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A Villainess Needs to Have the Ability of a Villainess Chapter 237

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Just as Wen Yu thought, that night, everyone in Beijing heard about Jiang Yuhe's proposal to her.

The proposal fireworks lasted for half an hour over the city; his confession on the buildings continued in the center of the city; and all the pedestrians in the city paused in the early morning to look up at this romantic feast.

Weibo was also paralyzed for a long time that night.

At the premiere, the image of Wen Yu asking for a hug and Jiang Yuhe dotingly embracing her into his arms was made into a motion picture and almost instantly ravaged Weibo on the whole.

The entire city was set ablaze by this man's domineering marriage proposal, just before the netizens got over the fact that the year’s worth of gossip was about the big shot of the entertainment industry.

Netizens in Beijing have punched in and posted pictures.

[Murderer, President Jiang must have gone mad for holding himself for a long time.

As long as there is a building here in Beijing, they are rolling oaths of sovereignty!]

[It's true, my family saw the buildings here flashing outside the Fifth Ring Road, and single dogs shed sad tears.]

[No one is going to sleep tonight! Get up and get sour!

[It turns out that she is really an office lady.

Hahaha, this staff of Yasheng can't say more, but can only tell you that they have been together for a long time!!! The Boss really loves her, and made all kinds of exceptions!]

[Do you have any friends who watched the premiere at Jiaheng Cinema I heard that President Wen proposed to President Wen on the top floor!]

Because of this news, when Wen Yu and Jiang Yuhe left the cinema, the streets were almost blocked, and cars could not get in at all.

There were fans who received the news after the movie, journalists who wanted to grab exclusive headlines, and netizens who were passing by; they surrounded the road in three layers, all wanting to see fresh and hot gossip.


For a long time afterwards, Wen Yu still remembered how she looked when she came out that day.

The flashing lights were crackling like crazy, brighter than the fireworks that she had just watched.

A cacophony of voices rang in her ears; some were reporters asking her questions, and some were netizens shouting her and Jiang Yuhe's names.

The countless lights and voices drowned Wen Yu.

The darkness in front of her eyes was full of people, and it was a road that they couldn't get out of no matter how she looked.

But she didn't panic at all.

From the beginning to the end, there was a pair of hands holding her and blocking her front.

Wen Yu knew that this was the arm she could rely on for the rest of her life.

It was her home, her eternal wall.


The wedding of the two came naturally.

Jiang Yuhe's wedding was no less than an award event for the entertainment industry.

The company had almost monopolized all kinds of businesses in the industry, and had penetrated almost every industry related to entertainment.

When the Big Brother in the circle was about to get married, people who relied on him to enjoy meals naturally dared not neglect.

The second his wedding news came out, congratulatory gifts from various families arrived in waves, piling up into a mountain.

Speaking of the wedding, Jiang Yuhe asked Wen Yu whether she wanted it to be grand or low-key.

If she wanted it grand, they would do it in the country with the utmost luxury.

If the wedding was to be low-key, the two of them could take their family and friends to a beautiful island abroad to complete the ceremony.

The opinion of the Wen family elders was to take the two children as they pleased, but the Jiang family was just the opposite.

Lin Shu stated, "When I married Yuhe's father, I quietly found a church, but now thinking about it now, I regret it.

Young people should have a blast.

It's only once in a lifetime.

What's there to be low-key about It must be grand."

Grandma Jiang also chimed in, "Let's do it at home.

I have to take the plane if it's abroad.

The last time I went to the United States, I was exhausted."

In fact, Wen Yu thought it didn't matter.

As long as the person she was marrying was Jiang Yuhe, it could be anywhere.

But because of Fu Wenqing's words, and considering the old lady's age, the two of them decided to hold the wedding in China.

On the day of the wedding photo shoot, Jiang Yuhe suddenly said, "Actually, I want it to be grand too."

"Why" Wen Yu blinked and asked him, "Don't you hate hustle and bustle the most"

It was only after a long time that Jiang Yuhe told her gently and lightly, "Because I want everyone to know that Wen Yu is married to Jiang Yuhe."

Wen Yu immediately heard the deeper meaning of his words and smiled while pinching his face.

"Why You want to tell the world that I'm yours so that no one will come to steal me from you, right"

Jiang Yuhe didn't hide his possessiveness at all.

He answered bashfully, "Yes."

Wen Yu pursed her lips.

"That's a coincidence."

"What coincidence"

"I want the whole world to know that too." Wen Yu suddenly leaned up and gently kissed Jiang Yuhe's lips.

"Jiang Yuhe is mine, Wen Yu's."

She paused imperceptibly and uttered what seemed like a real warning.

"No woman is allowed to hit on you."

The two just stared at each other for several seconds.

In the end, Jiang Yuhe smiled gently and pulled Wen Yu into his arms and hugged her.


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