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I Need Brother to Protect Me (1)

Wen Yu was shocked.

Wow, its really true.

She didnt expect that this man actually had a lover in Jiangcheng.

But she knows almost everyone in the upper circle of Jiangcheng, that is to say–

If this lover is a native of Jiangcheng, Wen Yu and them must know each other.

This is embarrassing.

In the case that brother brings back a lover, wont the fake sister Wen Yu be exposed

What to do

Zhou Yues accident before can be resolved in a few sentences, but this mysterious Miss Zhao cant be resolved by just a few sentences.

This is the person Jiang Yuhe likes.

The problem seems a bit tricky.

It was around nine oclock in the evening when Jiang Yuhe returned to the hotel room after eating.

Wen Yu had a cheeky conversation with Li Bai, only to find out that Miss Zhao is not a girlfriend, but—

Jiang Yuhe has been looking for her for a long time and has special feelings for her.

As for whether they can become a couple, it depends on the development tomorrow.

It turned out to be the first time they had met.

After closing the door, Wen Yu thought about a solution.

She listed out all the ladies in Jiangcheng surnamed Zhao, regardless of their status, and thought about the possible candidate, but among seven or eight people, she couldnt really guess who Jiang Yuhe felt was special.

After a while, Wen Yu remembered something and opened the door to observe the movement of people outside.

The door of Jiang Yuhes room was closed tightly, and Li Bai was not on guard duty at the door.

Everyone seemed to have entered a state of rest at night.

The opportunity for her to move around has come again.

She opened WeChat and found You Xin:

[Im back, now in Room 1903 of Yuejia Hotel, are you free to meet me]

You Xin soon replied back: [Really Dont lie to me, I will come right away!]


Wen Yu numbly typed: [Send me a message when you arrive.

Its best to wear a hat and mask— dont be spotted.]

Although she didnt know why Wen Yu didnt live at home when she came back, or why the two girlfriends met like they were attending an underground triad meeting, she still obediently followed the directions.

20 minutes later, You Xin appeared in the hotel as requested.

Wen Yu led her to the room very warily.

She closed the door and locked it immediately: “Did anyone notice you on the way here”

You Xin was puzzled: “So what if someone saw me I came to look for my friend, not to have an affair.”

“If someone finds out that you are with me, the result may be more serious than an affair.”


Unlike the meeting with Wen Yian, meeting with girlfriends is extremely easygoing.

Wen Yu acted out a drama with Jiang Yuhes for almost a month.

Now in front of You Xin she can finally take off her mask and be herself.

“…So, thats what the situation is right now.” Wen Yu breathed a sigh of relief, “Bankruptcy, cheating, car accident, do you think I am a heavenly goddess going through divine trials”

You Xin was stunned.

She never expected that so many things would happen to Wen Yu during this period of time.

She was quiet for a long time before she let out a sigh full of emotion: “I didnt expect it…”

“Yes, I didnt expect Shen Mingjia to be such trash either.”

“No.” You Xin shook her head, “I really didnt expect you to live with the big boss I admire the most.

You know Im still participating in their companys young actor selection contest during the day, and at night you tell me that the boss has become your brother…Wait, let me process it slowly.”

It was about four or five seconds later–“But when I was filming on the crew, I heard that Mr.

Jiang is a very cold person in private and had a bad temper.

Is this rumor real or fake Real If its really like that, you can actually stand it”

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Wen Yu shut up and didnt want to answer this question.

“Did you make a mistake about the main point Now that I, your sister, am being cheated on by Shen Mingjia, you are not emotional or outraged”

You Xin paused and immediately opened Weibo: “Fuck, Shen Mingjia, this dog bastard.

Ill help you go online and tell everyone what happened!”

This acting was too exaggerated.


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