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I Only Gave It to You (3)

Wen Yu felt cold sweat on her back, she felt that something was wrong.


[Don’t mean to keep the news from everyone.

Shen Mingjia’s athletes feet stinks so much it cured my rhinitis that I had for many years.

Are the scumbag feet of men who cheat and sleep with fans always super stinky]

The picture is a meme of someone squeezing their nose and eyes rolled back.

Wen Yu: "..."

! ! !

When did she send it

Oh my God, is she a crazy drunk

Wen Yu suddenly became a little frantic, and quickly turned off the phone, for fear that Jiang Yuhe next to her would see it.

Director Wu continued: "Do we need to intervene If things keep building up, I'm afraid that fans may blow up the issue.

Also if the blogger gives evidence, it may not end well at that time, which will directly affect our contract signing."

Wen Yu didn't expect that a drunken remark she sent casually would cause such a big sensation.

Is it because even the heavens could not overlook the actions of the scumbag.

However, after thinking about the drunk message carefully, truthfully, she didn't regret being so bold.

At least the whole network knows that Shen Mingjia's feet stink.

Anyway, she used a fake profile.

She doesn’t have to be afraid of other people attacking her, let alone suffer from prosecution.

Wen Yu waited quietly for Jiang Yuhe's reply.

The man took the tablet in his hand and glanced at it twice, then chuckled slightly: "At that time, in this tone, at first glance you can tell they were drunk."

Wen Yu couldn't help feeling guilty for a second, and lowered her head.

He can tell, too powerful, really an old entertainment circle veteran.

Jiang Yuhe shook his head, threw the tablet aside and didn't look at it again: "I was not optimistic about this person at first.

Even if I cover things up this time, something will happen next time.

He overestimates himself."

"Then the contract signing..."

Jiang Yuhe thought for a long time before he said, "He was introduced by Wen Junlong.

Unless the reputation drops to an irreparable value, we still have to consider Director Wen’s reputation.

After all, the relationship behind this is inextricably linked."


"Let the public relations department try to intervene first, suppress the news as soon as possible, and see if it can be handled cleanly."

"Okay." Director Wu finished speaking and left.

Wen Yu's eyes turned to him: ""

I finally pushed him to top trending, and you will remove it for me

Realizing that the eyes of the people around him were not right, Jiang Yuhe turned to her, "What are you looking at"

Wen Yu didn't speak, and gritted her teeth in her heart for a long time before squeezing a smile: "Nothing, just don't understand.

If this man is really a scumbag who sleeps with fans, why not publish what he has done so everyone knows"

Jiang Yuhe dismissed her words lightly, and only returned eight words: "I am only a businessman, not a judge."

Wen Yu was speechless: "...you have no compassion."

"I really don't." The man's voice was a little cold.

He paused, closed the file in his hand, and turned to look at her: “So far, the only time I felt compassion in my life."

They looked at each other.

After a long time, he faintly said: "I used it on you."


This sentence seemed to be a fatal blow to Wen Yu.

Those thoughts of incomprehension that had gathered in her heart disappeared in an instant.

Yes, he gave her so much, so why is she so harsh

He didn't know anything and was kept in the dark.

From his standpoint, interests are paramount; there is nothing wrong with it.

Wen Yu thought about the guilt in her heart towards Jiang Yuhe.

She looked up and was about to say something when she suddenly saw Jiang Yuhe roll his shoulders inadvertently.

"Brother, are you tired"

She immediately stood up and walked behind Jiang Yuhe: "Let me massage it for you."

Before Jiang Yuhe had time to say no, Wen Yu had already put her hand on his shoulders, squeezing at a moderate strength.

She unknowingly squeezed the place where he was bitten yesterday.

Jiang Yuhe frowned.

His shoulder hurt, and his body avoided her touch subconsciously.

Wen Yu also noticed, "What's wrong Does it hurt Did I use too much force"

Wen Yu leaned over nervously to help Jiang Yuhe rub it, but he pushed her away.

"It's okay."

He got up: "I'll need to go to the bathroom."

Wen Yu: "..."

In the bathroom, Jiang Yuhe stood in front of the sink for a long time before calming down the throbbing in his heart.

He looked up at himself in the mirror for a while, and gently pulled a corner of his shirt down.

He was hugged by her yesterday and she refused to let him leave, so he compromised by accompanying her and coaxing her to sleep, but when he was about to leave, she grabbed his arm and didn't let go.

His bottom line broke again and again, and he let her lie on his arm to sleep all night.

He got up in the morning and half of his arm was numb for a long time before he recovered.

In the mirror, the teeth marks on the shoulder bitten by Wen Yu are still crimson, like a sign of the fiery branding that was in his heart.

When she touched it, his heart was overwhelmed, and he was momentarily unable to control his feelings.

He closed his eyes and tried to calm down.

Then, the phone in his pocket suddenly rang.

It was an unfamiliar landline number.

Jiang Yuhe didn't think much, he fastened his shirt and picked it up: "Hello."

"Hello, is this Mr.

Jiang This is the police station in Huatian District, Beijing.

A traffic accident happened to your car a month and a half ago.

The follow-up process seemed to be that you took over the injured person.

May I speak to her now, are you together"

After a few seconds of silence, Jiang Yuhe said: "Yes."

"That's great." The police said, "Our staff found lost property while investigating the scene on the night of the accident.

I would like to say sorry to you.

The policeman who was in charge of the accident made a mistake in his work and the lost property was placed in the evidence box of another case.

I found this error after sorting things today.

So I would like to ask you when you have time to come over and retrieve the lost property."

Jiang Yuhe frowned, and closed the bathroom door subconsciously, to block his conversation from Wen Yu.

"What is it"

After hearing the voice on the phone, all the sunlight projected in the office suddenly seemed to be cut in two.

Just like the location of Jiang Yuhe and Wen Yu now.

One is inside and one is outside.

Slowly being pulled away, pulled to two distant locations.

Pulled back to the night of the car accident, pulled back to two worlds where they never crossed paths in the past.

Over the phone he calmly told Jiang Yuhe--

"It's the phone of the person who was hit."


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