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A Villainess Needs to Have the Ability of a Villainess Chapter 183

I Think You Are Seducing Me (2)

She changed her clothes and came to find Wen Yu.

"Go I'll take you to eat the famous grilled fish here."

Wen Yu didn't move.

"Wait a minute, I want to see Huo Yan's acting."

Now, it was Huo Yan’s scene.

You Xin also sat down beside her and jokingly asked, "Why are you interested in him"

Wen Yu glanced at her speechlessly.

"His agent sent his materials for an audition.

I happened to be here today.

It's better to see if his scene is good."

You Xin nodded.

"Huo Yan is not bad, better than other actors of a similar type, and he’s also easy to get along with."

Wen Yu didn't speak but focused on Huo Yan in the shoot.

His was also a fight scene.

Huo Yan hung on the wire and repeatedly cooperated with another actor.

He looked good, and the director called cut after only three shots.

Huo Yan put down the sword in his hand and was slowly lowered down by the wire.

It was also at this time that his gaze inadvertently looked at Wen Yu who was sitting down watching.

He smiled lightly.

Wen Yu remembered the chair just now and nodded in response.

Then You Xin got up.

"Let's go.

What are we going to eat"

The two of them talked as they walked out.

Just after they walked out of the studio, a voice suddenly came from behind.

"Be careful!"

Before Wen Yu recovered, she saw a huge metal prop door falling towards her.

As her whole body was about to be hit by the prop door, Wen Yu was suddenly pushed away by a pair of hands.

The metal gate fell to the ground with a bang, throwing up a cloud of dust.

And because Wen Yu was pushed away in time, she just fell to the side, knocking her calf on the side of a wooden board.

It happened to be the place where she was injured in the previous car accident.

It was injured again, and the pain hit her instantly.

You Xin, who was standing next to Wen Yu also fell.

She looked at Wen Yu who had a pained expression and immediately came over to help her.

"Are you okay, Yuyu"

Huo Yan pushed aside the metal gate and walked over, "Is President Wen okay"

Wen Yu raised her head through the pain, only then did she realize that it was Huo Yan who had just pushed her away.

"I’m okay.

Thank you."

Huo Yan replied, "There is a medical clinic nearby.

Do you want me to take you over to be examined"

Wen Yu shook his head.

"No need, I—"

Before her words were finished, another female voice intervened, "Yuyu What's the matter, are you hurt"

Wen Yu stared at the beautiful woman who came by, stunned.

It was the big star, Ming Yao… the girlfriend of President Qi

Wen Yu met this woman once when she went out with Jiang Yuhe, but she was not familiar with her, and she didn't even say anything to her.

She didn't know why Ming Yao suddenly came to care about her.

She opened her mouth.

Before she could ask, Ming Qi held her hand affectionately and said, "My car is over there.

Let’s get on and talk."

After she finished speaking, she gently leaned against Wen Yu's ear and said, "President Jiang is in the car."


What a coincidence

When Ming Yu said this, Wen Yu knew that she could not refuse.

She said goodbye to You Xin, then moved slowly, and got into the car with Ming Yao.

The door opened, and sure enough, there were two men sitting in the car.

One was Qi Xu, and the other was of course her boyfriend.

These two men’s faces even complemented each other when sitting together.

One with white shirt and glasses was very elegant and expensive.

One was simply black all over, with a strong and deep aura.

Seeing Wen Yu getting in, Qi Xu automatically moved aside and sat down in the front row with his assistant and Ming Yao.

In today’s hot weather, Jiang Yuhe’s shirt collar was a more casual style, slightly open, and he appeared less restrained.

He took Wen Yu's hand and pulled her to sit down beside him, "Why are you here"

Wen Yu responded, "I...

came to see You Xin, and on the way see how movies are made."

Jiang Yuhe's sight slowly retracted from somewhere outside the car, and then fell on her leg.

"Where did you get hurt"

Before Wen Yu spoke, Ming Yao said, "There is a medical office ahead.

Go there and let the doctor take a look.

Don't hurt your bones."

Wen Yu smiled awkwardly, "It should be fine."

"Then go take a look to make sure." Jiang Yuhe said.


In this way, the car drove to the medical clinic near the studio.

Knowing that Jiang Yuhe and Wen Yu were avoiding the public, Ming Yu went down to clear the scene first.

Fortunately, there were currently no people in the medical clinic.

After making sure that no one had seen them, Wen Yu got out of the car limping and was about to slowly walk into the infirmary, when her body suddenly hung in the air.

Jiang Yuhe picked her up from behind.

Wen Yu was startled, and her hand hung on his neck subconsciously.

Jiang Yuhe also seemed to be taken aback by Wen Yu's slightly active reaction.

He paused and looked at Wen Yu in his arms, who happened to be watching him.

After being caught off guard by a return stare.

Wen Yu quickly let go.

After all, in the morning, she was still walking the pure girl setting, and she couldn't cut a streak.

At this moment, she suddenly stuck to others, which seemed a bit contrary to character.

She withdrew her hand pretending to be calm, trying to remedy her character profile.

Although she knew that he doesn't like this character, it was a bit unprofessional to suddenly change.

It was really comfortable to lean on Jiang Yuhe.

It felt super safe.

And it's rare to be able to take advantage of him once, and she hadn’t taken enough advantage.

No matter how she thought about it, this payment was not enough.


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