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She brought several sets of clothes back from Beijing.

She pointed out the new ones for You Xin to choose, but You Xin examined them several times and shook her head.

“These are so ordinary; they don’t reflect your most extraordinary appearance.”

Wen Yu frowned.

“My most extraordinary appearance”

You Xin searched around in her cloakroom for several minutes before finding the velvet black dress in a corner.

Her eyes lit up, and she sighed with relief at the same time.

Turning around, You Xin picked up the dress and said to Wen Yu, “Wear this one.

You must wear this one.”

Wen Yu felt that the dress in You Xin’s hand was familiar, and it took her a while to remember that the last time she wore this dress was the eve of her bankruptcy.

At that time, she wore this black velvet dress to the concert, and her life turned upside down the next day.

It was really a meaningful dress.

Wen Yu smiled, took it from You Xin’s hand and stood in front of the mirror.

“Does it look good”

You Xin replied, “Believe me, you look so stunning that you take my breath away.

Really, absolutely, you must believe me.”

You Xin was close to kneeling down and begging Wen Yu.

After all, she swore to Jiang Yuhe at the president’s office that she would complete her mission.

Wen Yu looked in front of the mirror for a moment and finally nodded.

“Okay, then I’ll wear this one.”

The last beauty of the once fallen Miss High and Mighty, but now in the same place, she would use the same dress to gather up all the brilliance of her past.

The next day, Xu Chang came for Wen Yu’s make up early in the morning.

Today was her big day, heralding a great start of her business, so she must appear in front of the public beautifully no matter what.

Wen Yu closed her eyes and let Xu Chang dress her up.

You Xin, on the other hand, took a screenshot of the video and gave Xu Chang a sneaky peek every now and then.

After Xu Chang finished styling as instructed, Wen Yu opened her eyes.

Looking at herself in the mirror, she was stunned in place for a couple of seconds.

She then looked at Xu Chang and blinked.

“Why did you style me up like this”

“…Wh-What’s wrong”

Wen Yu burst out laughing.

“When I wore this dress before, I also wore this kind of makeup and this hairstyle.”

Xu Chang was terrible at lying.

He wiped his sweat nervously and said, “That means our style is the same and it suits you the most.”

Wen Yu nodded and stood up in satisfaction.

“Okay, this is it then.

It’s time.

Has the driver arrived”

You Xin immediately picked up the rosewood perfume on her table and chased after her, “How about a woman’s perfume! Yes! Of course! Don’t forget!”


After spraying perfume, everything was finally and properly arranged.

You Xin did the final inspection once more, and then she said OK.

“Okay, let’s go!”

Xu Chang whispered beside her, “Have I done a 1:1 restoration”



Jiang should be satisfied.”

“Who knows…”

Wen Yu suddenly turned around.

“What are you two talking about”

You Xin & Xu Chang immediately stood up straight and shook their heads.

“Nothing, nothing…”

Although Wen Yu noticed that You Xin was acting strange today, she was probably so focused on the launch that she didn’t take the time to think about the reason.

Their group then drove to the Langjia Center building.

This was a landmark building in Jiangcheng, and any large-scale high-level events would be held here.

The last rooftop movie OST concert was held on the top floor of this building, but Wen Yu was only holding a simple launch event today, so she didn’t need to be so extravagant..

At 5 p.m., the conference was held in the multi-functional hall on the 12th floor of Langjia Center.

Before it started, Wen Yu received a Weibo message from Jiang Yuhe.

‘Good luck.’

Two simple and concise words, which was his usual style.

Wen Yu replied to him: ‘Have you seen the person you want to meet’

Jiang Yuhe:’Not yet.】’

It just so happened that Tang Huai came at this time to inform Wen Yu to get ready to go on stage, so Wen Yu replied Jiang Yuhe with an emoji, then put away her phone.

She exhaled and smiled faintly at Tang Huai.

“Let’s go.”

Entertainment reporters from various media across the country filled up the multi-functional hall, and the launch party was live-streamed on an app, with tens of thousands of netizens watching online.

Wen Yu and the two main actors, Director Chen Yousheng, and the producer went on stage together.

The audience applauded warmly.

In addition to paying attention to the film itself and the main actors, the hot character that the reporters most wanted to question at the scene was naturally Wen Yu, a stunning investor.

And the ‘top-notch boyfriend’ she mentioned…

After several rounds of questions about the actors and the movie, the reporters finally aimed at Wen Yu, trying their best to say something out of her mouth, such as…

“Is Miss Wen’s boyfriend focusing on cultivating actors or singers”

Wen Yu thought about it for two seconds and answered seriously, “He has dabbled in all of them.”

That wasn’t wrong.

Jiang Yuhe owned such a big company, not to mention actors and singers.

He has signed contracts even with musicians and athletes, which couldn’t be more comprehensive.

Nice guy, as soon as this statement came out, the netizens directly boiled up.

Super famous, the all-rounder kind of guy.

‘Now! The heart of the matter! Yes! Who! ‘

The hearts of netizens were hoisted to the sky.

[I hope Director Chen can finish shooting the film in three days, and finish the post production in three days.

I want to see the film released on the seventh day! My house must not collapse!]

[I’ve never been so gossipy, but who is it]

[So awesome, are you sure he’s from within the entertainment]

[I’m having doubts, too.

It’s not that hype, right]

In response to the netizen’s question, the reporter also jokingly asked Wen Yu, “Is the boyfriend Miss Wen mentioned a real one”

Wen Yu was taken aback for a moment, then laughed and replied casually, “We only said good night in a video call last night.”

The reporters present also understood that no investor would be foolish enough to deceive netizens for the 100 million premiere box office over a fictitious character.

Hence, no one doubted whether her boyfriend existed or not anymore.


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