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A Villainess Needs to Have the Ability of a Villainess Chapter 156

This time he poured a glass of water and sat on the sofa opposite Wen Yu, quietly looking at his own documents.

The sound of Wen Yu's typing sounded in the huge, quiet master suite.

After a while, Wen Yu still acted spoiled restlessly, "Brother, I’d like to drink water too."

She just drank in the nightclub, and now that it was quiet, her throat felt dry somehow.

Jiang Yuhe glanced at her, got up again, poured a glass of water and put it in front of Wen Yu.

On the way, he glanced at the screen again.

A few seconds later, he pressed his brow bone, a little helpless.

"Is this what you wrote"

Wen Yu shut up, knowing that what she wrote might be terrible, but still forced a sentence in a low voice.

"The company has a legal department.

I haven’t studied this, I..."

"Get up." Jiang Yuhe interrupted her.

Wen Yu was taken aback, then obediently stood aside.

Jiang Yuhe sat down and re-modified the place she had written.

"As an investor, you don't need to do this with your own hands, but you must be able to do it."

Wen Yu stood next to Jiang Yuhe, watching him fluently type out jargon and various equity capital allocations.

She curved her lips inexplicably.

Men who work hard were the most attractive, and Jiang Yuhe, who worked hard, took that kind of attractiveness to the extreme.

"I understand." Wen Yu replied softly, with a bit of a whine that even she didn't even notice.

Jiang Yuhe paused and looked back at her.

The corners of her mouth were slightly curved, and not knowing if it was from the alcohol, her cheeks had a little blush on both sides.

It's like she was drunk.

No wonder it was so maddening trying to get a reply.

As soon as he was about to withdraw her gaze, he discovered that her calves were stretched out lightly in the shadows by the table.

It should be because the heels were too high and she was tired from standing.

Jiang Yuhe felt that a certain string in his heart was broken again.

He sighed, and suddenly stretched out a hand to pull Wen Yu's wrist.

With a slight tug, she sat down in his lap.

Then he circled her waist with his arms, and said lightly, "Look carefully.

I won't write it for you next time."


Sitting on the man's lap in surprise, and being held by him in such a safe posture.

Wen Yu's heart beat wildly, her eyes were full of the men's slender and powerful hands typing in front of her.

She could smell the tobacco remaining on his body, as well as the alcohol he drank at night.

Everything was mixed with his breath and it was sent to Wen Yu's air little by little.

She breathed it in.

Wen Yu felt that her cheeks seemed to be warmer.

She sat honestly, and Jiang Yuhe's voice fell into her ear from time to time, explaining the details of the contract.

But she didn't seem to hear a word.

All she could hear was her own heartbeat, and maybe his.

The evening breeze blew in gently, and Wen Yu suddenly felt that such a moment was very nice.

The IP she and Jiang Yuhe fancied together: "The Moment I Fall in Love with You".

Just like them now, under the warm orange light, they both removed their disguises, and the moment of sincerely relying on each other seems to be particularly cherished.

"Actually..." Wen Yu said softly, "On Valentine's Day, you asked me if anything was true."

Jiang Yuhe’s fingertips paused, and soon continued to type casually.

"Except for Shen Mingjia, every minute I faced you was true."

After Wen Yu finished speaking, the silence in the room seemed to be amplified several times, and even the sound of breathing could sound a rhythm in the air.

She was a little nervous, and she didn't know why she had to say this.

Perhaps it was such a night and such a situation which made people more emotional and more willing to face their heart.

She didn't know how long it had been before Jiang Yuhe calmly replied, "Really"

"Umm," Wen Yu turned around, sat leaning sideways on Jiang Yuhe's lap, looked at his eyes intently and said, "In those three months, Wen Yu may be downtrodden, but Xiaoyu was happy because of you.

You satisfied all her fantasies about having a brother."

The wind seems to have stopped flowing.

At this moment, some broken things seem to be quietly restored invisibly.

"Xiaoyu was happy" After a long while, Jiang Yuhe smiled and mocked.

"Not bearing the humiliation"

"..." This event couldn’t pass over, could it

Wen Yu was a little depressed, "Can you not mention it I was just angry at the time."

The air was silent for a moment.

"I can." Jiang Yuhe sat upright, as if negotiating.

"Give me a reason not to mention it."

Wen Yu pursed her lips.

She wanted to speak but stopped.

He didn't know what else she thought of, and suddenly looked at Jiang Yuhe firmly and watched him motionlessly.

It's as if something big was going to happen.

Jiang Yuhe felt a little uncomfortable being stared at by her, frowned and asked, "What are you doing"

As soon as his voice fell, Wen Yu kissed Jiang Yuhe’s lips lightly and quickly, then lowered her head and murmured quietly.

"Can I take back those words about humiliation now"


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