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Wen Qingyou stood outside the door, Wen Yu slowly walked to her brother’s side, feeling guilty, and brushed her hair.

“The contract was a bit difficult to write.”

Wen Qingyou glanced at the two of them.

“Understand that Yuyu just started in the industry.

She will be relatively unfamiliar in all aspects.

If President Jiang can give her some time, after a while, practice makes perfect.”

Wen Yu originally nodded, but when she accidentally met Jiang Yu’s gaze, she suddenly reacted…

How can Wen Qingyou’s words implicate her, and even add fuel to the fire

What did he mean by ‘unfamiliar’ And ‘practice makes perfect’

! ! !

Fearing that Jiang Yuhe might say something discordant, Wen Yu immediately took the conversation over.

“Well, it’s not early.

We won’t bother your rest.

Please send the contract to my inbox when you are done.”

Then she took Wen Qingyou and turned away.

When getting off the elevator, Wen Qingyou asked Wen Yu, “What’s wrong He didn’t seem to be happy.

Was there any dispute about the contract”

Wen Yu, who just ran away from the tiger’s mouth, had a hot blush on her cheeks, and calmly said, “No, we had a good conversation.”

Not only did they have a good verbal conversation, they also made full use of some physical language, which deepened the effectiveness of this meeting.

When the two walked to the parking lot, they sat in the car and fastened their seat belts.

Then Wen Yu realized that Wen Qingyou’s shirt was a bit messy.

She was curious.

“What did you talk about with Sister Jiang Why are your clothes messed up”

“Really” Wen Qingyou smoothed the folds calmly, “Just chatted a bit.”


Wen Yu didn’t think about things too much either.

They were people who met for the first time.

If they didn’t just talk casually, would they jump on the bed to talk

She hung her head, immersed in the world just now between herself and Jiang Yuhe.

Although she was very nervous, the corners of her lips would still curl up unconsciously when thinking of the proactive kiss.

It turned out that when a man kissed a woman actively, and when a woman kissed a man, it felt different.

Wen Yu’s desire to gossip was extremely strong now.

For the first time in her life, she took the initiative to kiss a man.

It was full of suggestion and thrill.

She could gossip about it and not stop for a day and a night.

You Xin was lucky enough to be Wen Yu’s confidant in this round.

[Really Are you serious Damn!!!!!!!! The most awesome man in the entertainment industry was conquered by you! You are awesome!]

You Xin expressed her admiration for Wen Yu with a whole screen of exclamation marks.

[What conquering Can you speak a little more civilized I just touched him very very lightly.]

[Trust me, he will touch you back very very hard.]

After sending the message, You Xin also specially found an emoticon package.

[Woman, you are playing with fire.jpg]

The very very heavy words made Wen Yu seriously ponder for a few seconds, but she quickly comforted herself.

Regardless, today’s things were over.

Anyway, she had successfully won the contract.

Also, Jiang Yuhe and her have also successfully been tied to each other because of this.

Both career and relationship were regarded as double harvests.

Thinking of this, Wen Yu turned to look at Wen Qingyou and hummed proudly.

“I told you he would agree to cooperate.”

Wen Qingyou hummed, “I really didn’t expect it.”

Some things did surprise him, such as Jiang Yuhe’s tolerance and compromise to Wen Yu after the deception was exposed.

For example, the appearance of Jiang Lingwei.

At this time, he seemed to begin to believe those words Wen Yu often said.



After a pause, Wen Qingyou said, “I will not go back to the United States for the time being.”

Wen Yu was stunned.

“Didn’t you want to leave next month”

“There is something I need to do.

I might consider moving the work there temporarily to China for processing.”


The next day, Jiang Yuhe and his party left Jiangcheng as planned.

On the entertainment news of the day, the bidder for the popular IP “The Moment I Fall in Love with You” was exposed by the media.

The name Wen Yu and Pisces Entertainment have therefore entered the public eye for the first time.

The labels “Former Lady of Huadu Group”, “new beautiful investor”, and “a charming contender in the entertainment business circle” were successively affixed to Wen Yu’s head.

At the same time, true and false news in the entertainment business circle were also spreading.

All kinds of gossip…

[This IP was originally intended to be won by Yasheng, and Yasheng valued it very much.

Jiang Yuhe personally went to the scene, but this Miss Wen stubbornly raised the asking price for two rounds to grab the item.]

[It was heard that Jiang Yuhe left the scene with a dark expression before the auction was over.]

[So what’s the use of getting an IP Still too young to understand the rules in the circle.

She offended the big guy.

Her future will probably turn cold and fail.]


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