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A Villainess Needs to Have the Ability of a Villainess Chapter 182

I Think You Are Seducing Me (1)

After looking at this WeChat, Wen Yu finally realized it after a long time.

Jiang Yuhe didn't like little white dresses at all, and he didn't like pure girls at all.

He was arrogant and conceited from the beginning.

He liked women who were passionate and bright.

Wen Yu lowered her head in annoyance.

She should have understood from his unresponsive reaction when she obviously circled around in front of him.

The man had complicated thoughts and was extremely evil.

He clearly didn't like it, but didn't make it clear, using such a silk stocking to tell Wen Yu his preference.

Indeed, substituting objects for language not only doubled the effect, but also made it more profound.

Wen Yu took the stockings in her hands and slowly opened the packaging.

Although it was black, it was the kind that was dim, seemingly impenetrable but not completely transparent black that will appear in countless dreams of men.

And it's too thin, like a layer of veil.

It gave exquisite temptation, yet it was fragile, as if it will tear if you pull it lightly.

As Wen Yu thought of what she said to Jiang Yuhe before leaving, “When I open it, I’ll take pictures for you later”, she started to regret it.

How could she take pictures and send them to him Should she put it on and take pictures

So shameful.

It's not that Wen Yu grew up so old fashioned that she didn't wear stockings, but she had never worn this type of transparent black.

Even when she just wore it on her arm for a bit, the sensory stimulation provoked a little bit of indecent imaginations when she saw it as a woman.

Even with the label of "sentimental token" in her mind, she felt it meant something else unruly.

Wen Yu's face was flushed, and immediately hid the stockings.

She put it in the drawer of the bedside table.

The moment she closed the drawer, her eyes fell on the black gift box on the bedside table.

Her movements stopped, and her heart suddenly beat faster.

The gift she wanted to give to Jiang Yuhe and the stockings he sent complemented each other inexplicably.

To some extent, they seemed to be a natural pair of prey and hunter.

They were both coveting each other, trying to conquer each other.

It's just that compared to Jiang Yuhe's direct relaxed methods, Wen Yu, as a woman, was still more restrained in the end.

Because of these pair of stockings, she did not dare to contact Jiang Yuhe all afternoon because she was afraid that he would suddenly ask her about the agreed show for the buyer.

Fortunately, she didn't know whether Jiang Yuhe was too busy working overtime.

After eating, he didn’t look for Wen Yu again.

Wen Yu was disturbed by the pair of stockings.

Her thoughts were wild, and she decided to go to You Xin and Xu Changwan.

After all, she didn’t have enough time to speak at the KTV yesterday and had to leave early.

Wen Yu took off her innocent white skirt, changed into casual dress again, and went out in jeans.

"I won't come back and sleep at home today." Wen Yu told Wen Qingyou while changing her shoes.

She went out for dinner with Jiang Yuhe at noon and didn't come back to sleep at night.

Wen Qingyou couldn't help frowning.

"Aren’t you progressing a bit too fast"

Wen Yu squinted at him.

"Where do you think I want to go I'm staying with my girlfriend for one night and chat with her."

Wen Qingyou couldn't figure out whether Wen Yu's words were true or false.

After all, his younger sister was so old and she fell in love, so something should happen with her boyfriend.

As Jiang Yuhe said before, this brother could not stop her.

Wen Qingyou didn't ask any more questions.

He simply said, "In short, you protect yourself and remember to take measures."


Forget it, she was too lazy to explain.

The sun was warm, and Wen Yu called You Xin.

After hearing that she was filming a make-up shot at a film and television base in the suburbs, she drove over there.

It was also the first time that Wen Yu had come to Beijing's film and television city.

There were more than a dozen super-large photography bases gathered here, and it was one of the well-known shooting spots in China.

You Xin was making up a shoot in a historical costume today.

She was filming when Wen Yu arrived, so Wen Yu did not bother her and stood there quietly watching.

After standing around for about ten minutes, someone handed her a director's chair, "President Wen, sit down and watch."

Wen Yu didn't expect that someone here would know her.

She turned around and saw that he was a young man, a little familiar, but she couldn't remember the name for a while.

Wen Yu was a little embarrassed that she didn't recognize him, so she could only say a general thank you.

The young man didn't continue speaking, and after passing the chair, he walked aside and read his script.

After that, Wen Yu secretly thought about it for a long time before remembering that this man was Huo Yan.

She had seen his actor candidate profile for "The Moment" last week.

This Huo Yan was currently regarded as a popular male artist.

His film and musical career had developed in tandem.

The name of his fans was called Flame due to the homophony with his name.

With the chair, Wen Yu finally didn't have to stand and be so tired.

She sat down and watched You Xin for another half an hour.

She had to say that although her best friend was full of indecent thoughts, she was serious and a professional in acting.

She had acted in this fighting scene more than ten times.

Although her opponent was not in a good acting state, she still tirelessly accompanied him to run through the scene.

Finally, You Xin's shoot ended.


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