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A Villainess Needs to Have the Ability of a Villainess Chapter 201

Witnessing This Deep Love (2)

It was true that Jiang Yuhe lost because of the name ‘little baby’.

At first, he only felt embarrassed, uncomfortable and cliché, but then Wen Yu kept brainwashing in his ears like a fly.

"Brother, your little baby is ready.

When will you leave"

"Brother, will you come to pick up your little baby from get off work tonight"

Listen, listen, and slowly get used to it again.

After arriving at the company safely, Wen Yu started a day's work.

Chen Yousheng brought the pictures of the actors who auditioned yesterday.

They would have a meeting today to decide the final male lead candidate.

Before entering the conference room, Wen Yu grabbed Tang Huai and asked,

“Do you know which side of the eyelid means bad luck if it twitches”

Tang Huai thought for a moment.

"It seems to be the right eye."


Her right eyelid jumped from the morning to the present, and she didn't know what unfortunate thing was going to happen.

Although she was a little superstitious, after entering the conference room, Wen Yu returned to her working state.

"Hello Director Chen, hello Teacher Zhong."

In the choice of actors, the director has the most right to speak, and Wen Yu also gave Chen Yousheng enough respect.

Dozens of people discussed in the conference room for almost two hours.

After Chen Yousheng and Zhong Ping made their choices accordingly, they unanimously asked Wen Yu for their opinion.

After all, she was the biggest investor and the one who paid the money.

Wen Yu pondered carefully.

Her eyes lingered on the photos of the three actors and was about to speak after a while when Tang Huai suddenly knocked on the door and came in, walking straight to Wen Yu's side.

Wen Yu was stunned for a moment, and the bad intuition rushed up.

"What's the matter"

Tang Huai bent down slightly and told her in a low voice.

"You're on the trending page.”

Wen Yu never expected that she would appear on the trending page together with Huo Yan.

A marketing account released a few photos of her and Huo Yan meeting alone outside the venue on the night of Yasheng Night Event.

The two stood close together, the light and shadow were blurred.

The word "secret romantic meeting" was used, and the rhythm was inexplicable- a feeling of cheating.

It was the first time that Wen Yu had been unfairly accused at her age, and it was nothing else, but it was because she was having an affair with another man.

In less than ten minutes, Huo Yan also called to explain, saying that it was definitely not their actions.

He would immediately clarify and apologize to Wen Yu.

Tang Huai said to Wen Yu, "Since Huo Yan and the others have clarified, does that mean we don't need to speak up"

After all, in the entertainment industry, sometimes there were too many ways to make mistakes, and the more you explain, the more you appeared to be trying to cover up.

Wen Yu sat on the seat and turned around, watching the weather outside for a moment, "No, we have to speak up."

She turned around and looked at Tang Huai, "Not only do we have to speak out, but we also have to speak in a well-mannered big way."


On the other hand, Jiang Yuhe of course saw the hot trending search.

He was in a meeting, and Secretary Ning, who was taking notes, answered a call from outside, and walked over to tell him about it calmly.

Secretary Ning said, "If you intervene now, you should be able to get ahead of the situation.

We can withdraw from the trending page within half an hour."

There were still many high-level executives sitting at the table.

Jiang Yuhe looked at the title, photo on his mobile phone, and looked away after thinking about it for less than a minute.

"No." He sat upright and raised his chin to the person who was just reporting.

"You continue."

An entire conference room continued to discuss the project without knowing anything, Jiang Yuhe listened, and occasionally glanced at a few photos on the phone.

There was no difference in expression on his face.

It wasn't until the end of the meeting that Secretary Ning handed over the mobile phone he had charged next to him.

"Miss Wen has called you twice."

Jiang Yuhe called back and informed Secretary Ning, "Go and find out who created that trending post."


After a few seconds of connecting…


Jiang Yuhe's voice was as calm as usual, and she couldn't hear any emotion.

Wen Yu knew what even she had seen, it was impossible for him not to know.

Jiang Yuhe was very possessive, and now the scandal between herself and another small fresh idol was on the trending tab.

Wen Yu was afraid that he would misunderstand, be jealous and angry again.

After a few seconds of silence, she asked carefully, "Did you see it"


"Then why don't you ask me anything"

"Ask you what"

Jiang Yuhe was so calm, Wen Yu didn't know what to say.

She had prepared a bunch of things she wanted to use to explain, but she didn't expect that when the phone was connected, Jiang Yuhe didn't even say a word of questioning.

"Aren't you jealous"

After a pause, he replied, "I haven't been so indiscriminate yet."


Sometimes, excessive rationality and calmness were less interesting.

Wen Yu thought that Jiang Yuhe would go crazy and even kiss her to ask why.

It seemed that she watched too many idol dramas.

She didn't know if he can be so sensible in bed.

Wen Yu said, "If it’s nothing, then bye.”


In Jiang Yuhe's eyes, this little trick in the entertainment industry couldn’t obscure his judgement at all.

He could tell at a glance which were real, and which were smoke bombs.

But this was different for Wen Yu.

She's new, and this was the PR first crisis in her career.


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