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The black light gown was noble and luxurious, with a long trailing tail.

Each silver thread was embellished with fine diamonds, flashing brightly and darkly.

Every step Wen Yu took was like carrying a whole universe of stars and rivers forward.

At this moment, she was the most dazzling and sparkling existence.

She was like a black swan queen, walking out from a dream castle; mysterious, yet beautiful beyond imagination.

Holding Wen Yi’an’s hand, Wen Yu slowly walked in front of Jiang Yuhe, then she gently raised her head.

In that instant, only Jiang Yuhe understood the thousand words in her eyes.

This was the color of the moment they first met.

It was the color of their love for each other.

Till death, forever faithful.

Under the transparent black veil was the face that Jiang Yuhe had seen countless times and still couldn’t help but be moved.

The first time he caught a glimpse of it, he was amazed.

But Jiang Yuhe now knew that no matter how many eyes he had, she would always amaze him over the long years of his life.

Jiang Yuhe took Wen Yu’s hand from Wen Yi’an, and before the host could follow the procedure, he couldn’t bear it any longer, gently lifted the veil and kissed his bride.

He had waited too long for this moment.

In this kiss, his missing soul also seemed to have finally returned after a full circle, slowly merging with his body and settling the dust.

Tonight, everything was like the way they were at the beginning.

It was also foreseeable that their future would be the most beautiful.


On the hot search, #JiangYuheWenYu’s big wedding topped the engine, and it continued no less from the proposal to the wedding.

[Hahahahahahaha, President Jiang has always been so impatient.

They haven’t even exchanged rings, yet he kissed her, hahahahaha!]

[I can’t blame President Jiang.

The bride is too beautiful today.

Black veil and red lips, no man can restrain himself (I am a man)].

[So not all women can be the Big Brother’s woman.

Look at this dominant black wedding dress, who dares to wear it]

[Woooooooo, Sister Wen is so cool! When she came on stage, I felt my heart stop for a moment.]

[Me too, I really didn’t expect her to wear a black wedding dress at all.

It’s too stunning and too bold…]

[A gossip that I heard, when the two met, Sister Wen wore a black dress.

It’s probably because of nostalgia for their first meeting.]

[Damn, so romantic, ahhhhhhhhh!!!]

[The CP, whom I’ve been chasing after a year, got married.

This mother cried, and wet a pack of tissues.]

From marriage proposal to marriage, Jiang Yuhe and Wen Yu had never responded publicly on the Internet, but tonight, the official blogs of the two companies couldn’t help but send their blessings.

@YashengCorporation: We have a Lady Boss.

@PiscesEntertainment: We have a Brother-in-law.

Brother-in-law should love our sister well!

Tens of thousands of netizens went crazy with the responses from both families.

Meanwhile, just outside the boiling internet, Wen Yu and Jiang Yuhe, who finished their wedding day, finally returned home.

Wen Yu was exhausted from the whole day and was so sleepy that she closed her eyes in the car on the way back.

It was Jiang Yuhe who carried her home.

When she returned to the bedroom, she was awakened by the movement and opened her eyes in a daze.

“Are we home”

Her hand was still hanging on Jiang Yuhe’s neck, so he lowered his body and kept his posture still.


Shall I go get you a glass of water”

Wen Yu, however, shook her head and hugged him a little tighter against herself.

“I want to hug you.”


Such hugs had been staged every night in the past.

For some reason, however, even hugging each other had a different feeling tonight.

Jiang Yuhe gently took Wen Yu’s hand, the way he liked it, and wrapped his fingers slowly until he held her tightly in his palm.

Wen Yu gazed at him, and the passion in her eyes couldn’t be melted.

“I should call you husband now.”

Jiang Yuhe caressed her face.


Wen Yu nodded her head and murmured, “Husband Hubby…”

As if she was savoring the feeling of this new title, after a while, Wen Yu shook her head like denying again and said petulantly, “But I still want to call you Brother.”

Jiang Yu He didn’t care about that.

“Brother is it then.”

“Can I call you that even when I’m old”


Wen Yu then began to call back and forth, feeling his new identity in his life.







“Husband, brother… Hu-”

Wen Yu could no longer utter the rest of her words.

Even though he had just kissed her at the wedding, right now, he couldn’t control the emotions he had held back all night and longed to vent them.

She was his bride.

Tonight was their wedding night.

He only wanted to, to make the good things even better.

The chattering voice disappeared and was replaced by a loving softness hidden in the breath.

In the moment of the intense lovemaking, Wen Yu murmured with her eyes closed.

“Sometimes I wonder, if I didn’t come to Beijing in the first place, or if I came but didn’t meet you… what would happen”

The bedroom seemed to be quietly draped with that black veil, and all the tenderness of the moonlight was given to them tonight.

Jiang Yuhe kissed Wen Yu deeply, grasped her hand tightly, and spoke in a hoarse voice.

“If you didn’t go, I’ll go.”

“No matter how far, no matter where you are.”

“I will find you and bring you back to me.”



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