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A Villainess Needs to Have the Ability of a Villainess Chapter 219

Jiang Yuhe parked his car and turned to look at her.

"Are you not done plotting yet"

"I am," Wen Yu replied.

She had indeed devised a set of operations in her mind.

Jiang Yuhe didn't expect that Wen Yu would dare to admit that her silence for a few minutes was for plotting something.

A ‘Go ahead’ glow surfaced in his eyes.

Before he could speak, Wen Yu decided to preempt him and catch him off guard.

She coughed, then partly got up with lightning speed, stretched out one leg, and sat directly on Jiang Yuhe, directly facing him.


Wen Yu placed her hands on his both shoulders, and before Jiang Yuhe could react, she swiftly attacked her target.

Smack, she gently took two bites.

A bit on the side.

After biting, she raised her head and blinked.

"Do you know how happy I am to see you now"


Compared to his Adam's apple, his collarbone was his Achilles' heel.

This kitten, Wen Yu, only took two bites, but it was as if a hot spring was poured from the nook of his collarbone, instantly burning up his entire being.

His Adam's apple moved up and down subtly twice, and then dark eyes locked on Wen Yu.

The lights of the villa not far away seeped through the car window and hit her face.

Her skin was very pale, and it gave off a glittering and translucent feeling under the light.

The tips of her eyes were slightly upturned, seemingly hooked or not.

But one thing was clear at this moment; the hook had captured him.

After a split second, Jiang Yuhe quickly changed from passive to active.

He snapped the back of Wen Yu's head and kissed her.

His aura was so overwhelming that Wen Yu was aggressively pushed against the steering wheel.

Her back was uncomfortably pinned, yet she somehow felt excited.

Jiang Yuhe didn't want to admit that he had problems managing his emotions again.

This happened several times before, but at that time Wen Yu didn't belong to him, so that kind of possessiveness over someone he couldn't obtain was remarkably abnormal.

But now that Wen Yu was already his, he no longer behaved so gently under the same circumstances.

When he thought of that foreigner leaning behind Wen Yu, looking at her greedily and trying to touch her with his hand, he realized that his possessiveness only intensified after he had owned her.

He wanted her to be his very own private property, completely and solely for himself.

And now, he was venting all his emotions in this kiss.

Even though he had noticed that Wen Yu's breathing was starting to become unstable and disordered, he didn't mean to stop.

On the contrary, he wanted to go deeper and rougher.

It was as if this was the only way he could feel that Wen Yu truly belonged to him.

The last thing that interrupted him was a ringtone.

Wen Yu's cell phone rang, and the ear-piercing ringtone instantly broke the ambiguity that was shot off in the car.

Everything came to a screeching halt, yet it was just right.

Wen Yu heaved to calm her breathing.

She was just about to pick up her phone from her bag when her eyes suddenly drifted to the window.

Song Zhixin was standing in front of the house with her cell phone in her hand.

Wen Yu was stunned, and then looked down.

Sure enough, it was her who called.

She was at a loss for words, and after she signaled Jiang Yuhe to glance out the window, Jiang Yuhe patted her waist.

"Nobody can see inside."

Wen Yu then breathed a sigh of relief.

It was enough that she climbed over the car once in front of Wen Yi'an.

If she did it again in front of Song Zhixin, it would be too late for her to go back to her country.

Wen Yu picked up the call, "Hello Mom"

As soon as her voice came out, she subconsciously covered her mouth.

The way she called her mom was too vague, as if she had just finished running the 800-meter physical test.

It was inaudible with just one breath left.

Wen Yu felt so guilty that she immediately cleared her throat and tried to make her voice brighter and called out again, "What's wrong, Mom"

She didn't know if her mom captured anything, but her tone was normal, warm and soft, "I saw Mr.

Jiang's car parked in front of the door.

Are you guys back I wasn’t sure if I should come and disturb you, so I'm asking."

Wen Yu hmphed and replied pretty seriously, "We're in the car discussing how to play darts."


That answer was close to telling the woman across the street that they were inside exploring adult topics.

Song Zhixin laughed.

"Why are you staying in the car You might as well invite Mr.

Jiang to come and sit at home"

Wen Yu asked, "Huh"

In the closed car, Jiang Yuhe heard Song Zhixin's words clearly, and so he nodded gently at Wen Yu.

Wen Yu then returned, "Okay."

The two got down from the car, holding hands.

Song Zhixin had a smile on her face, and when they got closer, she said, "Come in and have a seat."

But Jiang Yuhe said, "No, Aunt.

I came to say good night to you, and then I'll leave."

After he finished speaking, he turned his attention to Wen Yu.

"Rest early.

I'll come back tomorrow."

It was already past 9 p.m.

Jiang Yuhe's upbringing was like this, and even if he knew that Wen Yu might not go to bed so early, it was already late at night for him to visit at this time.

The timing was inappropriate, nor was it formal and respectful enough.

Wen Yu obviously didn't care that much and dragged his sleeve towards the house.


I still want to talk to you more.

We haven't seen each other for almost a week."

Just after taking a few steps into the door, Wen Yi'an's voice echoed in a deep voice, "What are you doing, tugging at someone in the dead of the night"

He stood there on the sofa with his hands behind his back, sternly sizing up his daughter and prospective son-in-law.


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