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Brother Finally Showed His Tender Side (2)

It may be luck that the driver she met was an enthusiastic person.

He not only helped Wen Yu get into the car, but also helped to put away her wheelchair.

After arriving at the hotel, Wen Yu quickly expressed her intentions and the staff immediately sent someone to take her to a VIP room.

“Miss, wait a moment.

Ill get it for you now.”

Wen Yu nodded and sat quietly in the seat waiting, but a voice suddenly rang, “Miss Wen”

Wen Yu was taken aback for a moment and looked up, it was Shen Mingjias mistress.

As expected, Shen Mingjia stood beside her.

Thats right, no one in Beijing knew Wen Yu at all and those who would only recognize her in this hotel was that pair of beast-like man and woman.

Fang Ying walked in, eyed Wen Yu up and down a few times, then wondered, “Why did you end up in a wheelchair And whats wrong with your nose”

Wen Yu just wanted to get her luggage and leave quickly.

She didnt want to pay attention to them so she turned around.

But Fang Ying obviously didnt want to miss this opportunity to taunt her.

“Weve all heard about your familys affairs.

No matter what, dont do anything to harm yourself.

If you have any needs, you can tell Brother Jia.

I wont mind him helping you, right, Brother Jia”


The tea tasted too strong.*

“Help me” Wen Yu raised his eyebrows and smiled, “What can your Brother Jia do to help me Do you really think he can help me His salary for one movie isnt even enough for me to buy a handbag.

You really do treat him like a treasure.”

Shen Mingjia laughed.

In his opinion, the hard-mouthed Wen Yu was just an arrow at the end of its flight.

“Do you still think you are a wealthy young lady You think everyone will care for you and pamper you” Shen Mingjia shook his head.

“Look at what you are now.

Wake up, Wen Yu.

Your family is already bankrupt.”

The staff member walked over with Wen Yus bag at this moment, “Miss Wen, see if your things are all here.” Wen Yu opened the bag and glanced at it, then nodded at the other party.

“Thank you.”

“So what if my family is bankrupt” Wen Yi took her bag and looked at Shen Mingjia calmly.

“I, Wen Yu, is still alive and I will always live more comfortably than you, Shen Mingjia.

I will be happier than you because I have to wait…”

Although the last sentence was soft, Shen Mingjia was inexplicably shocked but it was only for a second.

He smiled disdainfully, “Okay, then I hope your wish is fulfilled soon.” Then he pulled Fang Ying.

“Lets go.”

… How frustratingly arrogant!

Wen Yu also knew that Shen Mingjia only relied on knowing that Wens family had fallen, and that Wen Yu had also changed from a phoenix to a pheasant.

It was impossible to compete with him, thats why he was so arrogant.

Sure enough, scumbags have no morals.

Back in the car, Wen Yu was getting itchy with anger.

The driver asked her, “Miss, where are you going”

Wen Yu didnt even think about it.


While speaking, she opened the bag in her hand.

Her lipstick, hand cream, wallet and ID card were all there, as well as the delicate velvet box…

Inside were cufflinks she intended to be given to Shen Mingjia.

The gift that was full of joy and love at the beginning, was now so ironic.

The cufflinks shone in the box, reminding Wen Yu of the words Shen Mingjia just said.

“Do you still think you are a wealthy young lady”

“Wake up, Wen Yu.

Your family is already bankrupt.”

“I hope your wish is fulfilled soon.”

Those words circled Wen Yus mind a thousand times as she gritted her teeth.


Three seconds before the end of the red light, Wen Yu closed her eyes, struggling and still struggling, before finally shouting to the driver, “Forget it, lets go back.”

If she just returned to Jiangcheng like this, she couldnt fulfil Shen Mingjias wish.

Didnt he want her wish to be fulfilled as soon as possible Then just keep your eyes open and wait.

Wen Yus fighting spirit was ignited again, and she straightened up instantly.

“Master, is there a second-hand luxury goods store on the way back”

Wen Yu returned to the villa before 11AM.

The door was closed.

Aunt Shier had obviously not returned yet.

This also meant that Wen Yus rebellious departure this time was safe.

No one will know.

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She remotely controlled the wheelchair into the courtyard of the villa and stopped.

It was December and the weather was getting colder day by day.

It was rare to see the sun these days.

The sun was  warm and mellow, comforting her body as it shone.

Wen Yu thought about it and when Aunt Shier came back, she would say that she wanted to come to the yard to bask in the sun but the wind blew the door shut.

This reason was so perfect that there was no flaw.

Wen Yu closed his eyes and basked in the sun comfortably.

Who wouldve known that even when the sun went down, Aunt Shier did not come home.

* This just means that Fang Ying was acting really fake.


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