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Sent From Your Sisters Heart (1)

Wen Yu had heard of hypnosis before.

The impression of hypnosis was like playing a game of truth.

If you were not careful, your secrets would be exposed.

Although Wen Yu temporarily escaped from the fear of electric shock, when the woman in front of her said she was going to do some kind of hypnotic meditation therapy, she still did not dare to relax.

After all, her amnesia was a pretense.

If she said something she shouldnt during the treatment, Jiang Yuhe might kill her on the spot.

Wen Yu laid down obediently.

The woman lit an aromatherapy lamp and the pretty woman on the other side played the cello.

“The hypnotic method I chose for you today is the time-retrospective guide method.

You can relax.”

The teachers voice is very gentle, which makes Wen Yu feel infinitely relaxed.

This was not a good sign.

Wen Yu immediately pinched her thigh and told herself that she must stay awake.

Do not be led astray by the therapist!

The therapist said to relax, but she became highly vigilant.

The therapist told her to imagine that there was a calm sea in front of her, but she immediately thought of the erupting volcano in her mind.

The therapist told her to imagine herself floating on a light boat in a lake, so she thought of dancing with her bare feet on a hot red wire.

In short, after ten minutes of fighting vigorously like this.

Teacher Ding, who was Liu Tuans wife and the therapist for this session, opened the door.

“President Jiang.”

Jiang Yuhe looked up, then glanced at his watch again.

“Wasnt it supposed to be half an hour”

“Yes.” Teacher Ding pointed inside helplessly.

“But she fell asleep.”


It was an unsuccessful session.

Teacher Ding still told Jiang Yuhe, “I can see that she has a lot of anxiety deep in her heart, but I havent found the reason yet.

You should care for her a little more in your regular life and take care of her emotions.

It would be beneficial to her condition.”

Wen Yu slept for an entire hour.

When she woke up, she found herself lying in a strange place.

She was in a daze for a few seconds before suddenly remembering…

‘Damn, I was just being hypnotized!

Then, her whole body shot up like a spring.

Its over.

Wen Yu didnt know how she suddenly fell asleep when she was fighting stubbornly, but more importantly, did she say anything to the hypnotist after she had fallen asleep

Now the room was very quiet.

There was no one and only a faint fragrance still lingers.

Wen Yu panicked a little, got out of bed cautiously and tentatively opened the door.

She saw Jiang Yuhe sitting in front of a glass table in the courtyard of the villa.

As if hearing the movement, he cast a glance toward her from a distance.

His eyes were familiar and sharp, as if he could see through the little schemes in Wen Yus heart at a glance.

Wen Yu couldnt find any clues in his gaze, and her hands were twisted together uneasily.

After thinking about it, she decided to go up and act according to the situation.

She pretended to calmly walked to Jiang Yuhes side, then saw Mr.

Liu and him both stand up.

The two shook hands.

“Ill see you, Jiangcheng.”


Wen Yu was taken aback.

Jiang Yuhe was going to Jiangcheng

She was still thinking, when the mans voice came.

“You woke up”

Wen Yu returned to her senses, nodded, and tentatively said.

“Brother, did the teacher tell you anything”

Jiang Yuhe looked at her lightly.

“What do you think”

These three words had an unclear meaning, it made her scalp turn numb.

Wen Yus legs were a little soft and her confidence was almost exhausted but she still forced herself to calm down.

“I dont know.”

Jiang Yuhe sneered, “Of course you dont know.

Teacher Ding has been treating people for more than ten years.

You are the first to sleep from start to finish while snoring during her treatment.”

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Wen Yus tense nerves suddenly dissipated…

‘I was sleeping the entire time, so I didnt say a word

If she had said anything, Jiang Yuhe wouldnt act like this.



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