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Handsome Young Man Kisses Her (1)

On the first day of work, Wen Yu held the list of shortlisted actors for the first stop of the “Young Actor Selection Contest” launched by Asia Entertainment in Jiangcheng not long ago.

There were profiles and photos of twenty actors.

Wen Yu was like an investor, picking the one that is most likely to make money for them among the unknown dark horses.

Flipping through, suddenly she saw a familiar face.

Wen Yu’s eyes opened slightly–

You Xin

After reading the birthday in the information carefully, and then looking at the attached photos, it turned out to really be You Xin.

Wen Yu now vaguely remembered that at the Jiangcheng Hotel that night, You Xin seemed to have said she was going to participate in a selection contest.

In other words, she was shortlisted!

Seeing the information of her best friend appear here, Wen Yu became inexplicably excited.

Jiang Yuhe asked her to see who of these people has the most potential-then do you need to look any further

Of course it’s her best friend that’s the best!

When the Wen family lost power, and all those who were once friends shunned them.

Only You Xin would visit Wen Yi’an, and would come to her without hesitation because of a WeChat message and help her insult Zhao Wenjing to her face.

Good sister, must support her for a lifetime.

Wen Yu immediately picked up You Xin’s photo and gave it to Jiang Yuhe:

“I choose her.”

Jiang Yuhe didn’t even look at it: “The reason.”

“First of all, the appearance is distinctive.

It is not the typical plastic surgery face that can be seen everywhere in the entertainment industry.

Usability is high.

Secondly, this young lady has acted in many plays, although they are all supporting roles, but I found that many of them are the same directors.

This shows that even if it is a supporting role, this young lady has already been approved by the director and the director is willing to continue to use her.”

“In fact, in every industry the hardest working are the supporting roles.

They do their work with dedication, frequently they may not be discovered by the public, but it is because they lack an opportunity.”

Wen Yu desperately told Jiang Yuhe about You Xin’s abilities.

Jiang Yuhe laughed unclearly, “You are very good at analyzing.”

“Is it wrong”

Jiang Yuhe originally wanted to give Wen Yu something to pass the time, but he didn’t really want her to study it.

But since she had chosen carefully, he also took a second look.

The girl in the photo does not look beautiful, but as Wen Yu said, her usability is not bad.

It’s a face that fits the big screen.

In the entertainment circle, which ones are suitable for TV, which ones are suitable for movies, which ones can succeed, and which ones can’t, Jiang Yuhe knows at a glance.

He put the information back in the pile, “I have a meeting at ten o’clock, you just sit here and wait for me to come back.

Do you hear me”

Although Jiang Yuhe didn’t react too much to You Xin’s photos, Wen Yu knew that this kind of thing could not be solved in a hurry.

Anyway, she has been shortlisted, and she has a chance to keep promoting her abilities.

So she nodded very cooperatively: “Okay.”

As soon as Jiang Yuhe left, Wen Yu immediately called You Xin:

“Guess what I saw in Jiang Yuhe’s office just now!”

You Xin was even more excited than she: “Fuck you actually went to the boss’s office”

… The cause of excitement of the best friend is never in line with yourself.

Wen Yu chipped in: “I saw you were shortlisted! You were shortlisted for that selection plan!”

“This.” You Xin was calm, “I knew it a long time ago.”

Wen Yu was about to ask, but when she heard that there seemed to be an airport broadcast on You Xin’s side, she was slightly startled, “Where are you now”

You Xin laughed: “Beijing Airport, is it a surprise”


“I received a message yesterday informing me that I need to come to Beijing to participate in the director re-examination on January 7, but the air tickets are so expensive after New Year’s Day.

I came here first since the fare is cheap today.”


At the critical moment of planning to attack Shen Mingjia, You Xin suddenly arrived, just like God suddenly dropped an army over, so that Wen Yu didn’t have to fight alone.

You should know that Wen Yu had succeeded in attacking Zhao Wenjing by teaming up with You Xin.

While she was inside insulting Zhao Wenjing, You Xin kept watch outside, and sent her a message when she saw Jiang Yuhe.

The two cooperated perfectly.

Wen Yu was very happy because of this, “Quickly, we have to meet at noon.”

You Xin sent her location.

As soon as Wen Yu opened it to look at the address, the office door was pushed open.

Jiang Yuhe walked in.

Wen Yu hurriedly stood up, “Brother.”

A second later, she immediately changed her words: “President Jiang.”

Jiang Yuhe glanced at the phone she put away in a panic, “What are you doing”

Wen Yu didn’t change her face: “I didn’t do anything, I played a game.”

Jiang Yuhe didn’t bother to care about her.

As noon was approaching, he sorted out the papers on the table and said, “Go, go to lunch.”


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