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Misplaced Hope (1)

Perhaps he had already decided to abandon the burden named Wen Yu, so the wheelchair he sent was of the highest quality, fully automatic and gave her the ability to move around freely.

Most of the patients in the Sanatorium were elderly people over the age of sixty.

Wen Yu was the only young woman within the crowd.

She used the hospital phone to call her father, but his phone was still turned off.

She could only call Zhou Yue to inquire about the situation, tell him that she was in Beijing and that she was safe.

The old men played cards and chess, so Wen Yu was unable to join.

While the nurse was not paying attention, she left the ward.

Originally she wanted to get some fresh air, but the shops in the neighborhood were all closed, so Wen Yu turned and headed back.

As soon as she reached the corner, she saw a black luxury car parked in front of the sanatorium.

All the people who were treated here were rich, so its not unusual to see a luxury car.

Although Wen Yu was not initially paying attention to it, she suddenly had a strange intuition.

Could it be Jiang Yuhe

Though it was probably wishful thinking, Wen Yu moved closer.

The windows were half lowered while smoke misted out and the dim yellow street lamps shone into the car.

Wen Yu clearly saw the side of the mans face.

It was just like the first glance that night at the concert.

Cold, prideful, sharp, and inhumane.

No, the moment he came here, the label of inhumane could be removed.

Wen Yu knew that her scheme of no retreat was halfway there.

As expected, when Jiang Yuhe saw her, he was a little surprised for the first few seconds, before quickly returning to his indifferent expression.

Without any introduction, he directly said, “Get in the car.”

Wen Yu, who came empty-handed, could now leave empty-handed.

Holding back her excitement, she steered the wheelchair to the passenger seat.

Before she could open the door, Jiang Yuhe lowered the window and said, “Sit in the back.”

He didnt even bother to turn his head as he spoke.


Wen Yu could only retire to the back seat.

She opened the door and tried to enter the car using one leg.

It was not impossible to achieve, but it was a bit difficult and her injured leg would be in pain when moved.

She secretly glanced at Jiang Yuhe as she tried to help herself..

The man sat motionless in the front, not caring if she could get in the car.

Wen Yu didnt know the reason why he changed his mind and returned to the sanatorium.

However, she knew very well that she would have to stop pushing at the moment.

If things didnt go right with him or if she crossed the line, that 1% of kindness will be lost and all her work will be for nothing.

She gritted her teeth, supported herself by using the car door, and worked hard to sit in the back seat.

“Brother,” she said.

After buckling her seat belt, she carefully asked.

“Will you please help me put away–”

Before the word “wheelchair” could be uttered, the car had already sped forward.

Yes, sped forward.

Before she could settle down in her seat, she heard the man speak on the phone.

“I took the person.

Send the wheelchair I left behind to my house.”

Wow, hes actually reliable.

Considering his status, it was obvious that a person like him would collect the wheel chair himself.

If it was her in the past, it would also be impossible.

As Wen Yu thought about her past, she felt a little sad again.

Who would have thought that Miss Wen would become a con artist

Jiang Yuhe drove wildly as he casually slammed down the gas pedal, especially when the roads were clear.

Wen Yu felt like she was about to take off.

Others may be unaccustomed to it, frightened or even nauseated.

Are you kidding This was Wen Yu

She was the female leader of the Jiangchengs Car Racing Club.

If Jiang Yuhe turned sports cars into airplanes, then Wen Yu turned cars into spaceships.

Even You Xin had to check her insurance was valid every time he rode in her car.

So whether or not Jiang Yuhe was deliberately driving like this, it was nothing to Wen Yu.

But this time, she was not Wen Yu.

She was his weak little sister with amnesia.

“Brother…”” Wen Yu timidly clutched her seat belt.

“Slow down.

Im scared.”

Jiang Yuhe glanced at her in the rear-view mirror expressionlessly.


The gas pedal went straight to the floor.

Wen Yu was momentarily launched into her seat from the momentum.

… Oh, how exciting!

Her act of being scared whilst secretly enjoying herself continued until they reached his home.

The three-story luxury villa was about the size of the Wen Family home.

Jiang Yuhe drove to the basement.

As Wen Yu looked at him in the dark, he quietly said.

“Get out of the car.”

She was stunned and sat up straight.

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How can she get off here

Her calf is still swollen.

“Brother,” Wen Yu quickly called out to Jiang Yuhe, who had already exited the car.

“Help me get out.”

Jiang Yuhe turned his head.

Wen Yu continued.

“I dont have a wheelchair…”


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