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Chapter 73

She Can't Take It (3)

Wen Yu felt that her heartbeat had reached her throat, and it only took Jiang Yuhe's stern look to jump out.

Jiang Yuhe glanced at the conversation record with Xiao Bailian, and then sneered:

"You love to shake, don't you"

After reading the record, it turned out to be this sentence

It seems that everything related to Shen Mingjia should have been deleted by her.

Wen Yu temporarily withdrew from the tense and suffocating atmosphere, but still didn't dare to neglect him and replied: "No, I just...

the last few days were a bit boring."

"If you’re bored, you need a man to accompany you to play"

"You are so busy at work every day.

Isn't it normal for me to find someone to play with me...

Although you are my brother, you can't deprive me of my social rights to make friends and fall in love I'm an adult, brother."

It was quiet for a while.

The corridor was silent.

Even the Aunt Shier turned off the vacuum cleaner conscientiously.

Choking, dull, depressed.

Wen Yu faintly felt like she had said something wrong.

She couldn't breathe, let alone look at Jiang Yuhe's eyes.

After a long time, Jiang Yuhe sneered: "Yes, I forgot you are an adult."

Wen Yu: "..."

He returned the phone to Wen Yu, "It doesn't matter, you can continue to shake; shake a few more."

Wen Yu: "..."

After Jiang Yuhe finished speaking, he pushed her aside and went back to his room.

The door closed with a bang, and Wen Yu felt like she had been punched in the back.

She only felt cold sweat on her back, closed her eyes, and quickly opened the dialogue window between herself and You Xin.

The good news is that all the records they talked about before tonight have been deleted.

The bad news is--

The three remaining records are extremely bad.

yuyu: [Are you here yet]

Heartless Devil: [On the road, wait for me, five minutes.]

yuyu: [Quickly, I can't wait!]

This is the message Wen Yu sent to You Xin after arriving at the hotel in the evening.

She can't wait.

Can’t wait.


But she can't wait to abuse the scumbag, and not that she can't wait to see netizens!

She is not so desperate!

Too wrong.

Wen Yu had the urge to jump off the stairs.

Aunt Shi’er pretended to clean up near Wen Yu and glanced at her: "Did you make the young master angry again"

Wen Yu thought it might not be as simple as being angry anymore.

When he used to be angry with her, he would scold her.

But now.

He doesn't seem to care about her anymore.

Wen Yu returned to her room next door in frustration.

After lying on the bed for a long time, she didn't know why, but when she thought of Jiang Yuhe's indifference towards her, she felt sad.

From the very beginning when he ignored her, to slowly accepting, then she began to enter his life, and they lived together every day, to some extent——

Wen Yu really regarded him as half a brother, and felt that the love that she didn’t have with her real brother could be somewhat found in him.

That's why she said something like that in a panic just now.

But he seemed to be even angrier when she said it.


Not only did she lie to him, but she also said that he has no right to control her.

Wen Yu tugged at her hair irritably.

Why did she say that

She was so panicked and completely lost her logic.

Wen Yu was lying on the bed for a long time.

When the phone rang, she was stunned, and quickly rolled over to take a look.

She thought it was Jiang Yuhe, but she didn't expect it to be You Xin.

You Xin had been nervous since she went back.

Finally, she still couldn't help but send a message: [1]

This is their secret sign.

Wen Yu lay back disappointedly, and replied to her listlessly: [I'm home now, it's okay, and nothing was revealed.]

You Xin: [That's good, I was so scared just now that my legs became soft.]

Wen Yu: [But Jiang Yuhe is ignoring me.




You Xin: [Why How did you explain]

Wen Yu shook her head and told You Xin: [I was almost caught in Jiangcheng with Zhou Yue before, then it was Zhao Wenjing, and now it is you.

I think he might think I am a white-eyed wolf* who doesn’t keep the house.

Always thinking about the people outside.]

After a pause, she continued to talk:

[The point is that I just got hot headed; I actually said that he has no right to care about me making friends and falling in love.]

[After listening, he said I can do whatever I want and then left.]

You Xin sent several question marks in a row: [What you said is a little ill-conceived, he now treats himself as your guardian, and you eat and live under his care.

Let’s not talk about how you ran out to play with me, a handsome young man.

You actually told him to not care who you fall in love with, even I will get angry when I hear it.]

Wen Yu also knew the truth, sighed and asked: [Then what should I do now]

[Apologize! Admit your mistakes, say all sorts of apologies, act coquettishly to him.]

It’s not that Wen Yu didn't think about this trick, but didn't know if it would be useful this time...

She passed the night nervously, and early the next morning, Wen Yu rushed to get up during her usual working hours.

*White-Eyed Wolf: Used to describe someone incapable of being grateful and appreciating the graces given to them.

They may even bite the hand that feeds them.


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