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Make Ones Imagination Run Wild (1)

This sudden intimacy made Wen Yu very frightened.

When she said those words from her own mouth, it didnt seem over the top, but when it came out of Jiang Yuhes mouth, Wen Yus trembling body became covered with goosebumps.

What happened to him

Yesterday, he didnt care about her, but today he suddenly played the caring sibling.

Could it be that her revelation of true feelings touched him last night Did it awaken his long-dead conscience

When she thought about it, there was nothing else that could make this man suddenly change so much apart from last night.

She really couldnt tell.

Was Brother the type of man to be swayed by emotions

The passenger seat door opened and Jiang Yuhe stood by the door, waiting for Wen Yu to enter.

Wen Yu paused, carefully moved forward two steps and stopped again.

Wait a minute.

He now seemed to be overwhelmed by family affection due to his conscience.

What if he calmed down and lost his enthusiasm When the time comes, would he say that Wen Yu had become brazen and bold enough to sit next to him After all, this mans mood turned too fast and Wen Yu was a little uncertain.

“Do you need help” Jiang Yuhe asked her suddenly.

“Huh” The pensive Wen Yu was stunned.

Before she could say “No need”, Jiang Yuhes arm was already around her.

He gently pulled Wen Yus arm and slowly helped her into the passenger seat.


Wen Yus brain went blank for a moment.

In less than two seconds, she was placed into the passenger seat by Jiang Yuhe.

Not only that, but Jiang Yuhe also thoughtfully helped her fasten her seat belt.


‘Thank you.

I think your affection is numbing my senses.

Wen Yu sat stiffly.

Although he could not see the fluctuations on her face, her heart was beating like crazy.

What just happened!

This man actually took the initiative to have physical contact with her

Doesnt he hate women touching him

At such a close distance, Wen Yu even smelled the undissipated smell of tobacco from his body, as well as the heat from his breath when he leaned over.

Wen Yus heartbeat soared to 120 beats per minute in an instant.

On the other hand, seeing Wen Yu sitting upright like a puppet, Jiang Yuhe frowned.

“Whats wrong”

Wen Yu regained her senses.

She desperately hid her shocked expression, swallowed, and forced out a smile.

“…Nothing, my brother is so kind to me suddenly, Im just a little unaccustomed to it.”

More than unaccustomed.

She was feeling the discomfort from the tips of her hair, to the soles of her feet!

Jiang Yuhe hummed.

“Then get used to it.

It will be like this in the future.”


He made Wen Yu feel uncomfortable all over and even her act did not come out as naturally.

“Brother, have you been unhappy recently If you are unhappy, you cant keep holding it in.

Why dont you tell me Maybe I can help you”

‘No matter what happens, dont make fun of me, okay You are scaring me!

Jiang Yuhe drove the car and gave Wen Yu a soft glance.

Unhappy Indeed he was.

From the day he found out that he had blamed her wrongly, he felt a sense of guilt, especially because of last night when he saw her crying.

She really looked pitiful and helpless.

Jiang Yuhe finally realized that during his twenty-six years of unrestricted living, he began to have such an indispensable burden.

It was annoying to think about it.

He was accustomed to freedom, hated being disturbed in life, hated emotions being swayed by others and hated all attempts to change his existence.

In the end, it was he who took her away from the entrance of the sanatorium.

Since he brought her back, there was nothing to complain about.

Instead of being cold and pessimistic, it was better to be positive.

As the doctor said, cooperate with her and act like a proper sibling.

That way he can evoke her memory sooner, send her away sooner and his life can return to normal.

“Im not unhappy.” He replied to Wen Yu.

“You think too much.”


After that, the two did not speak again and Wen Yu was also quietly digesting the sudden change between them.

After the car reached the villa, Jiang Yuhe parked the car at the door.

“You go back first.

I have an appointment.”

Wen Yu casually asked as she unfastened his seat belt.

“Where else are you going Its so late.”

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Jiang Yuhes instinctive response was “None of your business.” When he was about to say it, he remembered the task at hand and forced himself to take it back before he replied patiently, “I made an appointment with a friend to do some archery.”

“Archery” Wen Yus eyes lit up, and the unfastened seat belt was buckled in again.

“It sounds very interesting.”

Jiang Yuhe noticed her little movement and looked at her sideways.

Wen Yu blinked.

“Brother, I want to play too.”



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