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Wen Qingyou’s villa.

By the time Wen Yu arrived home, the family already had lunch.

Song Zhixin was tending the flowers in the yard, while Wen Yi’an was standing beside her.

Although Song Zhixin obviously didn’t want him to interfere, he was still following attentively.

When he saw Jiang Yuhe’s car stop at the door, Wen Yi’an immediately stood up straight again.

He placed his hands behind his back and showed a serious look.

The moment he saw Wen Yu get down from the car wearing a long dress, Wen Yi’an brainstormed and seemingly thought of something.

In an instant, his face couldn’t be painted.

Wen Yu called out.

“Mom, we’re back.”

Jiang Yuhe followed behind, with thoughtful manners.

“Uncle, Aunt.”

Song Zhixin responded with a smile.

Wen Yi’an looked at Jiang Yuhe unhappily, and after a long time, “Hmph.”

Then he left with his hands behind his back.



After a few seconds of silence, Wen Yu patted Jiang Yuhe’s chest as if to comfort him.

“It’s okay.

My dad is being moody.”

Song Zhixin also followed suit and agreed, “It looks like that to me too.”

Jiang Yuhe didn’t really care.

“It doesn’t matter.”

Wen Qingyou has not come home from work, so only Song Zhixin and Wen Yi’an were at home.

Song Zhixin invited Jiang Yuhe to sit on the sofa and asked, “This morning you called and told Qingyou that your parents wanted to have dinner with Yuyu.

How was it Yuyu wasn’t rude, right”

Wen Yu was stunned to hear that and asked Jiang Yuhe, “You even called home”

Song Zhixin looked at her askance.

“This is Mr.

Jiang’s tutelage, unlike you.

Did you sleep until noon”


Wen Yi’an who pretended to pass by not far away felt even worse when he heard that she slept until noon.

Jiang Yuhe returned Song Zhixin’s words with decent and modest sentences, the summary being, ‘My parents like Wen Yu very much.’

Wen Yu elbowed him.

“Do you like me then”

Jiang Yuhe paused and looked at her sideways, signaling her not to flirt in front of the elders with his eyes.

He was indeed such a person.

He was very restrained and rational in his emotions, and he was not the kind of person who liked to put all the slick words in his mouth.

What’s more, it was in front of the elders whom he was not yet familiar with.

Wen Yu understood his hint, tsked in her heart and said, “I’m going upstairs to change my clothes.

You can talk to my mom.”

As she was walking upstairs, her phone rang.

She picked it up as she walked, and her voice echoed from the hallway to the living room.

“Do they want to guarantee the release Buyout How much is it”

“That number is impossible.”

“I’ll consider a prorated share.

What 500 million Is he kidding”

“Six publishers are in talks with us now, so there’s no need to be in such a hurry.

Wait until I get back.”


When she reached the second floor, although her voice gradually diminished, the confidence and the aura of ease she projected actually never disappeared.

Song Zhixin smiled and withdrew her gaze.

She said to Jiang Yuhe, “Listen, don’t look how temperamental she usually is, but she’s methodical at work.

She often answers the phone like this to arrange her work these days.”

Jiang Yuhe also nodded.

“She is changing, and she’ll also become better and better.”

Song Zhixin added, “Thanks to you for teaching her.”

“You flatter me too much.” Jiang Yuhe paused for a few seconds.

“I like her.

Of course, I want her to become the ideal version of herself.”

Song Zhixin’s eyes grew more and more appreciative, but she still gently patted Jiang Yuhe’s leg.

“But there are times when you shouldn’t hide your love in your heart.”


“Yuyu told me that you never said you liked her.

Although I’ve only met you a few times, I can already see that you are a calm and capable child.

Perhaps you prefer to prove yourself with actions, but you should know that actions are important, but saying that you like her doesn’t mean that you are being hypocritical, either.”

“There are many ways to express love, but…” Song Zhixin smiled tenderly.

“That silly girl upstairs just wants to hear you say it.”

Jiang Yuhe fell into a deep thought, and it took a long time for him to hum softly.

Song Zhixin was about to continue, but suddenly couldn’t help herself and turned towards Wen Yi’an.

“Why do you keep lingering around in front of us”

Wen Yi’an put his hands behind his back, still thinking about the long dress.

He deliberately connoted Jiang Yuhe.

“My legs are uncomfortable.”


Who knew what he was talking about Song Zhixin ignored him.

Just then Wen Yu also changed her clothes and came down and said.

“Mom, there was an urgent call from the company.

There will be a film press conference in two days, and there are a lot of things waiting for me to deal with.

I have to leave tomorrow and can’t stay any longer.”

As she said that, she took out her mobile phone.

“Dad, I booked our tickets together.”

Wen Yi’an was momentarily stunned, then glanced at Song Zhixin subconsciously.

He coughed again, and said unnaturally, “I, um, I… I won’t leave for now.”


“My leg hurts,” Wen Yi’an immediately used the words he just said casually as an excuse.

“It hurts badly.”


In the end, Wen Yi’an forcibly stayed on the grounds of sudden leg pain.

Song Zhixin didn’t chase him away, so Wen Yu understood.

Although her parents have been divorced for more than ten years, one has not remarried and the other was the same.

Whether it was because they were disappointed in their marriage or simply could not accept the second person, Wen Yu didn’t know.

Many fates in life were hard to explain, and her parents were no exception.

It would be a favorable result if middle-aged people who were in a peaceful state of mind after experiencing the wind and rain could achieve a sense of fulfillment with each other.

That night, Jiang Yuhe stayed at Wen Yu’s house for dinner out of courtesy.

Wen Qingyou also returned home from work, and the family sat down to eat together.

During the dinner, they talked about Wen Yu’s residence after her return to China.

Wen Yu naturally pointed at Jiang Yuhe and said, “Of course I’ll live with him.”

Wen Yi’an immediately took a stand.

“I don’t like it.”

‘How can they live together’

‘Will my daughter’s legs still be called legs’


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