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Giving Her The Same Tenderness (2)

In the comforter, Wen Yu, who accidentally bumped into a topic about herself and her boyfriend, rolled twice on the bed with her phone clutched in her hand, the corners of her lips raised to the sky.

She clicked on the comments.

[Everyone who gets this look, gets it.]

[My boyfriend also looks at me like this, hehe~ so was Boss Jiang's girlfriend there]

[How can he possibly have a steady girlfriend with his status He has a lot of scandals with female artists in the company.

I guess it’s a recent new love who recently rose to the position]

[How unfair.

If Boss Yasheng makes his debut, all his artists must give way His beauty is too much.]

[Upvote ^, I love him in all black so much! I feel like he is the kind of brother who doesn't talk much.

Brother is so handsome!]

[President Jiang's passerby fans are no less than his artists.

He is young, handsome, and rich.

This brother has always been like this, or he would not be on the trending tab.

He can steal the limelight of his own artists in an instant.]

[So, who was he looking at]

[I love whoever he sees.

Brother rush!]

[Tonight's dream material is available.

Good night, everyone~]


Their dream material just now asked others to sleep with him on the grounds of drinking alcohol.

Thinking of this, Wen Yu glanced at the time.

It's been about an hour since the two separated in the living room, and she didn't know if Jiang Yuhe was asleep.

She said that she didn't want to worry about it, but in the end, Wen Yu still couldn't let it go.

She was afraid that if people drank alcohol, they would suddenly vomit when they fall asleep.

The vomit could get stuck in their throat, and worst-case scenario, they suffocate.

Although this possibility was very small, Wen Yu still didn't want to wake up early tomorrow morning and suddenly lose her boyfriend.

On the account that he didn’t look at other women tonight—

Forget it, give him one last chance.

Go see him.

Wen Yu got out of bed, went to the study with her mobile phone, opened the door, and there was a soft yellow light inside.

He hadn't slept yet

Wen Yu didn't speak.

He walked in on tiptoes, and when she walked inside, she saw that Jiang Yuhe was already lying on the bed at the side of the study.

Now with eyes closed, breathing regularly up and down, he should be asleep.

Wen Yu approached slowly, stopped in front of the bed, and confirmed again—

Well, he did sleep and didn't vomit.

She stood up straight with a little reassurance, turned around and wanted to go, but stopped after taking a few steps.

He didn't vomit now.

What if he vomits later

What if he felt bad after she left

He really drank a lot today, and the alcohol smell on his body was much stronger than the previous two times.

After struggling for a moment, Wen Yu glanced at the time and sat down by his bed.

Just stay with him for another two hours to observe.

Like he said, there was only her by his side.

If she didn’t accompany him, who will accompany him

Wen Yu moved very lightly, leaned her body against the headboard, found a comfortable position, sat down, and looked slightly sideways at the man beside her.

Sure enough, good-looking men were charming even when they sleep.

Wen Yu remembered that the first time she looked at him like this was when she had just entered the Jiang family villa.

There was that time Jiang Yuhe came back after drinking too much and laid down on the sofa to sleep.

She was in the same position as now, accompanying him uneasily, and watching him sleep.

At that time, she felt that she was blind, and even when she picked up a random man off the street, he was 10,000 times more handsome than Shen Mingjia.

And now this picked up man had really become the most important lover in her life.

Maybe starting from buying that cufflink when everything was predetermined.

Or did it start when she wrote that note

Wen Yu thought about it, and suddenly smiled.

Should she tell him that she once had a fate with him over a note

She just wasn't sure if he still remembered.

She may have been forgotten long ago.

The room was silent, a small light made the night soft and drab, Wen Yu was immersed in her own thoughts, and sleepiness came quietly after a while.

She turned on her phone and swiped Weibo, wanting to hold on for another hour.

If Jiang Yuhe still slept so quietly, there should be no problem.

But her eyelids fought disobediently and couldn't hold themselves back even if she tried hard.

When they finally closed uncontrollably, Wen Yu herself wasn’t sure.

She only remembered the last second of consciousness before sleeping, she was still telling herself - just nap for a while.

She must not let this man know that she had come secretly to increase his ego.

Wen Yu closed her eyes and fell asleep within two minutes.

The whole person fell into a deep sleep, and slowly, her body gradually became relaxed and began to tilt to the side unconsciously.

Little by little, she fell in the direction of Jiang Yuhe.

Beside her, the man who had already sat up put his arms on the headboard of the bed casually.

He had waited for this moment for a long time.

Wen Yu was like a prey who had thrown herself into a snare, and after a few seconds, she fell into Jiang Yuhe's arms smoothly.

The corners of his lips curved imperceptibly.

His arms tightened, and he looked down at the woman in his arms.

She should have washed her hair just now.

Her body smelled faintly of shampoo.

Her long hair was messy behind her.

She was wearing his own shirt, and her legs were glowing white in the ambiguous night.

Her eyes closed, long eyelashes, quiet like a docile and attractive little animal.

As if afraid of disturbing this moment, Jiang Yuhe was secretly slowing his breathing.

He gently kissed Wen Yu's hair, then held her hand, intertwining his fingers with her, feeling her softness and warmth with his heart.

The study had never been so quiet.

It was so quiet that Jiang Yuhe could only hear his own heartbeat.

The heartbeat that belonged to the woman in his arms.

When Wen Yu accompanied him like this for the first-time half a year ago, what he gave her was indifference and caution.

Jiang Yuhe still remembered her panicked eyes that day.

Time couldn't go back.

He can't change what had happened, but he could give her the same tenderness when she was tender to himself again.

‘Sleep well.

I'm watching over you this time.’


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