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Besides, in such a hot summer, even though she has been in an air-conditioned room, Wen Yu still felt sticky all over.

She wanted to take a shower, by the way…

She pursed her lips and pushed Jiang Yuhe away.

“Let’s go.

Let’s go back to the room, and I’ll show you something nice.”

Jiang Yuhe didn’t know what Wen Yu was up to again, but the mood just now had been interrupted.

Now that he calmed down, it didn’t seem that out of control.

He then took her back to his bedroom.

“Aren’t your parents home” Wen Yu asked as she walked in and looked around.

“They’re out of town on a trip.”

“That’s good.” Wen Yu was relieved.

“I’m going to take a shower first.

It’s hot.”

After a pause, she asked, “Give me one of your shirts to wear for now, okay”

Jiang Yu He casually found one from the closet and handed it to her.

Remembering what she said outside, he asked, “What about the thing you’re going to show me”

Of course Wen Yu couldn’t take it out now.

She blinked and feigned stupidity, “Me I’m going to show you myself.

Don’t I look pretty”


She was becoming more and more adroit.

She actually dared to cheat him.

Jiang Yuhe reached out to grab her back, but she ran fast and slipped into the bathroom in a flash.

The sound of rushing water soon came from inside.

Standing outside for a moment, Jiang Yuhe suddenly shook his head and curled his lips.

He didn’t know what he was laughing at.

He obviously was annoyed about the little hiccup in the bar, but now he was so angry at her show of cleverness that he wasn’t even in the mood to think about it.

After a deep sigh, he also unbuttoned his shirt one by one and walked out.

Twenty minutes later, Wen Yu finished her shower and changed into Jiang Yuhe’s shirt.

It was still black, but the visual impact was too electrifying with the pair of transparent silk stockings.

The upper body was tough, and the lower part was soft.

If biting the collarbone was a temporary intention, then this pair of white stockings could be said to be Wen Yu’s long-cherished plan.

She initially wanted to surprise him when she returned home, but she didn’t expect him to drop by.

That being the case… treat it as an exchange, returning him the favor of traveling so far.

Two minutes later, Wen Yu walked out of the bathroom wearing the loose black shirt.

Long hair hanging half-dry at the back; straight long legs covered with a pair of transparent white silk.

The stockings were flimsy and almost invisible white, with the letter Y printed on them.

Black silk – Seductive.

White silk, on the other hand, emitted a sense of girlish desire.

This was the first time Wen Yu took such an initiative.

She was not sure if Jiang Yuhe would like it, so when she pushed the door out, she did not even lift her head.

She walked to the spot where Jiang Yuhe handed her the shirt just now and turned sideways.

She rested her hands on the wall, made a show of hooking her skinny leg, and arranged a 4 figure posture.

She then asked daintily.

“Brother, do I look good”

The silence lasted a long time, but there was no response in the bedroom.

Wen Yu’s heart skipped a beat, No way.

‘Don’t tell me he doesn’t like these girly stockings’

She thought he’d be overcome by an irresistible impulse, then kiss, hug and twirl her up immediately.

Now that the picture Wen Yu imagined failed to come into play, she felt embarrassed.

“You don’t like it, then I’ll take it off.”

There was still no response.

Wen Yu felt that something was wrong and looked up-

Good lord, the bedroom was empty.

Not even a ghost was in sight.

She had been acting here for a long time for nothing.

Wen Yu suddenly put away all her pretenses, took a few steps forward and shouted.


“Jiang Yuhe”

“Where did you go”

After wandering around the bedroom without finding him, Wen Yu waited for two minutes, pushed the door and walked out.

Sure enough, there was a light on outside.

And it was clearly lit in one place.

It was near the dining room.

Jiang Yuhe must be there.

Wen Yu wasn’t wearing shoes, so she stepped on her stockings and quietly walked over.

As she approached, she found that the place where the light was on was a long horizontal wine cabinet.

Jiang Yuhe was standing in front of the wine cabinet, and he seemed to have taken a shower as he was wearing a bathrobe.

Under the light, although the man’s back was as cold as usual, he exuded a rare tenderness tonight.

Wen Yu stood behind the Roman column and looked at him.

For some reason, her heart was particularly at ease.

She saw Jiang Yuhe bend down and take a bottle of red wine from the wine cabinet.

He then opened it and poured some into a glass and took two sips.

The contours of the man’s side face were smooth, and when he swallowed the wine, his throat rolled along with it, which was imperceptibly sexy.

Wen Yu didn’t make a sound, but quietly walked forward and suddenly hugged him from behind.

Jiang Yuhe momentarily froze, but was not surprised at all.

He turned around and asked, “Have you finished showering”

Wen Yu nodded, tilted her chin up and asked him, “Why did you come to drink”

Jiang Yuhe looked at his black shirt on her and gazed at it for a moment, and then a trace of heat ignited beneath his eyes.

He moved his gaze away and answered lightly, “I suddenly want to drink a little.”

Wen Yu wrapped her arms around his waist and pouted.

“I want to drink too.”


The shirt was loose, and the wine cabinet was only lit by a few small bulbs overhead, so Jiang Yuhe still hadn’t noticed the stockings on Wen Yu’s legs.


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