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She froze and subconsciously stepped back.

“Where have you been”

Jiang Yuhe saw her legs and paused.

“Wait for me for a while.

Don’t go out yet.”


Five minutes or so later, Jiang Yuhe opened the door again and entered.

This time there was an extra long dress in his hand.

“Change into it.”

Wen Yu looked at the peacock green long dress and quickly recognized it as a brand’s new seasonal model, with the tag still on it.

She was curious.

“Did you buy it for me this morning”

Jiang Yuhe responded, “It’s my mom’s.”


She looked at the size again, and sure enough, it was half a size bigger than what she usually wore.

“It’s not good for me to wear your mom’s clothes casually, right”

Jiang Yuhe gave her a look.

He didn’t know how to tell her that Lin Shu was in the cloakroom, and she wanted to send all the clothes with their tags still on for Wen Yu to choose from.

“There’s nothing wrong with it.

Put it on and come out.”

After saying that, Jiang Yuhe closed the door.

It just so happened that Wen Yu’s legs were too embarrassing, so she was not polite.

She changed into the dress, and when she threw her shirt back on the bed, she found the pair of torn stockings.

She blushed, and even though no one was there, she hurriedly hid the socks in her bag with a guilty conscience.

After taking a shower and tidying up, she walked out of the bedroom and asked, “I’m done.

Shall we go out for lunch or go to my house”

As soon as the words fell, Wen Yu saw three people sitting by the dining table in the living room.

Jiang Yuhe calmly pointed to the position beside him: “Come here.”


“These are my parents.”


Wen Yu finally understood the reason why Jiang Yuhe asked her to change into a long dress before coming out.

If there was no way to stop the sudden appearance of her future parents-in-law, at the very least, he helped her to block out the awkwardness unlike Wen Yi’an.

At least, the atmosphere of their meeting was much better than Wen Yi’an’s.

Wen Yu greeted both of them politely.

“Hello, Uncle and Aunt, I’m Wen Yu.”

“Good girl.”

Lin Shu looked her up and down, and from time to time threw happy glances at Jiang Yuhe that couldn’t hide.

The meal started in such a harmonious atmosphere.

During the meal, Lin Shu asked about Wen Yu’s work and family, and Wen Yu behaved in an unobtrusive and generous manner.

She even spoke frankly about her family’s bankruptcy.

This made the couple very satisfied.

“Now it’s rare to see an independent girl like you, Yuyu.

You have the courage and are not afraid of failure.

It’s a good thing.”

The more Lin Shu looked at her, the more she liked her, and when she was halfway through the meal, she casually asked, “Yuyu, how did you and Yuhe meet I heard from Grandma that you lived in our house for a few months, is that correct”

This topic made Wen Yu’s smile that was hanging at the corner of her mouth stiffen a bit.

How did they meet…

To be honest,  Wen Yu lived in the Jiangs’ house by deception.

To her parents, she spoke freely and dared to say anything.

But these two were Jiang Yuhe’s parents.

If they were to know that she deceived their son for so long, would they still be as enthusiastic as they were now

Wen Yu didn’t think of a good answer, and laughed awkwardly a couple of times.

However, Jiang Yuhe calmly answered next to her, “Didn’t I tell you that Elder He hit her with the car, and she lost her memory for a while That’s why I took her home to recover.”

Wen Yu froze and looked sideways at Jiang Yuhe.

She found that his expression remained indifferent, as if he was talking about an extremely ordinary daily event.

Jiang Yuhe noticed Wen Yu’s sight and served her a dish from his plate.


Why are you looking at me”

On the other hand, Lin Shu was still coming to terms with the truth.

“So that’s how it is.”

After a pause, she turned to Jiang Wencheng and said, “We must raise Elder He’s salary later.”



After the meal, Wen Yu politely said goodbye to the two elders.

Lin Shu said she didn’t have time to prepare any gifts for their first meeting, so she just wanted to show her appreciation and asked Wen Yu not to take offense.

Wen Yu wondered if she was going to give her some clothes or some food.

Who would have guessed that her future mother-in-law would give her an exquisite jewelry box “I just bought it last month.

It’s not expensive.

You can take it with you.”

Wen Yu opened it and saw a delicate full diamond bracelet inside.

If she remembered correctly, the price of this limited edition runway model of a jewelry brand was seven figures.

‘Is this not expensive Is this called casual’

Wen Yu immediately refused Lin’s kind gift, but Jiang Yuhe took the bracelet off from the box and fastened it around her wrist.

“My mom gave it to you, so take it with you.”

Lin Shu and Jiang Wencheng also kept persuading beside her, so Wen Yu felt that it was a bit pretentious for her to refuse again.

In the end, she reluctantly agreed.

But on the way back, the more she wore it, the hotter she felt.

“Is it appropriate for your mom to give me such an expensive gift on the first meeting”

Jiang Yuhe: “She has been very restrained.”


Wen Yu stared at the bracelet for a while, withdrew her eyes, pursed her lips and took Jiang Yuhe’s arm and asked, “What about you”

Jiang Yuhe didn’t understand.

“What about me”

“Why don’t you restrain yourself a little bit If you miss me, you could have just waited for me to return the day after tomorrow, yet you flew all the way here to find me.”

The corner of Wen Yu’s mouth was already curled up when she said this, just wanting to hear Jiang Yuhe say something like ‘I couldn’t wait’ back to her.

After a few seconds of silence, she really heard Jiang Yuhe say such a thing.

“I couldn’t wait.”

But before Wen Yu had time to be elated, the second half of the man’s sentence directly scared her heart.

“My ex-girlfriend showed up.”



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