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A Villainess Needs to Have the Ability of a Villainess Chapter 172

The faint fragrance in the car, the soft body leaning against him.

Body temperature, breathing, and hands on the waist all made the night become seductive.

When a little beast like Wen Yu would kill outside, after she returned to a safe place, she would completely put away all her claws, and bury herself in Jiang Yuhe's arms without reservation.

The dazed sleepiness struck, and she gradually fell asleep in this position.

After a long time, Jiang Yuhe's hand slowly responded, and he wrapped around Wen Yu's waist.

Slowly tightened, she completely occupied his palm.

The car drove smoothly.

It was exceptionally quiet, and only the shallow breathing of a woman in his arms remained in his ears.

Jiang Yuhe looked down.

The receding light and shadow outside the car window flickered on Wen Yu's profile, like a still painting frame by frame.

The last time she fell asleep so peacefully in front of him was when she was playing a game of finding the difference in his study.

At that time, they entered a period of mutual adaptation.

Jiang Yuhe didn't know when his feelings began to change, whether it originated from the initial sympathy, or the habit of getting along with each other day by day, or anything else.

But it was not important.

He clearly knew who he was right now.

In regards to Wen Yu, it was the pure man's love and desire for a woman.

Nothing else.

"Boss," Lao He said suddenly.

He wanted to ask if he wanted to drive the car into the parking lot.

From the rearview mirror, he saw Jiang Yuhe squeezing Wen Yu's hand, holding it in the palm of his hand, and gently rubbing her individual fingers.

Like playing with some beloved object, with a loose posture, but attentive and serious.

Who would dare to interrupt this scene, so Lao He held back the words and drove straight into the parking lot of Guannan apartments.

After stopping the car a few minutes later, he asked carefully, "Boss, do you want me to inform Xiaoyu's brother"

After the words sounded, Jiang Yuhe looked up lightly.

This inexplicable sight made Lao He feel like he had said something wrong again, thinking about it carefully.

Damn it, he couldn't even identify the possessiveness of a man even when he was so old.

The position of the real elder brother was already incompatible, and he was still adding fuel to the fire.

So he honestly closed his mouth and stopped talking until Jiang Yuhe told him, "Come and open the door.

Keep your voice down."

Lao He cautiously walked to the back seat and opened the door, holding his hand over the door edge.

He cooperated with Jiang Yuhe who held Wen Yu in his arms, as he got out of the car.

Wen Yu slept deeply, Jiang Yuhe carried her into the elevator, went upstairs, and reached the door of the house without her knowing it.

Ringing the doorbell, Wen Qingyou came out to open the door.

When he saw the two of them, he was slightly stunned.

His eyes fell on Wen Yu and asked, "Asleep"

Then there was a subconscious gesture of reaching out, "I'll do it."

Jiang Yuhe just stepped aside, "No need."


Jiang Yuhe walked in with her in his arms and looked around.

"Where is her room"

Wen Qingyou silently followed behind him, paused, stepped forward and opened the bedroom door, "Here."

Jiang Yuhe walked toward the room, put Wen Yu flat on the bed after entering the door, took off her shoes, and covered her with the quilt.

All of these actions did not allow Wen Qingyou to intervene.

After Wen Yu was settled, Jiang Yuhe stood up a bit, and suddenly saw an empty mineral water bottle and an unopened gift box placed on the bedside table.

The surface of the box was wrapped in black striped paper, which looked very textured.

Wen Qingyou stood at the door and knocked twice, "Does President Jiang always want to spend the night with my sister"

Jiang Yuhe took a last look at Wen Yu, then turned and walked out of the room.

When he passed by, he disdainfully said to Wen Qingyou, "If I really wanted to do something, do you think you could stop me"

After speaking, he had already walked out the door indifferently.

Wen Qingyou shook his head lightly and smiled, feeling wronged in his heart for a long time.

The siblings were really completely different.

Jiang Yuhe was frivolous and conceited, but had a strong possessive desire for love.

Jiang Lingwei, on the contrary, only loves the free-spirited and the easy-going.

For him, love can be a spice, but it was not a necessity.

It seemed that he was the person suffering the hardest.

At eight o'clock the next morning, Wen Yu woke up.

She was still wearing the dress from last night's gathering, and she could faintly smell a little alcohol.

She quickly remembered what happened in the private room of the club last night and the conversation with Jiang Yuhe in the car afterwards.

Wen Yu was not drunk, and she remembered every sentence clearly, but she was a little bit tipsy at the time, and even her courage was enlarged, so she deliberately teased Jiang Yuhe.

Now she was a little at a loss when sober.

Did they finish talking

What happened

She went and hugged Jiang Yuhe.

Then how did he react

Did he hug her back

Wen Yu's brain was blank and had no memory of last night.

It's ridiculous.

No one falls asleep while seducing someone.

Annoyed, she rubbed her hair, got out of bed and took a shower.

When everything was cleaned up, Wen Qingyou was eating breakfast and watching the news.

Wen Yu sat down opposite him, hesitated for a while, but still asked, "How did I get back last night"

Wen Qingyou didn't look up.

"You don't know"

"I fell asleep..."

Wen Qingyou raised his eyes and paused.

"How do you think you came back You can't just walk back by yourself while sleeping."

She must have been carried back.


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