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A Villainess Needs to Have the Ability of a Villainess Chapter 184

I Think You Are Seducing Me (3)

After struggling for a few seconds, Wen Yu made a decision…

It doesn't matter what character she set up; it can just collapse.

Life was about enjoying the moment!

Little President Wen just wanted to experience the happiness of being carried by her boyfriend princess style!

So the hand that had been retracted to her chest, stretched back.

The head was also coquettishly buried in the man's arms.

Jiang Yuhe didn't know what Wen Yu was thinking, but he just kept silent, wanting to see what choice this woman would make after the small argument she internally had with herself.

Not bad.

He pulled his lips lightly.

In a short distance of less than fifty meters, this girlfriend’s struggle was really interesting.

In the medical office, the doctor asked Wen Yu to sit down, tapped a small tool near her calf to check, and stretched it a few times.

Finally, he said, "The bone is fine, it should be just an external trauma.

Pull the pants up a little, let me see.

Is there any hematoma"

Wen Yu was wearing a pair of tight-fitting jeans with very small trouser legs.

She tried to lift it up twice, but it squeezed even more into the wound.

She gave up on the check in pain.

"Forget it, don't examine it."

"Well," the doctor was a little embarrassed, "I can't prescribe medicine for you without seeing it."

Knowing that the pants were too tight, Jiang Yuhe paused and asked the doctor, "Are there any scissors"

The doctor was taken aback, turned around and took out a pair of gauze scissors from the sterilization box and handed it to him.

Jiang Yuhe squatted down in front of Wen Yu and held her injured leg.

Wen Yu hadn't returned to her senses when the cold metal slowly cut through her trouser leg.

—She took a breath, and her body shuddered inexplicably.

The man's hands were warm, but the shiny metal was cold.

The two temperatures were applied to the skin at the same time, causing a subtle wave in Wen Yu's heart inexplicably.

Her heartbeat was speeding up in secret, and her hand unconsciously clenched the disposable towel on the hospital bed.

The contradictory temperature was advancing in a staggering manner, and Jiang Yuhe slowly cut open her pants according to the position of the wound.

There seemed to be an itch spreading from his hand slowly along the direction of Wen Yu's blood.

It ran from the ankle tightly and slowly upwards, crawling and wrapping around the skin of the calf, airtight, breathless, until her blood became hot and agitated.

This feeling made Wen Yu feel a little at a loss, she shrank back unconsciously, Jiang Yuhe held her ankle directly with the other hand, and even pulled it back in place.

Like pulling back a disobedient kitten-

"Do not move."


At this time, Jiang Yuhe cut across the trouser seam.

The gauze cutter could not cut through.

He simply put the tool aside, grabbed it with both hands, and easily tore open a corner of the cloth.

With a ripping sound, the wound was finally fully exposed.

Wen Yu's face became even hotter.

She didn't know what she was thinking about, only felt that she was possessed by You Xin, and her mind was full of discordant images.

The doctor looked around and casually said, "It's okay, it's just a little bit bruised and will go away with some medicine."

Movie studios often faced injuries from filming, so such trauma medicine was commonly used in the medical clinic.

While the doctor disinfected Wen Yu's skin with alcohol, he gave a stick of ointment to Jiang Yuhe, "Apply it three times a day.

It’ll be fine in two to three days.”

Jiang Yuhe received it and turned to ask Wen Yu.

"Did you drive here"

Wen Yu nodded.

"Give me your car keys."


After taking the car keys, about ten minutes later, Jiang Yuhe drove her car to the entrance of the medical clinic, then he carried Wen Yu into the car.

"Where is President Qi"

"I told them to go back first."

"Oh." Wen Yu sat quietly in the passenger seat, she glanced at the man occasionally, always feeling that the temperature of his hand still existed on her calf.

In the car, too, there was an inexplicable ambiguity in the atmosphere.

It felt like the two were not checking her wound just now.

It wasn't her pants that he ripped.

Wen Yu closed her eyes and took the initiative to find a topic to break the atmosphere.

"Why are you in the studio area"

"Qi Xu's girlfriend is filming here, and I brought him over to visit the crew."

After he spoke, Wen Yu remembered something, blinked, and asked, "What's the worth of Sister Ming Yao now"

Jiang Yuhe replied, "Do you want to hire her"

"Yeah, don't you think she is very beautiful Don’t you feel her laugh is particularly contagious, the kind that makes you fall in love at first sight"

Jiang Yuhe didn't answer this question for a long time.

He stopped at an intersection before turning over, looking at Wen Yu, and said, "You’re a bit more beautiful."


Gosh, this man actually spoke romantic lines to her.

Wen Yu was a little uncomfortable for a while.

After two seconds of respite, she said, "Then how am I more beautiful than her"

After waiting for a while, Jiang Yuhe asked her back, "Then do you think Qi Xu is better than me"

After hearing what he said, Wen Yu understood.

Beauty was in the eyes of the beholder, and the person you liked was the best no matter what.

Well, even though President Qi was also excellent, in Wen Yu's eyes, she still thought the man in front of her was the best.

Her heart was beating wildly over everything about him.

Wen Yu bent her lips secretly, quite satisfied with this kind of sensible love lines that doesn't put down others.

After half an hour, the car drove back to Guannan Apartment.


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