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Little Black Room (1)

Wen Yu never expected that after one winter solstice night, she would rise from the third-class citizen of the Jiang family to a first-class position on par with Jiang Yuhe.

It seemed that Jiang Yuhe really recognized his past mistakes and fulfilled his responsibility of being a brother.

The most obvious benefit to this change of identity was that her room was changed to the room next door to Jiang Yuhe on the second floor.

When Aunt Shier told her to move upstairs, Wen Yu couldnt believe her ears.

At that moment, she finally understood the feeling of those concubines from historical dramas who had been imprisoned in the Cold Palace* for many years and then was suddenly moved to the luxurious Main Palace.

* In historical dramas, when a concubine fell out of favor with the emperor and made a mistake, as punishment they would be banished to the Cold Palace 冷宮.

There they would suffer due to mistreatment from servants, lack of daily necessities and lived in poverty.

God pitied Wen Yu, a low-class citizen.

She finally held out to this day.

The Aunt Shier said, “Come with me.

You dont need to take anything from this room.

Young Master has replaced everything.”

Wen Yu stepped out of the room happily, then calmed down and turned back.

Wait, there was something she needed to take with her.

When she went to a second-hand luxury goods store that day, Wen Yu wanted to sell the bag and cufflinks together.

Unexpectedly the bag was easily sold, but the cufflinks could not be sold.

The reason was because of that the letter J engraved on the back.

To Wen Yu, who was bankrupt, she was unwilling to write off 100,000 yuan for a pair of cufflinks.

She took a photo and posted it on a second-hand goods website, hoping that someday someone who liked the letter J would buy it.

This was the only secret she left in this room and it was also evidence of her crime, which must be preserved.

After quietly retrieving the cufflinks from the drawer, Wen Yu finally went to the second floor with a peace of mind.

Aunt Shier told her the new room would be filled with brand new, high-end bedding and her clothing would be from current seasons.

Even her bath products have become Hermès perfume shower gels.

After fraudulently gaining a brother, the former wealthy lady Wen Yu once again became a wealthy lady 

It was probably because of these happy events, but Wen Yus legs miraculously healed during the following two days.

 By the end of the week, she could already walk around slowly without support.

After getting out of the wheelchair, she was finally one step closer to a normal person.

Although the recovery of nasal cartilage was very slow and there was still gauze on her nose.

Still, Wen Yu was satisfied.

She also knew that all of this was because of Jiang Yuhe, so she was respectful and well-behaved to this man, doing what a sister should do.

Only occasionally while spending time with him, Wen Yu would think of her brother, Wen Qingyou.

Since they were separated at the age of six, the siblings were no longer in touch and she didnt know how he was doing now.

On Saturday, it was rare that Jiang Yuhe rested at home and did not work at the company.

Aunt Shier made lunch at noon.

Wen Yu volunteered to go upstairs and tell Jiang Yuhe to wake up.

Because of her rise in status, Wen Yu can now freely enter and exit the entire Jiangs villa, just like a third young lady of the Jiang Family.

She came to the door of Jiang Yuhes bedroom.

“Brother, are you awake”

She banged twice on the door.

“Brother, come downstairs to eat!”

Having not received a response, Wen Yu pressed her ear against the door, wanting to hear movement inside but the door suddenly opened.

Wen Yu fell forward by surprise and fell into Jiang Yuhes arms naturally.

Since the last time she slept on the sofa, Wen Yu knew very well that Jiang Yuhe did not like women touching him.

Although she was temporarily accepted by him, she clearly understood that not touching Jiang Yuhe was the bottom line.

Therefore with such a collision, Wen Yu immediately stood up straight and backed up three steps.

“Sorry Brother, I didnt know you would open the door suddenly.”

Jiang Yuhe was wrapped in a bathrobe and his hair was wet.

He should have just finished taking a shower and his body was still radiating heat.

“Got it.” He didnt seem to care about the contact just now.

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“Thats good.” Wen Yu left right away after speaking, scared that this man would misunderstand her for wanting to take advantage of him.

She didnt want any mistakes in the sibling relationship that had finally eased.

Ten minutes later, Jiang Yuhe changed his clothes and went downstairs.

He buttoned his clothes and said to Wen Yu, “After lunch, I will take you somewhere.”


“Youll know when you get there.”



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