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I Need Brother to Protect Me (6)

Several crying emoticons followed.

When she knew that Zhao Wenjing was the person Jiang Yuhe wanted to meet, Wen Yu had already decided to take a gamble.

Anyway, today either Zhao Wenjing had to get lost, or Wen Yu was leaving.

Since you have a special feeling for her, then I will help you get rid of this feeling right away.

Now ask yourself, do you still have the same feelings from before

On the other end, after reading the news, Jiang Yuhe twitched his brows imperceptibly.

Looking out, he saw Wen Yu stood at the place where he had just stood and was peeking at the two of them.

Seeing him looking out, she immediately hid.

Jiang Yuhe put away the phone and pursed his lips gently.

The waiter came over at this moment: “Do you two want to order food now”

“No need.”

“…” Zhao Wenjing was startled slightly, and opened her mouth: “President Jiang, you”

“Sorry, I have something to do and need to leave.” Jiang Yuhe got up and left his seat, then turned around after two steps, “Miss Zhao.”

He paused, glanced at her from top to bottom, and said indifferently, “It makes no difference whether your clothes are dirty or not.”

It was only an uninteresting and boring person.

Zhao Wenjing just planned to have a meal with this man and post pictures to Moments, but now he left without ordering

Her eyes followed Jiang Yuhe’s back with a blank face, and not long after he left she saw him with—

Wen Yu!

He went to pull Wen Yu’s hand

Outside the window

Jiang Yuhe unearthed Wen Yu from behind the billboard: “Still hiding”

Wen Yu twisted her fingers nervously, and asked cautiously: “Brother, are you not continuing your date with Miss Zhao”

Jiang Yuhe didn’t answer the question, but looked at her: “Don’t you know how to fight back when someone pushes you”

Wen Yu paused, then pursed her lips twice, “…I, I don’t know how to fight.”

Hey, I’m the poor little girl who needs brother’s protection.

Jiang Yuhe felt the emotion she was trying to convey.

After a few seconds, he pulled his tie as he walked–

“Why are you looking for me”

“Am I free How can I have so much time to play with you.”

“Or did you want to visit Wangjiang Bridge again”

“Don’t want to go.”

“You are really annoying.”

“…One hour at most.”

Wen Yu followed Jiang Yuhe in small steps like this, and when she was about to leave the restaurant completely, she quietly turned her head and raised her eyebrows at Zhao Wenjing.

She was still standing by the window, with a look of shock and Wen Yu shot her a smirk.

As long as Zhao Wenjing is a little smarter and more sensible, the one who was revealed and needed to leave was Wen Yu.

Having a brain is a good thing, but Zhao Wenjing doesn’t have a functioning one.

Back in the car, she sat down.

Wen Yu quietly sent You Xin a message to retreat.

Secretary Ning, was sitting in the passenger seat, when her cell phone rang.

She picked up, listened to a few sentences and then asked Jiang Yuhe:


Jiang, Miss Zhao is calling.

She has something to tell you.”

Wen Yu didn’t expect that Zhao Wenjing would make a last-ditch effort.

She was taken aback and immediately looked at Jiang Yuhe nervously, her heart was beating like a drum.

Would this man want to pick it up

It would be over after he picks up.

It was too late to jump off the car and run away.

In a panic, Wen Yu pretended to bump into something, and cried out in a soft voice.

Then she raised her sleeves and looked at her elbow, muttering:

“It’s all bruised here.”

When being pushed by Zhao Wenjing, her elbows banged against the table to maintain her balance.

Jiang Yuhe glanced over calmly, paused for two seconds, and said to Secretary Ning:

“From now on, don’t answer calls from Miss Zhao.”

Wen Yu lowered her head with a very light smile on the corners of her lips.

She was about to put down her sleeves, but the half of her white forearm that was exposed was suddenly grabbed by the man next to her.

She was startled and looked up.

The man’s eyes were dark; he looked at her for a long while before he said quietly:

“Your little tricks, did you think I couldn’t see through you”

*Author is using plastic to say fake, like plastic surgery.


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