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A Villainess Needs to Have the Ability of a Villainess Chapter 203

Witnessing This Deep Love (4)

Jiang Yuhe said, "I didn't teach you to use your boyfriend to hype."

Wen Yu squeaked and said coquettishly, "I borrow you for one thing, cheapskate."

Jiang Yuhe opened his mobile phone, found the interview page, pointed to the line above and asked, "Here, explain to me what it means."

Wen Yu's eyes fell, and a trace of guilt flashed quickly.

At that time, the reporter asked her how she met her boyfriend.

Wen Yu thought about conforming to the facts again, and thought about creating a topic of ambiguity, and answered quickly and wisely.

"I was planning a play at the time and wanted to invite him to be the male lead.

Later, because of a problem in the plot, the play was stopped."

The reporter asked again, "What's the problem"

Wen Yu replied, "He wanted to add some drama to himself..."

Jiang Yuhe felt really angry and funny when he saw this reply.

He asked Wen Yu, "Speak, what drama are you planning"

"Am I not making up a story"

Jiang Yuhe looked at her fixedly without making a sound.

Wen Yu knew that this was going to be difficult, so she shut up, and honestly admitted.

"It's not...

a play of revenge against Shen Mingjia."

"...Then what drama do I want to add to myself"

Wen Yu raised her head and glanced at him, not knowing what to think.

She couldn't help laughing, and then she restrained her expression seriously.

"Do you want to change to acting "Autumn Tale" with me"

After saying that, she stood up on guard and ran to the side.


He sneered, "You think you're funny, don't you"

Wen Yu knew that he was truly offended, and ran towards her bedroom very wisely, but she didn't know whether her legs were not as long as his or what, but she was stopped by him before she could close the door.

As soon as the man opened the door and walked in, he quickly grabbed her and held her in his hands, "I said it yesterday, don't keep testing me."

Wen Yu was honest for a second.

“I’m not.

I really am not.

Brother, I was wrong."

"Don't apologize." Jiang Yuhe kicked the door with a bang, "It's useless to me."

Wen Yu paused, then suddenly raised her head, and kissed him.

"Is it useful to apologize like this"

The rain outside the window had not stopped all day, and it was raining harder and harder.

The raindrops gradually connect into a line on the glass window and slid down irregularly.

Jiang Yuhe pressed her behind the door.

His voice darkened, "It's useless."

"Wen Yu," he said, "I'm running out of patience."

Wen Yu understood what this sentence implied.

The smell of men's hormones lingered on the tip of her nose, and Wen Yu suddenly became quiet.

She looked out the window, remembering something, and suddenly said, "Brother, look, it's raining again."

The day they parted; it was also raining heavily.

Jiang Yuhe didn't want to play any more cat-and-mouse games with her.

He lowered his head and wanted to kiss Wen Yu, but she avoided her.

Wen Yu blinked, "Do you know what else I want to do on Valentine's Day besides wanting to confess to you"

Jiang Yuhe tried his best to endure it.

"I don't know, and I don't want to know right now."

Wen Yu smiled slightly.

In fact, she knew very well that no matter how deceitful she was before, how pretentious she was after being together, or like today, the whole Internet was suspicious and ridiculed her and Huo Yan's scandal.

This man, as always, preferred trust, stood behind her, protected her in his own way, and taught her to grow.

She loved him, no doubt about it.

"Wait for me here." Wen Yu said, walked to the storage cabinet, pulled out a box wrapped in black craft paper from the bottom layer, and then walked back to Jiang Yuhe, "I wanted to give you this on Valentine's Day a gift."

Jiang Yuhe was no stranger to this gift box.

He saw it at Wen Yu's residence before, but he didn't ask.

He didn't expect it to be given to him.

Looking back from the gift box, Jiang Yuhe asked lightly, "Does this have anything to do with what I'm going to do now"

Wen Yu gently unwrapped the wrapping paper, and when it was about to be finished, she pursed her lips and said to Jiang Yuhe, "Don't look at it yet.

I'll let you open your eyes and look at it later."

Jiang Yuhe was rarely willing to close his eyes in front of others, which was a manifestation of completely letting go of his defenses.

But didn’t know why, tonight's Wen Yu was hard to refuse.

After looking at her for a while, he finally compromisingly closed his eyes.

The room was very quiet, Jiang Yuhe heard the box being opened, and soon felt Wen Yu's hand cling to his waist, circled gently and slowly.

A force tightened his waist.

"Okay." Wen Yu said.

Jiang Yuhe could guess what Wen Yu was gifting, but when he opened his eyes and was sure, the impulse to restrain was instantly ignited, and it was out of control.

He raised his eyes to look at Wen Yu, and slowly, his body moved forward aggressively.

"Is this another one of your bribes"

The rain on the summer night seemed to want to blend into this long-overdue love, and it became more and more mad.

The room was quiet, Wen Yu was pushed against the wall.

Looking at each other for a moment, she smiled softly, "No."

"Then what is it"

Wen Yu hooked the black belt around Jiang Yuhe's waist with her index finger, pulled it towards her ambiguously and tenderly, and said in his ear with a bit of anger.

"It's a testimony."

"Testimony to me and you, how we will make up that scene."


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