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Wen Yi’an firmly opposed, and therefore launched a poll online.

“You’re not married, you’re just in love, and there’s no need to cohabit for the time being.

Now our family is making a statement.

If the majority objects, you are not allowed to live together.”


Wen Yu was also speechless.

“Dad you…”

Wen Yi’an raised his hand first.

“I’m against it.”

He then looked at Song Zhixin.

“Your say.”

Song Zhixin didn’t even bother.

She looked down and ate her food.

“I don’t care about my daughter’s private life.”

This meant approval.

Wen Yi’an also knew that Song Zhixin would not oppose, so his hope was placed on Wen Qingyou’s side.

His eyes fell on his son.

Wen Yi’an gave him a variety of eye signals.

“Qingyou, your vote.”

As long as Wen Qingyou also opposed, then two to one.

He would have enough reason to stop Jiang Yuhe from laying hands on his daughter’s legs.

Wen Yi’an looked at her son with a look of anticipation.

It was obviously a funny thing, and Wen Yu didn’t intend to take it seriously.

However, when it came time for her parents to tie, she still looked towards her brother as if her appetite had been whetted.

Jiang Yuhe and Wen Yu were in different positions.

If Wen Yi’an insisted that it was not allowed, and really won this vote, he could not forcibly live with Wen Yu.

Therefore, the key vote was Wen Qingyou’s attitude.

Everyone looked at him, waiting for an answer.

Wen Qingyou calmly drank the soup in his bowl, and after a while, he raised his head and uttered four indifferent words.

“I don’t care either.”

The living room fell silent for a few seconds.

“Hmph!” Wen Yi’an, who failed to win the vote, snorted again.

He threw down his chopsticks and left the table.

Immediately afterwards, Wen Yu’s uncontrollable laughter echoed wildly in the living room.

“Is my dad a little princess now, snorting at every turn Who does he want to coax him”

Wen Qingyou added, “It’s not you and me anyway.”


After the meal, Wen Yu couldn’t let go of Song Zhixin because she was about to leave and kept sticking to her for a chat in the kitchen.

Jiang Yuhe then took this opportunity to find Wen Qingyou.

“Shall we go out and talk for a few minutes”

Wen Qingyou glanced at him and smiled.


Two men of similar age, who had been constantly fighting before, finally came to a truce tonight and chatted incomparably harmoniously by the car outside the villa.

“Are you still going back” Jiang Yuhe asked.

Wen Qingyou took two cans of beer, one for Jiang Yuhe, and one opened for himself.

He took a sip, and replied after a long time, “No.”

After a moment of silence, Jiang Yuhe opened his beer and said, “In the past few days I came here, she’s been in charge of watching the company for me.”

“Is that so” Wen Qingyou seemed to have little interest and his tone was light.

“Do you really not care anymore”

Wen Qingyou was silent and didn’t answer the question.

Jiang Yuhe naturally also understood.

He did not press further and talked about something else.

“Thanks just now,” he said.

Wen Qingyou asked, “What”

“Your vote against your dad.”

Jiang Yuhe did not expect that Wen Qingyou would vote for him.

Wen Qingyou sneered.

“What’s there to thank I’m just helping my sister.”

“Anyway, thank you.”

Wen Qingyou listened for a moment, turned to look at him, and lamented emotionally, “It’s rare for a prospective brother-in-law to say thank you.”

The conversation between smart men never needed extra superfluous words.

Wen Qingyou’s stand was clearly bared immediately when he said a prospective brother-in-law.

Jiang Yuhe also lowered his eyes and lightly laughed twice.

“Then should I say thank you again Thank you, brother-in-law, for fulfilling us.”

Both sides looked at each other and smiled blandly.

It seemed that everything in the past was melted in this smile.

The two men clinked the beer in their hands in unison.

“Brothers, what are you talking about!” Wen Yu came out of the house and saw two men chatting harmoniously by the car, so she was in a happy mood.




She gave them both a pinch.

“Good, you two now have secrets, do you”

Although this was the case, Wen Yu was still happy to see that the two brothers were finally no longer targeting each other in a tit-for-tat manner like they did in the past.

She put her hand on both men’s shoulders and sighed.

“I feel that I am the happiest person in the world now.”

Wen Qingyou smiled.

“Just because you have two older brothers”

“No.” Wen Yu corrected him, “You are my elder brother.”

After saying that, she looked at Jiang Yuhe, and her voice obviously became more shy, “He is an older brother, but it’s not the same.”

Wen Qingyou glanced at her speechlessly.

“As far as you’re concerned.”

While the two siblings were bickering, Jiang Yuhe who became a spectator took Wen Yu’s hand back which was on Wen Qingyou’s shoulder without a trace.


“Jiang Yuhe, do you really have to”

Jiang Yuhe kept a straight face.



“If you really want to hold someone’s shoulder…” Jiang Yuhe stretched out his hand.

“…I’ll do it.”


Wen Qingyou immediately some distance away in disgust.

He looked up speechlessly and finished drinking the beer in his hand.

“You are so domineering.

I don’t even know what my sister sees in you.”

After speaking, he threw the empty beer can into the trash nearby in a parabola.

“I’m leaving.

I’ve had enough.”

Wen Qingyou cursed and left.

Wen Yu laughed until she was huffing, turned and saw that Jiang Yuhe was laughing with her.

However, she also found him leaning against the car, looking at her quietly.

He said, “I want to know too.”

Wen Yu’s laughter froze.

“Know what”

“I’m so domineering.

What do you like about me”

Wen Yu’s smile gradually disappeared.

She blinked, hugged Jiang Yuhe’s neck and gently nudged on his lips.

“I just like you for being domineering, can’t I”

After a pause, she asked him again, “What about you What do you like about me”

Jiang Yuhe stared at her and didn’t answer for a long time.

Wen Yu didn’t hear what she wanted to hear.

She immediately registered that Jiang Yuhe was terrible at sweet words, so she pursed her lips and said, “Forget it.

It’s enough that I know you like me.”

The night was so quiet that only the moonlight was shining.

At this moment, the wind was blowing from an unknown direction, and Wen Yu’s long hair was messed up on her face.

She reached out and tried to brush it away, but Jiang Yuhe’s hand beat her to it.

He gently brushed away the messy hair on her face and looked into her clear eyes.

After a long time, he lowered his head and kissed her, softly, slowly, and told her with a warm breath between his teeth.

“I don’t like you.”

Wen Yu was caught off guard and slowly opened her eyes until his voice fell in her ears.


“I love you.”


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