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A Handsome Man (2)

After finding a place to sit down, You Xin sniffed at Wen Yu and asked, “What perfume are you wearing It smells good.”

Wen Yu took off her trench coat, revealing the dress beneath, “I went to Paris around this time and bought it at a handicraft shop.”

You Xin leaned back, deliberately eyed her up and down before saying, “Girl, its a shame you didnt enter the entertainment industry.”

Wen Yu was wearing a black, off-shoulder velvet dress tonight.

Under the night light, the black velvet glamorously outlined her graceful curves.

The satiny velvet material contrasted with her pale, translucent skin, causing Wen Yu to shine amongst the crowd.

She was modest, yet radiated an aura of unattainable noble extravagance.

At this moment, a new person entered the rooftop refuge, and cameras suddenly flashed one after the other. The reporters and guests surrounded the man one by one, blocking his way.

Several camera spotlights happened to fall in the center of the crowd, and Wen Yus gaze was also drawn.

Flashes of light illuminated the mans profile.

The silhouette was elegant and indifferent, appearing briefly before disappearing into the dark again.

Wen Yu also retracted her gaze, squeezed a little hand cream she took from her bag and rubbed it on her hand.

In response to You Xins words just now, she responded, “Being a celebrity and dealing with the public every day is too tiring. Im not interested.”

You Xin also stretched her hand over to snag some hand cream, “Yes, yes, Miss Wen is pampered.

It is more than enough to have a celebrity boyfriend, so theres no need to go out and make money by yourself.”

While moisturizing her hands, You Xin suddenly saw someone and said, “Director Chens assistant is here. Ill go to check out the situation.”

She was only gone for a moment, before Wen Yu received a message from her:

[I heard that Director Chen is resting in the restaurant downstairs. Im going to do it!]

Although Wen Yu felt that You Xins chances of success in self-recommendation were slim, the dramatic nature of the entertainment industry was not necessarily so absolute.

She waited patiently for You Xins news.

However, she hasnt returned after four songs were performed, nor did she answer the WeChat messages.

Below the rooftop was Langjias top floor revolving restaurant.

Because of the concert, the restaurant was closed tonight and would cooperate with the concerts service needs.

Worried that something might have happened, Wen Yu went downstairs and searched around before finally stopping before the door of a seemingly vacant room.

She knocked on the door. “Xin Xin”

No one responded.

Wen Yu pushed the door, but there was no one in the room.

She continued to walk inside and found that the inner hall only had two empty sofas.

It seemed that no one was here.

She turned around to leave, but the sound of high heels quickly entered the room.

Then there was a click.

Someone had quickly locked the door.


Wen Yu froze, and subconsciously hid behind the vertical air conditioner in the interior hall.

The sound of footsteps circled the room inside out and after they confirmed the safety of the room, the people who came in started a dialogue.

“Sister Man, did you really decide to do this Do you know that this is a very risky bet”

“Even if its risky, I have to do it.


Jiang forced me to.

I just want my role back.

How much money did I make for him Does he actually want to abandon his benefactor after achieving his goal and support a newcomer”

Sister Man Was that the female star Li Man who attended tonights concert

Wen Yu poked her head out a little to verify.

As expected.

“But what if you lose the bet“

“Lose” Li Man sneered, “Then the worst scenario is that everyone loses.

When the time comes, this victim will sue him for assault, he wont be completely innocent from any crime.”


How exciting…

After a pause, Li Man appeared to comfort the other person. “Dont worry, the medicine was brought back from abroad, and it metabolizes very quickly.

Even if he wants to test for it afterwards, he wont find anything.”

Wen Yu still couldnt restrain her curiosity and looked out again, only to see Li Man handing a small pill to the young man in front of her, “I will propose a toast with him and then you do this…”

The two people talked in a low voice for a few minutes before leaving.

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Afraid of being treated as an accomplice, Wen Yu didnt stay after they left and also quickly left the room.

If she guessed right, Li Man was trying to drug a man named Mr.

Jiang so they could sleep together for one night. Once he wakes up, if the other party agreed to her blackmail, then everyone will be happy.

If he doesnt agree, then she will blow up the incident and everyone loses.

Wen Yu didnt expect to see the live-action version of Jin Lian* from just coming to a concert.

It was expected that the entertainment industry was dramatic. After all, there were all sorts of unexpected excitements and surprises.

When she returned to the rooftop, You Xin was already seated.

* Famous adulteress from the Ming Dynasty story (金瓶梅)


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