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A Villainess Needs to Have the Ability of a Villainess Chapter 139

Open the Door (2)

Anyway, she needed to recruit people.

Of course, Wen Yi'an strongly recommended this outstanding man who has been with him for many years to continue to assist his daughter...

"I can rest assured with Ah Yue helping you."

Wen Qingyou also agreed with his father's arrangement.

Originally, he wanted to spend his money to sponsor his sister's business, but Wen Yu was very stubborn and didn't ask for any money.

She mortgaged her car and house to open Pisces Entertainment.

At 4PM, a private jet landed slowly at Jiangcheng Airport.

In the cabin, a long-haired woman looked out the window and said emotionally, "Jiangcheng is much warmer than Beijing.

No wonder it is said that all seasons are like spring here.

I like this type of city the most.

It is suitable for a hand-in-hand sweet romance."

Jiang Yuhe glanced at her speechlessly, "You say that in every city."

"So what~" Jiang Lingwei glanced at her younger brothe.: "At least I maintain my passion for love.

Unlike you, when Mom gave birth to you, did you cut off all mortal feelings Have you ever liked women”

This question Jiang Yuhe had been asked repeatedly this entire trip.

He sighed, thinking that he shouldn't agree to let Jiang Lingwei follow along on this trip.

Jiang Lingwei and grandma returned from the United States two weeks ago, and the house suddenly became a lot livelier.

Finally, they pulled Jiang Yuhe out of the inextricable suffocation and dullness a bit.

"Little boy, do you need to have a socializing event later in the evening If so I will not go." Jiang Lingwei said.

Jiang Yuhe frowned, "I told you many times, don't call me that."

"What's wrong with calling you like this Your elder sister has always called you this way since young.

Treat your eldest sister like your mother You are not even married yet." After a pause, Jiang Lingwei looked at him in good time.

"If you have the ability then get married, Jiang Yuhe."


Jiang Yuhe had been restrained by Jiang Lingwei’s identity as his elder sister since he was a child.

They were two years apart.

Jiang Lingwei was proficient in five languages

and her abilities were very strong.

She was also one of the senior leaders of Yasheng.

It’s just that she had a natural preference for freedom, and her mind was not fully focused on the family business.

The car came to pick up the two siblings, Jiang Lingwei said, "I will go to a bar in Jiangcheng this evening to go sit for a bit so you don't have to worry about me."

Who wants to worry about you

Jiang Yuhe glanced at her faintly, "Take care when you play.

Don't play with fire."

Jiang Lingwei sneered, and said with disdain, "Your sister is a high end player.

I have very high-end tastes."

After a pause, she looked out the window and sighed emotionally, "After so long, only one was acceptable."

Jiang Yuhe rarely saw a slightly different look in his sister's eyes, "Seriously"

Jiang Lingwei immediately sat upright, put on sunglasses, noble and glamorous, "It's impossible, I'm not getting married."

The car quickly drove the two to the hotel, and after a short rest, it was dinner time.

Jiang Yuhe changed his clothes to go to his appointment.

After getting in the car, Li Bai handed Jiang Yuhe a piece of paper.

"I found the address."

Jiang Yuhe glanced at him, said nothing, folded it and put it in his pocket.

Li Bai looked worried and asked, "Do you have to go to this dinner tonight You haven't had a good rest this month.

I'm afraid your body won't be able to stand it."

"Uncle Liu and my dad have a bit of friendship.

Since he asked, I will respect him, show my face, have a drink, then leave." Jiang Yuhe was indeed very tired, and his voice was flat.

"Then..." Li Bai hesitated for a long time before asking, "When should we look for her"

However, the man in the back seat did not reply for a long time.

Li Bai turned his head quietly and found that he had closed his eyes to rest, so he didn't bother him anymore, and only told the driver to drive slowly and stop as much as possible to allow Jiang Yuhe time to take a break.

Although Jiang Yuhe didn't speak, Li Bai also knew that they came to Jiangcheng for Wen Yu.

The copyright auction was originally held in Chengdu this month.

Unexpectedly, there were some problems between the organizer and the local political and publicity department.

Later, they asked Jiang Yuhe for his opinion and whether to change the event to Jiangcheng or Huacheng nearby.

He chose Jiangcheng.

He even came here in person.

Others may not know the reason, but Li Bai knew the knot in Jiang Yuhe's heart had never let go.

After driving quietly for ten minutes, the car drove into the main street next to Jiaoyue River.

It was the height of evening rush hour.

The surrounding traffic came and went.

Twilight enveloped the river bank, and there were countless undulating light shadows floating on the surface of the river.

Suddenly, an engine sound came from far and then drew near behind him.

The roar was very arrogant and directly awakened Jiang Yuhe.

He glanced sideways and saw a Ferrari red Laferrari passing by the van he was riding in, passing like a gust of wind.


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