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Its Not Necessary (1)

Established in early 1990, Yasheng was the nations largest entertainment group.

Now in the hands of President Jiang, he has monopolized almost all the entertainment-related fields in the country, including film, television, entertainment and marketing.

At 9:30AM, Jiang Yuhe got out of the elevator and his secretary immediately welcomed him.

As he walked, he listed the following.

“At 10AM is the Star Media acquisition conference.

At 12PM, youll have lunch with Tsingtao Groups President Gao.

At 2PM, you have a meeting about next years key IP screening.

At 4PM, you have interviews for the position of Director of the Advertising Department.

At 4:30PM, you have an appointment with the person in charge of Xiyu video.

At 7PM, you will attend the Beijing Film Festivals presentation ceremony.”

Jiang Yuhe was accustomed to such a dense schedule.

He pushed open the door into the office and found someone already sitting on the sofa.

The secretary had no choice but to explain himself.

“Im sorry, President Jiang, but I couldnt persuade him.”

“Got it,” said Jiang as he closed the door.

He was not angry.

This person was Li Mans agent and one of his employees.

“President Jiang,” he said, in a humble posture.

“Man Man is ignorant and doesnt know anything.

Could you give her another chance”

“She doesnt know anything.

Do you also not know anything” said Jiang Yuhe as he walked over, his voice cold.

“Your position in Yasheng is an agent, with a Senior Manager and a Director above you.

Who gives you the right to sit in my office”

“I-Im just trying to beg you not to embarrass her at tonights awards ceremony.

In the end Man Man is an actress you brought into the limelight.”

“So what” said Jiang Yuhe.

He leaned back in his chair and looked at him lazily.

“If I can bring it into the limelight, I can also take the light back.”

“Wouldnt it be a waste”

“Shes the one who voluntarily gave up her worth.”


The manager tried to argue but he was also aware that the actress audacity was hard to undo, and everyone knew what kind of personality Jiang Yuhe had.

He never gave a second chance to someone who made a mistake.

Knowing there was no possibility of resolution, the agent left his office gloomily.

Jiang Yuhe gazed at him coldly as he closed the door.

He was about to look for his secretary, but the cufflinks on his wrist caught his eye.

The movements were slight.

The temperature and touch of the womans fingertips suddenly came to his mind.

After a long time, realizing that he was distracted by a cufflink, Jiang Yuhe frowned and thought it was absurd.

He looked away and dialed his secretarys number.

“Get me a copy of the Superstars financial statements for the third and fourth quarter of last year.”

“All right.”

Normally, Jiang Yuhe would have hung up as soon as he had finished talking but today he didnt.

The secretary continued to hold the line in suspense.

It felt as though he had been thinking for a long time before the man said, “And get Li Bai to go and help me buy some things.”

In the morning after Jiang Yuhe left, Wen Yu returned to her room after eating something.

The days of being surrounded by yoga, fine spa, afternoon tea and parties were over.

Today, low-class citizens were only entitled to sit around in their rooms and think about life.

Wen Yu began to wonder what excuse she could use to go to the hotel to get her bags, especially her ID card.

Although the hotel promised to hold onto it, they only agreed to a two-week deadline.

That meant Wen Yu had to go to the hotel within two weeks.

She pondered this problem all day.

In the evening, Aunt Shier called Wen Yu to tell her Lao He had returned and bought her a lot of things.

Wen Yu was stunned as she came to the living room in her wheelchair.

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Scattered on the table were packages of various kinds.

Some had clothes in it, some had skin care products and womens sanitary products, which showed that they had been thoughtfully purchased.

Lao He said, “I took half an hour of leave and need to return right away.

I bought all this based on what my daughter uses.

Miss, if there is anything wrong, just let me know.”


Wen Yus nose tingled.

Although Lao He bought ordinary brands, his actions were probably the warmest Wen Yu has received these days.


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