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Misplaced Hope (2)

However the man did not pity her because she was a crippled flower.

With a cold glance, he turned his head and walked away.

Walked away.



Even if she was just an ordinary person on the street, wouldnt it be unreasonable to leave a disabled person unattended like this”

Besides, wasnt it his car that hit and injured her

So its not unreasonable that someone tried to drug him!

Wen Yu was overcome by anger, but there was nothing she could do.

However, she was also a stubborn person who refused to accept defeat.

If he was certain that she couldnt follow him, then she would walk inside for him to see.

Wen Yu opened the door of the car, stretched out one foot and stepped on the ground, holding herself up on one leg.

It was a bit unstable, but it was not as difficult as she thought.

Wen Yu didnt believe that she couldnt hop into Jiang Yuhes home on one leg!

She took a deep breath, and with her injured leg hanging in the air, she hopped on her other leg.

After hopping along three steps, the elevator door of the basement opened.

Jiang Yuhe exited the elevator, pushing a wheelchair.

Four eyes looked at each other.



This was an unexpected result.

What was even more frightening was because Wen Yu was distracted from staring at Jiang Yuhe, her balance was broken.

She began to jump from side to side, back and forth, and side to side.

She looked like an odd spring toy.

Moreover, the spring toy uncontrollably sprung towards Jiang Yuhe.

‘Give me a damn hand! Do you even have a heart Aahh! Im falling!

As Wen Yu was losing her strength on one leg, she fell towards the man, where he finally extended his hand mercifully.

Though he only grabbed her arm lightly and pulled her to the wheelchair so she could sit down.


‘Why dont you sit down, eat a meal, take a bath and then come to help me

Though she was so angry that she would have scolded the person even if it was her father, Wen Yu still had to put up a pitiful expression and said, “Thank you Brother.

Im glad youre here.”

However, Jiang Yuhe gave no response.

They both took the elevator straight to the house.

After they reached the first floor, he lifted his foot and stepped out lightly.

After waiting for Wen Yu to enter, he then closed the door and disappeared.


‘Brother, where did you take me

‘Dont you care about the goods after purchase

After staying in the deserted living room for five minutes, Wen Yu saw an elderly female housekeeper who called herself Aunt Shier*.

“Miss, Young Master has arranged for you to stay on the first floor in the guest room.

Young Master requests that you concentrate on your health.

If you need anything, you can always ask me..

Also dont walk around aimlessly, especially on the second floor.

That is where the Young Masters bedroom and study are.

Do you understand”

‘Master Jiang, arent you overthinking just a bit

‘Lets just leave the study.

What makes you think I want to go to your bedroom

However, this method of clearly setting the rules was within Wen Yus expectations.

This was not like the past.

Since Wen Yu was now living under someone elses roof, even this type of low-class citizen treatment was something she had to accept.

“Thank you, Auntie Shier,” she said in acceptance.

“By the way, can you find me two sets of clothes and…”

Wen Yu needed a cell phone.

But it didnt seem appropriate to ask Aunt Shier.

In the end, Wen Yu took the words back and changed it to…

“Can you help me get to the bathroom first”

She coldly glanced at her.

“I only serve the Young Master.”

She then went off with her chin raised high.


The Wealthy Boss servants were colder than others.

‘If you didnt want to help, then dont help.

Its not that hard to slowly move myself anyway.

The toiletries in the guest room were brand-new.

Closing the door, Wen Yu looked around.

There was nothing in the room but a bed and basic sanitation, completely fitting accommodation for low-class citizens.

Wen Yu touched her injured leg and seemed to sigh sadly.

However the moment she exhaled, she lay down on the bed and closed her eyes, smiling lightly.

Shen Mingjia should be trembling in fear.

Even if she was bankrupt, this lady will teach him what the word status and decency means!

After Aunt Shier took her to her room, she returned to the second floor to report to Jiang Yuhe.

“Other than clothes, there was nothing else”

“It seemed as if she wanted something else, but after thinking about it, she didnt say anything.

It was probably embarrassing.

Young women do need a lot of supplies.”

“Got it,” said Jiang Yuhe, rubbing his forehead for a moment.

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He threw his coat on the bed and closed his eyes for a while as he laid on the sofa.

What happened in Jiangcheng was not respectable and Jiang Yuhe had taken the initiative to stop a big ugly drama from occurring.

Today, he listened to people pleading for mercy on behalf of Li Man.

So what.

He was not an emotional person.

* Shier translates into the number 12.


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