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A Villainess Needs to Have the Ability of a Villainess Chapter 187

Ah, it hurts~ (2)

Wen Yu decided quickly but didn’t want Jiang Yuhe to feel as if she really wanted to be with him, so she deliberately acted as if he was her last resort and said, “I am moving away for the convenience of my brother and your sister, so don’t overthink it."

Jiang Yuhe smiled lightly, "Well, I won’t."

Wen Yu took out a suitcase from the closet and was about to take away some of the clothes she often wore.

Jiang Yuhe stopped her and said, "Just bring a few sets of close-fitting underwear."

Thinking of her own clothes that remained in the villa from before, Wen Yu thought that Jiang Yuhe meant those, so she didn't take anymore.

She went to pull the lower drawer and had already taken out a bra.

Only then did she suddenly remember something and stuffed it back.

Then she raised her head and said to Jiang Yuhe, "What are you looking at Turn around."


In fact, he had already seen the thin black shoulder strap.

His Adam's apple moved unconsciously, and he walked toward the balcony.

"I'll go out to smoke and wait for you."

Wen Yu changed to a small duffel bag, packed a few sets of underwear and some intimate personal items, then walked around the room.

She took her gift to Jiang Yuhe and the empty mineral water bottle that she had brought from Jiangcheng to Beijing.

There were also the stockings from the bedside table in the bag.

In short, everything related to Jiang Yuhe didn't get left behind.

After everything was packed, she knocked on the glass of the sliding door.

"I’m ready."

Jiang Yuhe extinguished the cigarette, walked in, and picked up her bag.

"Let's go."

After taking a few steps, he suddenly stopped, and picked up Wen Yu.

Wen Yu was slightly taken aback, and said, "It's okay.

My legs don't hurt that much anymore."

Jiang Yuhe replied, "Even if it doesn't hurt now, you still have to act like it hurts."


She didn't see it before, but he could act quite well.

When passing by the living room, the two people outside seemed to still be debating the topic from just then, Jiang Yuhe paused.

"We’re leaving first."

"Brother," Wen Yu said to Wen Qingyou with a guilty conscience, "I'll be back when my leg feels better."

Wen Qingyou glanced at her lightly, knowing that the sister who was taken away by Jiang Yuhe would not be returned so easily.

He also knew that this man had been waiting for this day for a long time, and he just seized the opportunity today.

Facts have proven that Jiang Yuhe was indeed a man of action, taking her away as soon as he could.

Knowing that Wen Yu will be Jiang Yuhe’s sooner or later, Wen Qingyou has never thought of obstructing it all this time.

At this point, he could only say a few words.

"Take good care of Yuyu."


Until leaving the apartment, Wen Yu sitting in the car still couldn't figure it out.

"When did my brother meet your sister They met for the first time at Jiangcheng Bar, right Why are they together so soon...”

Thinking of the hot picture, Wen Yu was embarrassed to continue talking, but Jiang Yuhe replied lightly.



"We are the slow ones."


Wen Yu's brain buzzed for several seconds, but she didn't figure out how to reply.

Were they that slow!

Wen Yu was going home with him.

How fast did she have to go

Was it only considered normal if she could already hold a child in her arms right now

Wen Yu snorted and turned away.

After a while, she deliberately lifted her injured leg, "Are you going to compensate me with a new pair of pants"

Jiang Yuhe replied, "Okay."


The promise was too quick and made Wen Yu feel uninterested.

She didn't speak any more, and turned her head as if thinking of something after a while:

"You didn't even say a word to Grandma.

Wouldn't it be bad to take me back so suddenly"

Jiang Yuhe looked at the road ahead and said calmly, "I don't need to tell anyone when I return to my home."

Wen Yu nodded.

"That is the logic, but what if Grandma doesn't like it"

Jiang Yuhe didn't seem to think about this issue at all.

Instead, he talked about something else, "Grandma will celebrate her 70th birthday next month, and I will tell her about us at that time."

"Seventy" Wen Yu’s attention was successfully diverted, "It's an important birthday.

What gift should I give her Does your grandma have any preferences"

In the second half of the journey, Wen Yu talked about Fu Wenqing's 70th birthday for a long time.

She didn't notice something was wrong until the car drove into an unfamiliar luxury residential parking lot.

"Wait, aren't we going home"

Jiang Yuhe parked the car, pulled on the handbrake, and turned to look at Wen Yu.

"We are home."


Suddenly, she remembered the house purchase that Jiang Yuhe had talked about before, but at that time Wen Qingyou made her live with him, and Wen Yu thought that the purchase of the house would be moot.

She asked, "Did you really buy it"

Jiang Yuhe said, "When do I ever tell lies."


The house that Jiang Yuhe bought was a luxury residence that can be called a landmark of Beijing.

The price of it once reached $100,000 per square meters.

It was for the rich and wealthy to live in.

It also protects the privacy of these upper-class residents.

The private elevator led inside the home directly and opened into their new residence.

Wen Yu looked around.

The decoration of the house was the same as the style of Jiang Yuhe’s bedroom in the Jiang’s villa, with a black, white, and gray design, a strong sense of line, and the kind of simplicity and toughness he likes.

Wen Yu looked around and asked, "Which room do I live in"

"There is only one bedroom."


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