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Captivated by the Pitiful Beauty (3)

She couldnt even scream out.

She clenched her eyes closed and unconsciously grasped Lao Hes hand.

Tears that she could not control gushed out.

‘Jiang Yuhe, are you in a hurry to be reincarnated Youre so cruel! This is inhumane!

Fortunately, the doctor was skilled in the art of wrapping up quickly and said, “The next time youll need to change your bandages will be a week from now, so dont move around too much and dont eat too much spicy food.

You can have some calcium-rich bone soup.”

Wen Yus entire body slumped as she expressed her thanks weakly and then grabbed Lao Hes arm to sit up.

“I must have hurt you, Uncle He.

Im sorry, I-”

Before she had finished, Wen Yu suddenly discovered with horror that she was holding a hand dressed in a suit.


Wen Yu moved her sight slowly until she finally faced Jiang Yuhe.

The man looked down at her and said in a less benign voice, “Can you let go now”

Wen Yu quickly withdrew her hand as if in shock.

Then with a mouth wide open, red-eyes looked down, she choked back a tear and said.

“Im sorry, Im ruining Brothers schedule.”

It was a well-played scene of tears to arouse pity and to create a captivating pitiful beauty.

Wen Yu gave herself full marks for this performance.

So much effort was put into producing tears due to pain that she couldnt just waste it.

Public polls showed that men are most afraid of women crying, especially those who were stubborn but showed a glimpse of vulnerability.

There tends to be a little bit of tolerance, but when vulnerability was accompanied with tears, that was the most lethal combination to men.

If Jiang Yuhe could barely harden his heart to a womans tears, then Wen Yu knew she had to abandon her schemes early and escape from this situation.

Wen Yu waited for Jiang Yuhe to speak.

But the man frowned.

“You know youre delaying me but youre still not leaving”


‘Jiang Yuhe, you have no heart!

On the way home, Wen Yu, who lost all her stubbornness, played with her cell phone.

Weibo had new trending topics.

#Li Mans Depression

# Yasheng President Cares About Artists

#Pity Li Man

There were many topics about this, especially since news articles showed a photo of Li Man and Jiang Yuhe posing together.

In the photo, Li man was smiling while holding flowers.

Standing to the side was Jiang Yuhe, where no one could ever tell that they once had a relationship involving someone being drugged.

Wen Yu finally found out what the man had just gone to do, but she didnt understand very well.

It was obvious that theyre two people who dont agree with each other.

So why are they working together What the hell is going on

And if these people on the Internet knew that Li Man once tried to threaten her boss by drugging him, would they still be as sympathetic as they are now

The entertainment industrys news was all about what the public wants to see.

The deeper truth and rules were impossible for ordinary viewers to know.

For instance, in the eyes of the public, Shen Mingjia was a silly, innocent boy who can make girls blush in embarrassment, when in actuality, he was a vain, indecisive cheater with athletes foot.

Wen Yu didnt know which eye had gone blind for her to admire him.

Thinking back on it, she felt nauseous.

The car soon pulled into the villa.

“Goodbye, Brother,” said Wen Yu reluctantly emotionlessly as she prepared to hop on one leg off the car, just like before.

Jiang Yuhe gave Li Bai a stern look.

Li Bai immediately understood and stepped out of the car.

“Ill help you.”

Wen Yu was surprised.

Not only did Wen Yu have to obey the rules of not sitting in the same row as Jiang Yuhe in the car, but she also had to get out of the car without any help.

Sometimes, Lao He would help her but in this situation, since Jiang Yuhe was rushing to a meeting, even Lao He had no time to pay attention to her.

But today, Li Bai helped her.

Not only did he help her, but he also pushed her wheelchair into the house.

Wen Yu carefully analyzed the reasons for this.

“Actually,” Li Bai suddenly said.

“Although the boss appeared to be heartless just now, but if he didnt, you would not have the courage to endure the pain, right”


“A sharp knife will cut through the knotted rope.

It was to reduce the pain so I hope you understand, Miss.”

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Wen Yus head drooped as she was thinking back on Li Bais words.

Then Aunt Shier wandered into the room.

Wen Yu did not know who she was talking to on the call but she kept saying, “Yes… Yes… Yes…” and “Ok… Ok… Ok.” She took off her apron and went to Wen Yu.

“Ill go out and get some calcium-rich bones for you.

Ill be back in half an hour.

Dont go anywhere!”


Wen Yu was stunned.

Buy bones

… For her


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