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A Villainess Needs to Have the Ability of a Villainess Chapter 143

Say What You Need to Say, Don't Cry (1)

Jiang Yuhe had a kind of innate leadership, so he stood there and just said two words indifferently.

Then Wen Yu obediently opened the door.

She also knew that she had no second choice.

In the room, Wen Yu led Jiang Yuhe to the sofa, pretended to be calm and said:

"Sit down first, and I'll get you something to drink."

Then she ran to the kitchen and closed the door, calming her nearly crazy heartbeat.

It was almost 10PM.

How did he find her home

But it's normal.

As long as this man wanted to do something, there was nothing he couldn’t do.

Don't mention that she was in Jiangcheng.

Even if she was abroad, Jiang Yuhe had the ability to find her.

But what was he doing

And this damn WeChat! Why did she mess up again!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh how will she explain when she goes out later!

Wen Yu frantically searched for drinks while complaining in her heart.

After Wen Qingyou returned to Jiangcheng, he spent money to buy back from auction the original Wen Family's villa, and Wen Yi'an moved back home.

Wen Yu now lived in this bachelor apartment.

She didn’t pay much attention to herself.

She liked to stock up a bunch of food and drinks in the refrigerator.

However, she was too busy recently and forgot to replenish it in time.

Now she opened it and found that the last bottle of mineral water was taken by her this morning.

There were only a few bottles of Wangzai sweet milk in the refrigerator now.

Wen Yunao imagines the scene of inviting Jiang Yuhe to drink Wangzai.

No matter how she imagined it, she felt as if she was engaging in a strange method of provocation against him.

After giving up on the milk, Wen Yu suddenly remembered the red wine that she drank two sips of before going to bed every day.

Although it was strange to invite people to drink at this time and place, it was more formal than Wangzai.

Emergency rations...

She couldn’t think about it too much.

Wen Yu took out two wine glasses, poured two glasses of wine, walked to the small living room, and sat down opposite Jiang Yuhe.

She gently pushed the cup to him, "Sorry, there is only this in the house..."

Jiang Yuhe glanced and sneered, "You know how to enjoy life."


Probably a little nervous, Wen Yu felt that her throat was dry, so she took a sip to moisturize her throat first, smiled deliberately, then stopped in embarrassment.

No one spoke, and the stagnant atmosphere was too torturous.

Jiang Yuhe originally didn't come up to watching the stars and moon and talk about life with her.

There was still a very heavy debt between them.

It's not something that Wen Yu can say she didn't want to payback, and it could be forgotten.

Knowing this clearly, Wen Yu lowered her head in frustration, no longer pretending to be calm.

"What do you want to say You can start."

Jiang Yuhe glanced across at her face, took out two items, and threw them on the table coldly.

"If you don't take this away, do you want to leave it to remind me about how I was deceived by you"

Wen Yu lowered her eyes, her body stiffened slightly for a second.

It's a pair of cufflinks.

Now lying on the table quietly, it seemed to have become worthless rubbish, without any attractive luster.

Wen Yu knew that with Jiang Yuhe's ability, he must have found out the significance of the initial purchase of cufflinks.

It really was not like that.

It didn’t mean that anymore.

Wen Yu still remembered the solemn and pious sense of destiny in her heart when Jiang Yuhe wore the pair of cufflinks on his body.

Obviously it was something destined to be his.

Otherwise, why does his name have a J by coincidence

Wen Yu suddenly stubbornly pushed back.

"What I gifted out will not be taken back."

"Did you intend to give it to me"

Wen Yu looked at him affirmatively.


Suddenly, Jiang Yuhe smiled.

"In what capacity did you give it to me"


Wen Yu was strong for three seconds but then weakened, not knowing how to answer.

Sitting face to face, this sneer suddenly made Wen Yu thoughts return to Valentine's Day night...

They also sat face to face in the same way, with two glasses of red wine in front of each other.

Wen Yu didn't know if she was too stunned.

Suddenly there was a voice in her ear saying.

"The teacher has given you a chance to retake the exam, take it!"

Retake the exam.

Are you crazy

Wen Yu shook her head and immediately took another sip of red wine to try to calm herself.

When she looked down, she saw the light refracted by the small ruby

on her neck into the cup.

After a pause, she thought of the answer...

"In what capacity you gave me this necklace, I gave you the cufflinks in that capacity."


This mouth was especially good at talking.

Now she still knew how to play the game of kicking the ball with him.

"Wen Yu." Jiang Yuhe looked at her lightly and faintly, "Do you think you are very smart"

This man has always called her full name indifferently since she was exposed.

Wen Yu.

Wen Yu.

Obviously, he used to call her Yuyu.

Men are unforgiving animals.

Thinking of the woman she saw in the evening, Wen Yu inexplicably blocked his words, "I am not as smart as you."

After a few seconds of silence, Jiang Yuhe suddenly lost his patience.

He didn't know why he came here.

It was him who was deceived, she was the one who ran away in the end, but he was the one who surrendered first.

"So you think I should cooperate with you, be stupid, let you continue to cheat and play"

"I did not." Wen Yu quickly answered with these three words.


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