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Call My Name One More Time (1)

It has been proven that there are always people in this world whose logic functions differently from others.

Wen Yu never understood that.

When faced with a weak woman who was knocked down by the wind and snow, how could a normal mans response be to test her breathing to make sure she was still alive

This was so outrageous to the point of speechlessness.

Wen Yu suddenly lost interest in acting and opened her eyes with an indifferent expression saying, “Oh Brother, youre back”.

After all this effort, she finally entered the house.

With constant temperature heating in the house, Wen Yu felt a lot warmer as soon as she entered the living room.

However due to freezing for too long, she couldnt stop shivering.

Jiang Yuhe sat down on the sofa.

His eyes fell on her.

“How did you get locked out”

Fortunately, she thought about it beforehand.

Wen Yu explained innocently.

“The weather was nice in the morning.

I wanted to go out to bask in the sun but the wind blew the door closed.”

It was quiet for a while.


‘Why are you suspicious

“Of course its true.” Wen Yu was freezing and had a nasal voice, which automatically added a bit of grievance to her.

“Why doesnt my brother believe me”

Jiang Yuhe stared at her silently for a few seconds, then suddenly got up and walked over before stopping in front of Wen Yu.

He bent down slightly and put his hands on both sides of her wheelchair.

Wen Yu seemed to be trapped in the wheelchair in an instant.

Even if Jiang Yuhe didnt speak, he still had an oppressive aura.

Whats more was that Wen Yu was lying and being physically oppressed, and in an instant, her confidence fell.

“Whats wrong, Brother”

After a moment, Jiang Yuhe suddenly raised his right hand.

Wen Yu was taken aback and subconsciously hid her body, thinking that he was going to torture her, but saw that he tore something off her shoulder.

“Basking in the sun can make this appear from thin air”

It was a discount sticker advertisement for the opening of a hot pot restaurant.

Wen Yu was stunned.

She quickly remembered that when she went to a second-hand luxury goods store to sell her bags, a newly opened hot pot restaurant nearby was advertising with flyers, stickers, balloons and the like.

It was given to her at the time but she didnt want it.


She didnt take it so they stuck it on her instead

“Where did you go” The man stood up straight, his tone rang with a warning.

Wen Yu didnt expect her perfect reason would be sold out by an advertisement.

There was no other way at the moment, so it was better to admit it directly than to keep lying.

Wen Yu closed her eyes, steadied her heart, and instantly aligned her emotions into place.

“Yes, I left on purpose.

I can see that Brother doesnt like me, so theres no point in continuing to stay here.

If only I could remember who I was, then I would definitely not bother you all like this.”

While talking, Wen Yu choked.

“Im very sad about what happened yesterday.

I am wholeheartedly worried for my brother.

I was afraid that you would catch a cold, that you would vomit and nobody would care, but my brother actually thought I had ulterior motives.

I am injured but my heart hurts more than my legs, so I wanted to leave and stop disturbing my brother.

But when I came to the street alone in a wheelchair and found nowhere to go, I was so scared, so Im back again.”

“Im sorry, Brother.” Wen Yu was already crying and turned away silently.

“I lied to you.

I will leave now and I wont bother you anymore.”

Wen Yu pitifully prepared to leave home again.

The moment the wheelchair turned around, her mind went crazy…

‘Ask me to stay!

‘Say something!

‘Ah, hurry up!

After listening to her wretched complaints, Jiang Yuhe looked at her indifferently for a long time.

He covered his face and took a deep breath…

“Come back.”

Wen Yu smiled.

Got him!

She turned around, sniffling.

“Then I want to drink hot milk.”


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It snowed all night and when she got up the next day, the ground was covered with a shallow layer of white.

Aunt Shier came back at 9PM last night.

She went to the hospital for a follow-up appointment concerning her long term health issues.

However, the doctor came late due to an emergency operation.

It was snowing at night, so there was a traffic jam and nothing went according to plan.

Jiang Yuhe didnt go to the company in the morning.

After eating at noon as usual, Wen Yu was wondering how to tell him that today was the day for her second dressing change.

Instead, the man took the initiative to remind her.

“Lao He will come and pick you up for your dressing change later.”

Probably because of her heart-warming remarks last night, Jiang Yuhe didnt mention the sofa sleeping arrangement again.

Wen Yu naturally accepted it as soon as she heard him, and responded in a low voice, “Oh.”


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