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Brother Finally Showed His Tender Side (1)

Wen Yu paid any attention to Jiang Yuhe at all.

Even if she knew he just said “You first” as an indicator that he realized his error and wanted to offer an olive branch, but this was not necessary.

She was already angry.

And did not want to bother with him in the near future.

Wen Yu used to be someone who could get anything she wanted and the people who pursued her would follow her throughout the city of Jiangcheng.

However, now she had to be reprimanded by others for having ulterior motives

Whether it was going bankrupt or cheated on, Wen Yu could calmly accept it.

But her self-esteem could not accept an insult to her morals.

What does he take her for A woman who wants to climb into his bed

She could swear to heaven and earth that Wen Yu was just afraid that since he was drunk, something may happen to him is he was sleeping outside by himself.

How could he be so suspicious

For the first time, Wen Yu wanted to give up on teaching Shen Mingjia human morals.

It was pointless to continuously exchange small, petty revenge anyway.

True revenge should end decisively, to the point where your enemies could never recover from it.

Even if her father went bankrupt, Wen Yu herself still had a house and a car.

Sell them and pick up her father.

They could go to another city to start from scratch and live peacefully.

Why did she force herself to take on the role of being the punisher of that scummy man anyway

Wen Yu knew very well that Jiang Yuhe never accepted her from beginning to end.

Thats why when he saw her lying next to him, his first reaction was suspicion and not to question.

That day, Wen Yu didnt leave her room all night.

The next morning at 7AM, Wen Yu got out of bed after getting dressed, thinking that Jiang Yuhe must not be up yet.

She was about to sit on the wheelchair but got up and walked two steps on a whim.

Although her injured calf still hurt, the hematoma had subsided a lot, and it was not impossible to walk slowly now.

Wen Yu didnt use the wheelchair, and walked out of the room step by step, leaning on the wall.

Unexpectedly, when she got to the living room, she saw Aunt Shier standing in the hallway with a suit jacket in her hands.

Jiang Yuhe, dressed as an elite, was changing his shoes.


Why was this man going to work so early today

Aunt Shier saw Wen Yu come out on her own and was stunned.

“What are you doing Take care of yourself so you dont leave any sequelae!”

Wen Yu glanced at Jiang Yuhe.

Although she was still angry, she knew very well that her defiance last night could be explained by her small grievances.

If she maintained an angry face after a night had passed, this personal would collapse before anything could happen.

So she switched back immediately, biting her lip and whispered.

“Im just afraid I might do something wrong next time, so I…”

Listen to how wronged and humble she was.

Look at what you have done with just one sentence, Jiang Yuhe.

Your amnesiac sister started to learn to walk overnight in preparation for being driven out of the house.

Do you see the criticism

Sure enough, when Wen Yu said these frustrating remarks, even Aunt Shier who was usually cold softened, “No, our Young Master didnt mean that.” Aunt Shier subconsciously looked at Jiang Yuhe, expecting him to say something, but the mans face was expressionless.

He changed his shoes, put on his coat, and left.

After a while, Wen Yu heard the sound of a car starting in the yard.

Bastard, you got guts.

Since coming here, Wen Yu had scolded him countless times in her heart.

Jiang Yuhe didnt care and even Aunt Shier was a little embarrassed.

She untied her apron and changed the subject with Wen Yu.

“I have something to do and will be back at noon.

There is food in the refrigerator.

You can eat it when you are hungry.”

Wen Yu wanted to ask where Aunt Shier was going but when the words came to her lips, she suddenly realized something…

Wasnt this the best time for her to go to the hotel in the morning when the host and housekeeper are not present

But another problem lies ahead.

Even if she could leave easily now, what about coming back

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She had no house keys.

But Wen Yu couldnt care about that anymore.

There were only a few days left before the luggage storage deadline given by the hotel was over.

No one knows if there would be such an opportunity in the future, but she couldnt miss it.

And to be honest, with Jiang Yuhes attitude just now, she doesnt know if she could stay.

If she could get her ID card, she could simply buy a plane ticket back to Jiangcheng and stop this act.

Determined, Wen Yu used some money from You Xin she had received on WeChat and when Aunt Shier left, she called herself a car to the hotel.


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