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Then someone asked…

“The movie is titled ‘The Moment When I Fall in Love with You’.

Can Miss Wen also share with the netizens the moment when you fell in love with your boyfriend”

This question was on point and just connected with Wen Yu’s gossip.

All the reporters in the audience went quiet, waiting for Wen Yu’s answer.

Wen Yu also thought about it for a few seconds.

They didn’t know what came to her mind, but she smiled faintly and said thoughtfully, “I think it was on an early snowy night, when he came towards me against the wind and snow.”

That was the day Wen Yu had just arrived at Jiang Yuhe’s house as a third-class citizen.

That day was also the day she first thought of running away.

She sneaked out while Jiang Yuhe and Aunt Twelve were not at home, and ended up meeting Shen Mingjia and his lover halfway.

After receiving taunts from her, she decided to return in pain, but without the key to enter the house, she had to wait from day to night in front of the house.

It was the first snow of last year.

At that time, Wen Yu was still in a wheelchair and the snow fell on her.

Even her eyelashes were not spared.

She was cold and hungry, and had nowhere to go.

She thought of her bankrupt home, her ex-boyfriend who added insult to her injuries, and herself who was hit and crippled in one leg.

For a long time, Wen Yu closed her eyes and felt that her world was the kind of darkness where she could not see the end.

It was the most despondent night of her life.

Then the wind and snow turned silent.

Just when she was endlessly trapped in this confusion and darkness…

Light shone in front of her eyes.

Later, the man who came towards her in the wind and snow brought her back to his warm home and rekindled her world.

After she got together with Jiang Yuhe, she often wondered when she fell in love with him.

After thinking of countless beginnings, she finally realized… It was that night when she saw him with fine snow falling on his shoulders, hazily walking towards her.

That moment might have been the beginning of a heartbeat.

You should spend the first snow with the one who loves you.

The heavens had hinted at her.


Although Wen Yu’s answer was only two short sentences, it caused huge waves in the eyes of netizens.

[It’s so romantic.

It’s a snowy night.]

[What’s going on When I put myself in my idol’s shoes, I suddenly feel that it’s not so unbelievable!]

[Same here.

I brainstormed about my brother walking towards her on a snowy night, ahhhhhhh I’m already shipping them!]


‘You there, in front, sober up! ‘

[Sister Wen just needs to open the gates with one sentence, and we rely on our own brains to make up the rest hahahahaha.]

[So who the hell is he Who the hell is he! Ahhhhhhhh!]

Meanwhile, Jiang Yuhe was also watching this live broadcast.

Whether it was Wen Yu’s reply or the netizens’ barrage, he saw it all.

The person beside him reminded him just in time, “President Jiang, the conference is almost over.”

Jiang YuHe gently nodded.

“Got it.”

In the multi-purpose hall, Tang Huai, as the host of the launch, began to say the closing words.

While thanking the media present and hoping for more support for the movie, he concluded by saying, “President Wen has prepared a buffet reception on the rooftop of the top floor to thank everyone for coming, just go out from here straight to the top floor.”

As soon as his announcement fell, the reporters on stage were astounded and pleasantly surprised.

“Miss Wen is too polite, right”

“I just happen to be starving, hahaha.

It’s the first time I met such a generous crew.”

“I heard that Langjia’s rooftop restaurant is very expensive, and booking the restaurant alone for one night without catering costs 800,000.”

“…Then let’s brag after eating later! Hahaha!”

The media was like this.

You always had to give some hard money, and there should be a give-and-take in order for them to mix in the entertainment industry.

Wen Yu had also thought of this and prepared small macaron gift boxes for each reporter, but she didn’t expect…

After Tang Huai said that, Wen Yu looked back at him as if she was confused, as if asking, ‘Are you crazy’

‘When did I book a rooftop cocktail party’

‘Don’t get me involved, okay’

But also quickly after a few seconds, Wen Yu calmed down, as if she understood something.

Tang Huai was Jiang Yuhe’s man.

It was impossible for him to speak carelessly, so it must be true that there was such a reception on the rooftop that made him dare to say so.


Did Jiang Yuhe arrange it for her

This set of moves was indeed his style.

Wen Yu had little time to think about it, and immediately followed to the rooftop.

It was strange to visit the place again after almost a year, but Wen Yu did not have the feeling that the picture frame had changed.

It seemed that everything here tonight had been deliberately created, with a familiar feeling of warmth and romance everywhere.

The fragrant flowers, and the lively and melodious symphony….

Wen Yu felt that there were many familiar images replaying in her head, but she didn’t have time to see and think about them.

People kept passing by her, either thanking or greeting her.

Wen Yu mechanically smiled and responded, and only after meeting countless faces did she realize that this was not just an ordinary media reception.

In addition to the media she had invited, there were already many guests at the party.

All of them were big names in the entertainment industry, and almost all of them were super famous and A-listers.

From older to child stars, the souls of almost all fields were present.

The reporters all around were whispering.

“President Wen is too extravagant.

How come there are so many traffic stars and A-listers to give her support”

“I’ve never known her background, but now it seems that I really can’t figure her out.”

“It seems that her top-notch boyfriend is definitely not hype.

Judging from this momentum, at least he must be in a XXX position.”

While the media were discussing things, celebrities still kept coming in.

Camera flashes continuously rang at the scene, while Wen Yu hastily took in everything that was majestic in this scenery.

She was also momentarily bewildered.


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