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Make Ones Imagination Run Wild (2)

Jiang Yuhes hand stopped on the steering wheel for a long time, struggled for a few seconds in his heart, then finally succumbed.

After all, he just said with a friendly face that he would treat her well in the future.

Right now, she just wanted to go out and play with him.

If he refused such a small request, it seemed to be a bit unreasonable.

Forget it.

Jiang Yuhe started the car.

“Lets go.”

Wen Yu originally just wanted to test him, but did not expect Jiang Yuhe to agree.

She began to really believe that this man was moved by what she said last night, and after deeply regretting it and reflection, he realized his fault.

It must be so!

Wen Yu didnt expect that her impromptu acting would solve a problem she could not conquer for so long.

Fortunate surprises were probably like this.

Ten minutes later, the car stopped at a private archery hall in Beijing.

In the past, Wen Yu had a friend who knew archery.

She knew a little about this sport.

Although she didnt know how to play, she knew it was a hobby that started to burn money when you reached the high end.

Jiang Yuhe had an appointment with a friend and Wen Yu listened to them speak.

He turned out to be the big boss of the domestic hotel industry, Qi Xu.

Wen Yu had an impression of this man.

When she checked Jiang Yuhes information and interviews on the Internet, she often saw the reports of the two men and knew that they were good friends.

“This is” Qi Xu asked Jiang Yuhe, pointing at Wen Yu.

Seeing that Jiang Yuhe couldnt think of a suitable way to introduce herself, Wen Yu immediately introduced herself.

“Hello President Qi.

You can call me Xiaoyu.”

After the brief introduction, Jiang Yuhe left with Qi Xu.

Wen Yu sat and watched them play.

Jiang Yuhe took off his windbreaker jacket and rolled up the sleeves on his black shirt.

He stood and pulled the bow.

Based on his back figure, he did not lose to the actors and male models in the entertainment industry.

Wen Yu quietly took a picture of him from behind and sent it to You Xin.

You Xin: [Who is that]

Wen Yu: [How many points would you give]

You Xin: [What can I see from the back If you have guts, show me the front.]

Wen Yu looked at the screen and smiled.

Front view.

She raised her head and quietly moved the wheelchair to a position where she could see Jiang Yuhes side profile.

Then taking advantage of him not paying attention, she quickly took a few more sneak shots.

In the camera, the man looked forward with a bow.

His posture was tall and straight and the moment the arrow shot out, his face was leisurely and calm.

Wen Yu glanced at it and reopened WeChat to reply to You Xin: [I cant give a front shot because I am afraid its too handsome for you.]

You Xin sent a disappointed emoji: [What handsome guy in our circle havent I seen Unless it is at the level of Big Boss Jiang, the others will not kill me, so feel free to send it.


Wen Yu pursed her lips.

She typed out a lot of words and attached photos, but in the end thought better of it and deleted it.

Once she exposed the topic of Jiang Yuhe, she knew that You Xin would bombard her with questions until dawn.

For safetys sake, lets forget it for now and talk about it next time.

So she changed the subject and asked her: [How are you doing]

You Xin: [I just finished shooting a show.

Now Im resting at home.

Theres no filming work for the time being.]

[By the way, I just left that Celebrity Club.]

Wen Yu was taken aback and immediately asked: [Why]

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[They kicked your original phone number out of the group and it didnt make sense for just me to stay there.

Now everyone is supporting Zhao Wenjing.

I cant act like Im her stinking lackey.

I simply left to get peace.

Originally they only let me in because of you.]

The Celebrity Club was a small online group composed of second generation rich kids in Jiangcheng and some famous people from the entertainment industry.

Before Wen Yu was in an accident, she was regarded as a top class member.

Now she was kicked out without a word.

Wen Yus original phone was lost and she couldnt go on WeChat without the original phone number.

She also didnt bother to try to recover the number.

To her, since everything in the past was lost, its okay to throw away everything and start clean.

Now, she was a brand new Wen Yu.

Wen Yu comforted You Xin: [Its okay if you withdrew.

Ill take you flying next time.]

With her head lowered as she sent a text message, Wen Yu suddenly felt eyes stop on her.

She looked up and sure enough…


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