy of you doing it like that She is indeed lying and deceiving, but why don't you ask the scumbag here What did he do"

"On that day, Yuyu just found out that her family was bankrupt, this dog-like scumbag brought a mistress over and was cheating on her.

After being caught by Yuyu, he taunted her face to face.

Yuyu was already very pitiful because she was penniless in Beijing.

But you hit her.

Was she pretending to be hit to scam you Obviously you hit her first!"

"Yuyu did not have memory loss, but was hit by your car and became stupid.

Is that acceptable She was angered by a scumbag until her head became hazy.

Is that acceptable Anyway, I think you are also a scumbag.

I'm telling you, you two are over.

I will take her out to find a man tonight, and I will arrange a good place."

"Say it, do you want to cancel my contract Fine, I quit."

You Xin had an impatient personality.

She let out all the anger that had been held in her heart since last night, and she felt more comfortable.

Jiang Yuhe wanted to laugh.

Sure enough, they were good sisters.

They were all the same: unreasonable.

He saw Wen Yu being helped away last night.

He only saw that it was a girl.

He just heard Shen Mingjia talk about You Xin, only to realize that the woman actually has a girlfriend helper.

If he thought about it again, that short man that couldn’t be tracked down was certainly this best friend.

Crazy and smart.

Jiang Yuhe smiled, and looked at her.

"Do you want to cancel the contract"

You Xin answered very loudly, "Yes!"

"Well, according to the contract, you need to compensate Yasheng 9.86 million for liquidated damages when you terminate the contract."


‘Forget it.

Can I withdraw what I just said’

There was a bang at the door, and someone broke in from outside, and Secretary Ning followed behind, "I'm sorry, Mr.

Jiang, I—"

The person was Wen Yu.

Jiang Yuhe narrowed his eyes, and then peacefully looked away.

He didn't speak or look at her, as if only an insignificant person came in.

But he didn’t retreat.

Li Bai asked Secretary Ning to leave with great foresight, and then asked a few people to take Shen Mingjia to the next door conference room to continue.

Wen Yu saw Shen Mingjia’s swollen face, and immediately imagined You Xin was to be tortured in this way.

She hurriedly checked You Xin.

"Are you okay"

Then she turned back to Jiang Yuhe.

"It's all my idea.

Don't trouble my friends, okay"

Jiang Yuhe ignored her and asked You Xin indifferently, "Are you going to resign"

You Xin was stunned, seeing that there was still room for change, and immediately shook her head: "Sorry Boss, it was just a misunderstanding.

I was a little over excited."

"Then you can go."


‘Then what are you calling me in for Just to listen to me scold you passionately’

Although she didn't know what Jiang Yuhe meant, You Xin immediately took Wen Yu's hand and retreated.

But when she walked to the door, the voice behind her sounded.

"You stay."

Both were stiff.

After looking at each other, Wen Yu knew that Jiang Yuhe was talking about herself.

She gave You Xin a look that said ‘You go out first’, You Xin shook her head, but she was still pushed out.

Closing the door, Wen Yu turned around.

She didn't go any further, but stood by the door.

Jiang Yuhe sat at the desk.

The distance between the two was like the current relationship; unfamiliar, with a little probing.

"I'm sorry." Wen Yu decided to speak first.

"What I did to you is my fault.

I am responsible for my mistakes.

Can I not involve other people"

After a pause, "Of course I have no problem with Shen Mingjia being involved."


She still knew how to use resources.

He hadn't seen her for only one night, but her face seemed to have lost a lot of weight.

Jiang Yuhe was silent for a while, "Are you taking responsibility"

"Wen Yu." Jiang Yuhe calmly called out this name for the first time, but unfortunately, it turned out to be revealed by her ex-boyfriend.

He walked over slowly, walked in front of Wen Yu, and looked at her faintly.

"You lied to me for three months, stayed by my side and energetically acted out a lie for three months.

How will you take responsibility"

Wen Yu heard Jiang Yuhe calling her name.

She was not used to it at first, but after a few seconds, she felt inexplicably relaxed and relieved.

Those shackles disappeared in an instant.

She finally didn't have to act again and she no longer had to lie and be fake.

Then everyone can talk openly.

Wen Yu took a deep breath, glanced at Jiang Yuhe, and said quietly and quickly-

"I gave you my first kiss."


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