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A Villainess Needs to Have the Ability of a Villainess Chapter 178

In the quiet Jiang Family’s villa in the dead of night, everyone had fallen asleep.

No one knew that the hot kisses in the study were in full swing.

For the first time, Wen Yu felt the aggression of a man attacking and ravaging a city, and the words he whispered over and over again.

"You can only think of me in the future."

Thinking of you, only you.

Wen Yu also agreed with him in a small but passionate return kiss.

The temperature was rising, the air was thin, and the thoughts were chaotic.

This was a long-planned story that got out of control from the start.

Wen Yu's heart was scorching and throbbing until she returned home in the early morning.

The whole bedroom seemed to be infused with the smell of Jiang Yuhe's body, and the heat all over her body couldn't be dissipated.

Wen Yu turned over and over and couldn't sleep.

This man was too addictive, she thought.

She turned over to check the time; 1:00AM in the morning.

She didn't know if You Xin was asleep.

An hour ago, You Xin asked Wen Yu if she had arrived home, but at that time she was kissing Jiang Yuhe in the study and couldn’t reply.

Wen Yu took out her phone and replied: [I'm home now, how about you]

Within a few minutes, You Xin replied: [We have just returned.

Let me tell you an exciting story.

I only knew that Shen Mingjia was here tonight, when I left.

He was in a small room not far from us.

I heard that he called two male hosts after drinking too much and was **ed on the spot.]

Wen Yu was stunned for a few seconds, and immediately remembered Jiang Yuhe's phrase "strong men."

Thinking about Li Man again, although she didn't know how Jiang Yuhe fought back, Li Man’s current situation was enough to see that the truth would not be too gentle.

Wen Yu secretly took a breath.

Her current boyfriend was truly ruthless.

So ruthless that the kisses were also in the same style, and she almost couldn't breathe several times.

Thinking of this, in the darkness, Wen Yu gently touched her lips with her fingers, remembering the temperature of the man’s lips on her, and her cheeks were slightly hot.

You Xin sent a message again at this time: [When we left, the KTV people said that since we were friends of President Jiang’s girlfriend, not to mention a lifetime membership card, but they also sent a driver to take us home.

You still didn't admit your relationship last night.

Are you even starting to hide things from me]


They had been in the study room an hour ago and just determined the relationship, okay!

It turned out that this man had already called her his girlfriend to his friends.

So shameless.

Although discontented, Wen Yu couldn't help but curl her lips and told You Xin: [I really didn't hide it, we just did it tonight.]

You Xin: [ Did what]

After a second, she immediately said in surprise: [God! Did you leave early to do it with President Jiang Did it till now President Jiang is quite amazing.]


[Can you not mentally make up things I mean we confirmed our relationship tonight.]

You Xin: [Hey, I was excited when you said that.

How did you confirm Tell me the details, it just so happens that I couldn't sleep.]

Even across the line, Wen Yu can imagine the vulgar expression of her best friend: [Can't sleep, please go and read the script.

Thank you.]


After being quiet for a long time, and when Wen Yu almost fell asleep in a daze, You Xin sent another message.

[By the way, when you give that gift to President Jiang, remember to tell me his reaction.

I will use it for reference.

I will learn from it when I have a boyfriend.]

Wen Yu was stunned by the reminder, thinking of the black gift box on the bedside table.

The gift was originally intended to be given to Jiang Yuhe on Valentine's Day.

Later, she failed in her confession and failed to deliver the gift.

After that, the two of them had an unclear relationship so it stayed in her home until now.

There were no special holidays recently, so let's set it aside, Wen Yu thought.

There would always be a chance to give it to him.

The next day was the weekend and there was no need to go to work.

She woke up at nine o'clock in the morning, Wen Yu habitually touched her phone.

There were no missed calls and no unread messages.

Wen Yu thought that after opening her eyes, she would receive dozens of good morning greetings from someone such as "I was thinking of you baby, did you get up"

After all, he pressed her into the chair and kissed for so long last night.

Normal men can't wait to hear their girlfriend’s voice when they wake up

But her boyfriend was obviously an exception.

It was almost ten o'clock.

Jiang Yuhe couldn't possibly have not gotten up yet, let alone a phone call.

There was no news at all.


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